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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hime-chan17,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sjRtO(sjRtO)Adult (f)1,1944752
jXby9(jXby9)Adult (m)1,3155492
UQqMK(UQqMK)Adult (f)1,2975681
yUBoJ(yUBoJ)Adult (f)1,4016131
3RIRZ(3RIRZ)Adult (m)1,3595683
FR1Oe(FR1Oe)Adult (m)1,1624952
HPIKG(HPIKG)Adult (f)1,2095191
eYE6V(eYE6V)Adult (m)1,3575682
YG35K(YG35K)Hatchling (m)1,3795012
adXXBCBK Siren of the StarsAdult (f)3,8889591
rrQE5CBK Star of DreamsAdult (f)4,2698790
UWQiPBK Sea-foam StarsAdult (f)4,8617253
w60jdWarrior for the StarsAdult (f)4,9296822
KP5JsDreams within the StarsAdult (f)5,5336442
fokJMCBK A Song of StarsAdult (f)7,0747401
hfK42CBK The Lord of the StarsAdult (m)3,8669640
bJyddCBK Made of the StarsAdult (m)3,5768250
cNB3UCBK Songs in the StarsAdult (m)6,1867061
TgCNIMade of Star DustAdult (m)3,4826003
YmcSRSilver Star GemsAdult (m)4,4906451
MmVKBHerald of Shooting StarsAdult (m)5,2827022
00rG0Unending StarsAdult (m)4,9946741
ftxw0Princess of the Celestial HeavenAdult (f)6,2711,2304
7q9IuOur Overlord MishaAdult (m)6,5111,0324
EQTaJCBK Aurora NightsAdult (f)3,3411,1301
4GDP9CBK Northern LightsAdult (f)3,3181,1321
eUWQyLights of the NorthAdult (f)3,9069612
PLQptGlimmering Christmas NightsAdult (f)3,9549141
QUIWSCrystal Ice DreamsAdult (f)3,4368843
pAvQ6Queen of the AurorasAdult (f)3,9558972
yE8SMRadiant Angel's ChorusAdult (f)3,5829200
hltOCWinter Yule DreamsAdult (f)3,1481,0271
CgVR6The Light of Winter's NightsAdult (f)3,8736922
6IxVGWinter Solstice GuardianAdult (f)5,9791,4813
KpYSCCBK Sun Rising Over SnowAdult (m)3,0209813
t9XNrCBK Sun's Reflection on SnowAdult (m)3,0159801
2pLDSJager TanzenAdult (m)6,1171,5363
6hZuLCBK Ich will singenAdult (m)3,4278130
qjqfSCBK Cantare CantareAdult (m)3,4138110
Zi3q8CBK Kisses Under The MiseltoeAdult (f)3,3638874
H8zuzCBK Christmas KissesAdult (f)3,3398944
YOtB7Festive Christmas KissesAdult (m)3,1271,0341
FertyCantare FertyAdult (m)3,7048292
r7rnCHot Glue N GlitterAdult (m)5,8961,4812
fdSSmAttack of The Tinsel RibbonsAdult (f)2,8145298
QkE9CRevenge of the Tinsel RibbonsAdult (f)2,0044637
6hjBaThe Tinsel Ribbons Strike BackAdult (f)3,2751,2091
ZeiWyWrapped in Tinsel and BowsAdult (f)3,8159802
S72iZMinty Red RibbonsAdult (f)4,1146793
ZuH0wLet's Get Some Tinsel Up In HereAdult (f)3,6299090
BSB3OLittle Miss Ribbon DancerAdult (f)2,8968630
sq1GDRed Shoe RibbonsAdult (f)6,2051,6051
HFU58A Very Supernatural ChristmasAdult (m)2,4714988
1gZUrFestive Wreath of MeadowsweetAdult (m)2,3714965
vMlaYKicked Up EggnogAdult (m)3,3131,2092
