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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ixedan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EM3j(EM3j)Adult (f)2,6831,64421
qMhe(qMhe)Adult (f)2,6831,64514
fL8r(fL8r)Adult (f)2,6761,63713
UzZh(UzZh)Adult (m)1,80650725
dIzj(dIzj)Adult (m)1,53050716
guox(guox)Adult (f)1,2764268
m4s9(m4s9)Adult (m)3,00888513
QhdY(QhdY)Adult (f)2,0649284
maUQ(maUQ)Adult (f)1,8908083
Nmur(Nmur)Adult (f)1,7081,0513
Yjvq(Yjvq)Adult (f)9455992
yjnC(yjnC)Adult (m)1,7091,0522
zWVA(zWVA)Adult (f)1,7091,0453
yqrF(yqrF)Adult (m)9355931
xtkI(xtkI)Adult (f)9355912
3Cyj(3Cyj)Adult (f)9325890
IDaT(IDaT)Adult (m)3,4461,62312
eMwa(eMwa)Adult (f)1,54451115
k9xN(k9xN)Adult (m)3,00888416
WGFu(WGFu)Adult (m)1,2574276
WZXV(WZXV)Adult (m)1,7111,0514
qcQP(qcQP)Adult (f)2,0611,25311
IrTB(IrTB)Adult (f)1,9911,20816
eBn7(eBn7)Adult (f)3,4461,61832
O5rJ(O5rJ)Adult (f)1,8838103
k2GV(k2GV)Adult (f)1,2494265
kdDH(kdDH)Adult (m)2,0491,2526
6j2w(6j2w)Adult (f)1,79151235
HxcK(HxcK)Adult (f)2,0631,2577
XBkr(XBkr)Adult (m)2,0681,25813
hMuW(hMuW)Adult (f)1,79751421
y8BD(y8BD)Adult (f)2,6841,64413
21En(21En)Adult (m)1,77451129
CjFV(CjFV)Adult (m)1,8818113
fSYU(fSYU)Adult (f)4,2401,74019
DIRE(DIRE)Adult (f)4,2381,74515
ulAm(ulAm)Adult (m)4,2311,74825
nAMs(nAMs)Adult (m)4913014
l2Ki(l2Ki)Adult (m)2,6791,33623
PXQs(PXQs)Adult (f)1,2334257
reAI(reAI)Adult (f)6003694
ZM3m(ZM3m)Adult (f)5,7832,20460
QL1J(QL1J)Adult (m)1,95557010
ZBW1(ZBW1)Adult (f)2,34785739
OYNs(OYNs)Adult (m)1,1078226
21v8(21v8)Adult (m)1,4164739
EBdh(EBdh)Adult (m)2,6851,64910
HwM3(HwM3)Adult (f)3,7141,70221
hNlX(hNlX)Adult (f)2,1039778
7sbY(7sbY)Adult (m)1,6951,0452
IjJw(IjJw)Adult (f)1,40051112
UGPy(UGPy)Adult (f)1,5385469
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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