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  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Inife,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g74Vd(g74Vd)Adult (m)4,0803351
dbVVj(dbVVj)Adult (f)4,5223952
xQTq0(xQTq0)Adult (f)2,9504154
ULOeS(ULOeS)Adult (f)3,3303713
EXaq(EXaq)Adult (m)69244838
tRCS(tRCS)Adult (m)1,00154640
eBCpX(eBCpX)Adult (m)1,3576823
WPywy(WPywy)Adult (m)4,0043772
01kx2(01kx2)Adult (m)4,0444352
gUGgc(gUGgc)Adult (m)3,6493912
BgO49(BgO49)Adult (m)2,7444514
ioyJA(ioyJA)Adult (f)7,2335974
6cqio(6cqio)Adult (m)3,7533952
SyvZz(SyvZz)Adult (m)2,9614242
fssRv(fssRv)Adult (m)3,0683991
JkAWz(JkAWz)Adult (m)2,3316562
SDaiW(SDaiW)Adult (m)5,2244344
OVT2D(OVT2D)Adult (m)4,6774222
uKNu(uKNu)Adult (f)92156434
WCMb(WCMb)Adult (f)84453025
d9KL(d9KL)Adult (m)97161430
fj9D(fj9D)Adult (m)70442041
MKso(MKso)Adult (f)739432137
JO7a(JO7a)Adult (m)79348834
11nfA(11nfA)Adult (m)3,6102421
SEC0e(SEC0e)Adult (f)4,5783072
vzLLX(vzLLX)Adult (f)3,9912671
FIPdV(FIPdV)Adult (m)4,2232875
76DIf(76DIf)Adult (f)3,2164023
Is4VV(Is4VV)Adult (m)3,6424372
Uu9di(Uu9di)Adult (f)3,5124681
q8wZT(q8wZT)Adult (m)2,8974783
X3cfO(X3cfO)Adult (f)4,2557791
a50Mp(a50Mp)Adult (m)4,2462842
w3KI7(w3KI7)Adult (m)3,4802323
Ygn2r(Ygn2r)Adult (f)4,1802795
tDJoW(tDJoW)Adult (m)3,6482441
kDIqp(kDIqp)Adult (m)2,3514822
w3KkT(w3KkT)Adult (m)2,8044274
uHnNa(uHnNa)Adult (m)2,1813516
ymTHe(ymTHe)Adult (m)2,5463913
c97KO(c97KO)Adult (f)2,6003901
aFxsl(aFxsl)Adult (f)3,1954522
v97nZ(v97nZ)Adult (m)2,5333562
s6mNG(s6mNG)Adult (m)2,5023142
EAFKC(EAFKC)Adult (m)2,3012982
M1S3G(M1S3G)Adult (m)3,1254073
rNX19(rNX19)Adult (f)3,9893663
H3JcR(H3JcR)Adult (f)3,4344213
H2QY(H2QY)Adult (m)76847528
tp6t(tp6t)Adult (m)78845445
apnpI(apnpI)Adult (m)3,9912674
0Sgkx(0Sgkx)Adult (m)3,9693793
bcbJv(bcbJv)Adult (m)3,8074153
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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