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You pick up the scroll labeled “Infinis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kderm(kderm)Dead Adult (m)3,5587941
ybj4j(ybj4j)Adult (m)2,37161010
blHRC(blHRC)Adult (m)4,4329202
6vyHI(6vyHI)Adult (f)4,4429666
cbb6c(cbb6c)Adult (f)1,59240411
A4YaZ(A4YaZ)Adult (m)3,2946542
kqHmh(kqHmh)Adult (f)2,9845870
EauXV(EauXV)Adult (m)3,7337503
ozHYN(ozHYN)Adult (m)1,8784772
vNo7C(vNo7C)Adult (m)2,0894963
qNgxS(qNgxS)Adult (m)2,0365002
VkQ5b(VkQ5b)Adult (m)4,6667206
wW0Jt(wW0Jt)Adult (m)2,6055322
ZLoHB(ZLoHB)Adult (f)2,2424922
bGGfv(bGGfv)Adult (m)2,2255018
KHazu(KHazu)Adult (f)5,47594310
sGKwP(sGKwP)Adult (f)2,8506273
DPJN0(DPJN0)Adult (m)4,8981,0047
se7fg(se7fg)Hatchling (m)4,4879385
R9ZGl(R9ZGl)Hatchling (m)4,6719362
ggtWG(ggtWG)Hatchling (f)4,7329443
TUyFu(TUyFu)Hatchling (m)4,7059271
l3UXJ(l3UXJ)Hatchling (f)4,6319103
B7reE(B7reE)Hatchling (m)4,7469461
BzoMV(BzoMV)Hatchling (f)4,5529493
sqCUG(sqCUG)Adult (m)2,6036023
QZmxp(QZmxp)Adult (m)2,4575921
WYW3N(WYW3N)Adult (m)2,2445624
Ga43J(Ga43J)Adult (m)2,0026718
L7nwa(L7nwa)Adult (f)1,9856878
mIl6Pinus longaevaEgg (F)
cHTtDS e p h i r o t hAdult (m)3,851803190
pHVvjM e t e o rAdult (m)4,970950143
5ikD8Sosuke AizenAdult (m)2,86065636
8fJ20Ichigo KurosakiAdult (m)2,80569326
6hrXuKhazAdult (m)4,2621,02836
SPqh3HuttserAdult (m)3,9161,00937
mGekSilbernachtAdult (m)8,552618143
aLSgStern der NachtAdult (f)8,64565876
ntOnCAerataAdult (f)8,6537055
Pu2PkGeostigmaAdult (f)5,42349464
QbawUC a r c i n o m aAdult (m)6,07198919
JO4XdS t i g m aAdult4,81162544
VEkthD i s e a s e dHatchling (m, F)4,41568413
MdiEZS y n d r o m eHatchling (f, F)3,64463419
MWzfVP a n d e m i cHatchling (F)5,50387516
USpY6C o n t a g i o nHatchling (F)2,7474486
GODLY(GODLY)Adult (f)2,49840124
d94BDThe Shiny God's ScrollHatchling (F)1,3704816
WSXK6World of WitchcraftHatchling (F)2,2641731
pplKgBeware this ScrollHatchling (F)2,9334933
Ziq3tFor I Eat the Souls of ShiniesHatchling (F)4661955
QK1KnWarning - Sunglasses RequiredHatchling (F)4,9306643
ZYBeFThis scroll is very reflectiveHatchling (f, F)3,6785317
iJ1vfAlmost metallic lookingHatchling (f, F)5,5641,0272
p8s5NHave AHatchling (F)4,9626812
b1jEiHolly Jolly ChristmasHatchling (F)5,0466523
ATlcIt's The Best TimeHatchling (F)1,0592884
mBSmOf The YearHatchling (F)47228632
GJQ4I Don't Know IfHatchling (F)3,4342454
dUMKThere'll Be SnowHatchling (F)66228616
mWreBut Have AHatchling (F)1,7022056
b7aTCup of CheerHatchling (F)1,1725035
MhH4Have A HollyHatchling (F)1,62042111
F92rCJolly Christmas andHatchling (F)1,6681231
gTnIWhen You Walk Down the StreetHatchling (f, F)2,44427410
58HkSay Hello To Friends You KnowHatchling (m, F)1,3215649