xW6FWRankin-Bass Christmas MemoriesAdult (m)3,8669561
zaIBzIt's That SeasonAdult (m)3,6938980
AEVqgBloody Christmas EveAdult (m)2,8618660
FhjIEFestive LiasarAdult (m)3,4957911
p6yFjNatal's FestivitiesAdult (m)6,1601,6202
bfvpCBK Holiday TreasureAdult (f)1,0335134
8thACBK Christmas JoyAdult (f)1,0605312
sEgUiBK Earned My Christmas WingsAdult (f)3,2941,2104
B8RX4An Angel Gets It's WingsAdult (f)3,3071,1614
rF4RqHeavenly Host of ChristmasAdult (f)3,3131,2063
1APeiChristmas MarionetteAdult (f)3,2801,1674
QfreUChristmas FestivalsAdult (f)3,7939561
KXx4oDer WeihnachtsengelAdult (f)3,8949081
znRFtVictorian Aged AngelAdult (f)3,6459020
lRWW0Heavenly Angel's LightAdult (f)2,8568670
6Ng3HAnagethAdult (f)3,7048422
P41swGaia's Holly BerryAdult (f)2,4373941
7doXiGaia's Holiday AngelAdult (f)2,5704062
GxlL3Angels in the SnowAdult (f)2,4363861
M5nsBCBK Saint LuciaAdult (f)2,5024061
1kfR9CBK Angel of HollyAdult (f)2,4444001
8bs4CBK Winter MintAdult (m)1,54790815
1haYCBK Winter SpiritAdult (m)1,55691111
luN7RSprig of Winter MintAdult (m)3,2241,1972
n2L6IThe Christmas StagAdult (m)3,8369721
AraL6Candy Cane Yule BuckAdult (m)3,9519453
OOxruPeppermint BonBonsAdult (m)3,6229012
NykcjDancing with Candy CanesAdult (m)2,8648670
yeQs8Yuletide ChillAdult (m)4,4279735
XkmBlPepperminty BuckAdult (m)2,5774272
Cj8DAPeppermint OilsAdult (m)2,7044372
FuqcmCBK Metallic Wrapping PaperAdult (m)3,16654916
a57mYCBK Get Dressed Merry GentlemenAdult (m)3,05952218
iswRCShiny Patterned Wrapping PaperAdult (m)3,4391,2142
S83KdMerry Berry Wrapping PaperAdult (m)3,4391,1982
fifhXWrapped in Christmas JoyAdult (m)3,8489602
hS8jXBows and SilverAdult (m)3,6998991
296k7Just Hear Those Silver BellsAdult (m)2,8658680
w438nLast Minute Gift WrappingAdult (m)3,6798453
G0KV8Holly on the HearthAdult (m)3,4401,1265
s73CQCinnfhaolaidhAdult (m)3,3001,1155
Os8gIHolly Berries and BowsAdult (f)4,3759654
3NgeWRoyal Crimson NoelAdult (f)3,6469002
7d65DHolly Jolly ShrubsAdult (f)3,5017412
xsQ9YHolly Jolly ShadowAdult (m)3,5057481
mea4BBlood Red BerriesAdult (f)5,9881,3201
34OaqShimmering Holly LeavesAdult (m)6,0431,3152
InMqFBK Nollaig ChridheilAdult (m)2,5814681
bhDj3CBK Guardian of HeartsAdult (m)3,0785220
E5uAJAfter Your HeartAdult (m)2,52150412
42u8bGonna Make You MineAdult (m)1,9474829
W6dppGod of Your HeartAdult (m)4,1121,2913
NA7egSweet Chocolate GalaxiesAdult (m)3,8761,2633
0C5gvI Want All Your LoveAdult (m)3,4781,1952
I4jaPGive My Burnin LoveAdult (m)3,6861,1944
sxD8CHeart Seeking YouAdult (m)3,5491,1531
t5vWSFlaming Heart LoverAdult (m)5,4251,3804
