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You pick up the scroll labeled “I-Love-Shadow-99,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XQHm(XQHm)Adult (m)2,3485702
YODO(YODO)Adult (m)2,4345151
Sfd3(Sfd3)Adult (f)6,9281,32041
LK9K(LK9K)Adult (f)1,32866017
vGY0(vGY0)Adult (m)2,1496514
gsGK(gsGK)Adult (m)9,2841,85328
6itX(6itX)Adult (m)1,27261113
o5JI(o5JI)Adult (m)1,9775333
2cHd(2cHd)Adult (f)8,6701,76129
ep7g(ep7g)Adult (f)1,5865222
Vluh(Vluh)Adult (m)1,15562916
GJ7h(GJ7h)Adult (m)7,3461,69131
GagI(GagI)Adult (m)7,4811,80726
VKjB(VKjB)Adult (f)1,27551813
E0lZ(E0lZ)Adult (f)2,4961,01018
r3d8(r3d8)Adult (m)1,70758813
am5T(am5T)Adult (f)1,97889217
eQ0g(eQ0g)Adult (f)2,1275062
4d5H(4d5H)Adult (m)2,2346983
rhu1(rhu1)Adult (m)1,27154312
5VOZ(5VOZ)Adult (f)2,33851517
LD4b(LD4b)Adult (f)1,9276024
fN1H(fN1H)Adult (f)1,21656423
Z7k6(Z7k6)Adult (f)1,56460710
eNIX(eNIX)Adult (m)2,1105171
ct7l(ct7l)Adult (m)1,22559116
Rk29(Rk29)Adult (m)1,53264914
tuL8(tuL8)Adult (m)1,55556715
s9im(s9im)Adult (m)1,7195005
QgoC(QgoC)Adult (f)1,29960717
5fvZ(5fvZ)Adult (m)1,33158418
kVRT(kVRT)Adult (m)1,61173322
9EgB(9EgB)Adult (m)2,4785182
iHat(iHat)Adult (m)1,27660617
Fc2M(Fc2M)Adult (m)1,63263110
QNl9(QNl9)Adult (f)1,56963918
FP6F(FP6F)Adult (m)2,0375274
s7ad(s7ad)Adult (m)1,58758020
ShFX(ShFX)Adult (m)1,59257010
NWCM(NWCM)Adult (m)1,6955667
dKN2(dKN2)Adult (m)1,9705813
Ke8W(Ke8W)Adult (m)1,8706035
aYZK(aYZK)Adult (m)1,9355714
gE4W(gE4W)Adult (m)1,8644934
esDH(esDH)Adult (f)2,0505252
CIot(CIot)Adult (m)2,9435818
jUR6(jUR6)Adult (m)1,7254914
su8Q(su8Q)Adult (f)2,7205783
OU96(OU96)Adult (m)1,9265732
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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