HJsoAnd Everyone You MeetHatchling (f, F)1,80537424
HEFDOh ho The MistletoeHatchling (m, F)1,02138410
rcO1Hung Where You Can SeeHatchling (m, F)4,80777821
KCFnSomebody Waits For YouHatchling (F)4862684
NC78Kiss Her Once For MeHatchling (F)1,06713118
ZdPioHave A Holly Jolly Christmas AndHatchling (F)1,1324166
yAWeEIn Case You Didn't HearHatchling (F)2,12164613
CePZOOh By Golly Have AHatchling (F)3,5485427
BCU6Holly Jolly Christmas This YearHatchling (F)9333334
j5Ms1Jamas TenebraeAdult (m)5,4825112
oUWpZOuwx TenebraeAdult (m)4,2206406
IuzKJIzuka TenebraeAdult (m)6,8561,1225
aZzjlAzzjl TenebraeAdult (m)4,9918103
xVpwaXypa TenebraeAdult (m)7,4771,0852
VD1dtVadi TenebraeAdult (m)7,2181,1143
oGoCvOgov TenebraeAdult (m)6,9631,0422
edfNhEdfen TenebraeAdult (m)3,5436523
N06MmNosmm TenebraeAdult (m)3,4056024
vOYsRVoys TenebraeAdult (m)6,6581,0631
W5JOWWajow TenebraeAdult (m)7,2701,1851
yk3tlYaketl TenebraeAdult (m)6,0471,1905
KZBTMKazta TenebraeAdult (f)7,3311,0722
4UQVeAuqe TenebraeAdult (f)4,9505464
72qJLSiqaj TenebraeAdult (f)5,4957742
bpvT7Battsa TenebraeAdult (f)3,4813274
4z7nBAzin TenebraeAdult (f)5,1715172
GXEcbGexe TenebraeAdult (f)4,1788024
sKfwGSikafa TenebraeAdult (f)3,5937483
VRz4KVyrazak TenebraeAdult (f)5,4809634
F6y79Faysa TenebraeAdult (m)5,6691,1723
uOOctUoct TenebraeAdult (m)7,6121,1302
iGIjNIgijn TenebraeAdult (m)4,7565051
UohDzOuhdaz TenebraeAdult (m)4,2746453
ix7FOIixfo TenebraeAdult (m)4,8337451
TypUcTypuc TenebraeAdult (m)4,7217671
qbGEfChigef TenebraeAdult (f)5,1414803
4bZvpAbzap TenebraeAdult (f)4,8047912
VocYQVociq TenebraeAdult (f)4,7027721
TvA5MTyassm TenebraeAdult (f)5,7481,1791
sMW7DSamasa TenebraeAdult (f)8,7541,1413
uLu3xUluex TenebraeAdult (f)5,2094672
Beeh2Beeh TenebraeHatchling (f, F)3,9744351
yIYTfYiyta TenebraeHatchling (f, F)4,4247542
6VvOsSiivos TenebraeHatchling (m, F)4,9568152
EexgyRuska TenebraeHatchling (m, F)4,0867602
pGEGFGreen Baikala TenebraeHatchling (F)5,3239222
X4beiBlue Baikala TenebraeHatchling (F)3,7055801
HTCzVHitaza TenebraeAdult (m)3,1344205
eDaIeEdai TenebraeAdult (f)3,4917690
YYgeiIgeiy TenebraeAdult (m)3,9534994
plxUiPixuli TenebraeAdult (m)5,6525801
vAfZ4Vafza TenebraeAdult (f)5,6475651
TbgEVTybgev TenebraeAdult (m)5,3906042
hHkPsHokpas TenebraeAdult (f)5,3945921
DpHQgDaphqua TenebraeAdult (m)6,2571,0316
sCeK6Skesa TenebraeAdult (m)7,7231,2186
KgNYJKyngy TenebraeAdult (m)8,0451,0413
9saoZNisaoz TenebraeAdult (f)6,7907654
1TmiyItmiy TenebraeAdult (m)6,8787682
EdTQ6Edtassa TenebraeAdult (f)6,7517532
uPA6uUpaxu TenebraeHatchling (f, F)6,0008673
ROiHeRoihe TenebraeHatchling (m, F)4,9858102
KuxLmBauta TenebraeHatchling (F)3,1842702
HHpN6Duality TenebraeAdult (m)8,1599504
cJwhSSija TenebraeAdult (m)4,6267963
gj69iDuotone TenebraeAdult (m)5,2667181
hzkDXZwei TenebraeAdult (m)4,0926465
ujRxpBicephalic TenebraeAdult (m)5,3861,1972
ocm7OTwo TenebraeAdult (m)5,3269329
ivcVoDicephalus TenebraeAdult (f)6,6316503
DpXQqDos TenebraeAdult (f)4,7079412
mZyiYDuon TenebraeAdult (f)6,2976731
YdJegNico TenebraeAdult (f)5,5649243
BROrJBronja TenebraeAdult (f)7,0681,3191
ZHZkBStormvale TenebraeAdult (f)6,5418854
uXkR5Dana TenebraeAdult (f)4,9318443
cr7KMTwotoned TenebraeHatchling (m, F)3,9966993
1eOylDoan TenebraeHatchling (f, F)4,9095971
NQdEzTonus TenebraeHatchling (F)3,0512082
A7xqDQiva TenebraeAdult (f)5,1416203
YeLbtYelbat TenebraeAdult (f)6,1189183
ymeslBloodspot TenebraeAdult (f)3,7094582
5NGvjHemo TenebraeAdult (f)3,5125592
9OYV9Hemolytic TenebraeAdult (f)3,0606754
jKdGFNorylo TenebraeAdult (f)4,7621,0232
FXFkUFoaxa TenebraeAdult (m)3,3394294
7uobkCrimsonscale TenebraeAdult (m)5,8175611
jPs26Bloodclaw TenebraeAdult (m)3,4965511
wmf2gHemolyx TenebraeAdult (m)2,6726074
9hbDGBloodscale TenebraeAdult (m)4,3233272
0F6DSRedscale TenebraeAdult (m)2,7103463
CiqaSRonin TenebraeHatchling (f, F)6,5061,2289
1fwkEBloodscales TenebraeHatchling (m, F)3,0047912
dKVWKGida TenebraeHatchling (F)3,4962522
hegMdCackle TenebraeAdult (f)3,1268654
u2ZKrHyenidae TenebraeAdult (f)4,1911,0294
47L8JClubtail TenebraeAdult (f)5,5421,1626
MHl2ZTalon TenebraeAdult (f)3,5439182
ny4YZHokkan TenebraeAdult (f)5,6881,3652
JZGxzHookai TenebraeAdult (f)5,7411,3982
CXm8GHyensaAdult (f)5,2861,1912
sspzAHyrax TenebraeAdult (m)3,1618432
JyfrWHaika TenebraeAdult (m)5,7119824
JSPVMHyan TenebraeAdult (m)3,1768817
diBdBDice TenebraeAdult (m)7,3437943
EbeHmHook-claw TenebraeAdult (m)5,6648875
xC9H1Osea TenebraeAdult (m)5,8567341
yhJvmHyena TenebraeAdult (m)5,3258525
dk9nQHaiko TenebraeAdult (m)6,1051,0841
pOBA0Hooktalon TenebraeHatchling (m, F)3,0438275
iCpCOHook TenebraeHatchling (f, F)4,3915753
vMNJ4Roseum TenebraeHatchling (F)3,3424350
odRZfOnan TenebraeAdult (m)5,5207809
nPnq3Parla TenebraeAdult (m)3,8692881
lov8fReila TenebraeAdult (m)5,8086113
G84pCOpa TenebraeAdult (m)4,7951,01013
S3PhKSephyk TenebraeAdult (f)2,9874083
oU78wMoonopal TenebraeAdult (f)7,3559814
TJ9YUStaccato TenebraeAdult (f)5,5346141
TgX1lOpax TenebraeAdult (f)5,4268932
znP3lOpalescent TenebraeAdult (f)3,6206478
5aoU3Saue TenebraeAdult (f)3,5537841
bIkTPBikta TenebraeAdult (f)5,0549352
8fIhaElectrum TenebraeAdult (m)5,8139172
vTPAfOpaline TenebraeAdult (m)2,8398733
gLMjHVerax TenebraeAdult (m)5,8447414
KeUSAHalios TenebraeAdult (f)8,1221,2557
Mr6MzFire-opal TenebraeAdult (f)4,7798433
W6zoqWrikas TenebraeAdult (f)3,3944422
04Sc8Oesca TenebraeAdult (f)3,7504981
fpp9CGrenwyrm TenebraeAdult (f)6,0667481
HgPZuOrax TenebraeHatchling (f, F)3,5356422
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