N5a0xBronzed Fire HeartAdult (m)4,2341,6705
lAmLnReese's Peanut Butter HeartsAdult (m)3,9441,0372
T3aETHeart Seeker of LoveAdult (m)4,8629242
R2PfSHeart-full of WarmthAdult (m)3,7447161
qJ4nbCBK Heaven's LoveAdult (m)3,5851,2025
jFUNkCBK Love of AngelsAdult (m)3,6401,1945
WgPdPRadiant Golden RibbonsAdult (m)3,5371,1623
QxTb8Heaven's Loving AngelAdult (m)5,5291,3453
IYW3YHeaven's BorealisAdult (m)3,1151,2254
3j6MpMy Radiant Guardian AngelAdult (m)3,1651,2222
8Hv3sRadiant Angel's SongAdult (m)4,0531,0542
aSCQZLove and Fortune CookiesAdult (m)4,7658811
itGzASeaside LuciferAdult (m)3,7347152
v7HcyCBK Loving Acts of KindnessAdult (f)2,9361,2427
qnn9UCBK Icing on the CupcakeAdult (f)2,9901,2427
spXmQFaithful Heart AngelAdult (f)3,9041,0442
hAQDHFlashing TwizzlersAdult (f)3,4219422
XkOY3CBK Flower Crowned KingAdult (m)3,0664970
3pB0JCBK Prince of the Flower FairiesAdult (m)3,0574980
nBfiaCBK LOVE ME LOVE MEAdult (m)3,2659940
ScaO3CBK Making Your MatchAdult (m)3,2899900
YvDKCBK Hugs and KissesAdult (f)1,18289111
PSGvCBK Valentines LoveAdult (f)1,3391,00915
5wJUxBK Be My ValentineAdult (f)3,7221,2483
FtAI4Sugar Candy HeartsAdult (f)3,9641,2622
T5XddWill You Be MineAdult (f)3,7721,2744
f2697Aeara's Box of ChocolatesAdult (f)3,6601,1885
QtPJHValentinka's QueenAdult (f)3,5411,1761
nepv6The Beauty of FebruaryAdult (f)4,4731,7193
fpZ70SkyBlazing HeartsAdult (f)3,9731,0332
HzOuyLovely Pink SunAdult (f)2,7594661
ddt0nCBK Give You All My LoveAdult (f)3,0714709
fo4GLCBK Give My Heart to YouAdult (f)2,9604419
cc2LeGive You My HeartAdult (f)5,1731,1205
58nIaPut A Love Spell on YouAdult (f)4,0821,1765
oOZIXKisses and KindnessAdult (f)3,5951,1611
jlwPSPretty Pink InkAdult (f)4,2811,5482
oUj5LSweet Little Candy HeartsAdult (f)4,4771,6853
UpfdmThe Sea Owns My HeartAdult (f)3,9921,0251
D6krlLooking Freaky in PinkAdult (f)2,9555001
dR6u5Sweet Rose of VersaillesAdult (f)3,06354115
WpDjuRose Princess of VersaillesAdult (f)2,40050014
JzArWTraum Rose of VersaillesAdult (f)3,7371,2524
L4UwpVersailles Rose LiebeAdult (f)4,1571,3002
weXdqRose Belle of VersaillesAdult (f)3,6961,2614
GpNNyRose Maid of VersaillesAdult (f)3,6771,2583
8IUWVRose Fields of VersaillesAdult (f)3,8238966
Iv88qSilver Tinted RosebudAdult (f)3,4561,1583
iOi1USweet Blooming RosebudAdult (f)3,3451,2033
XfTmqThe Rose of TraleeAdult (f)4,4971,6583
ia0MwThe Rose of KilreaAdult (f)3,1111,2262
Vfo80Dressed in RosesAdult (f)3,9601,0312
LiAeCVersaille Rose CrestAdult (f)3,8201,0530
t0XgXRebirth of RosesAdult (f)3,7961,0500
ck0k0Pink Snow BrideAdult (f)5,6197983
uzeMKSweet Rose CordialAdult (f)5,5318072
vzaOFHeart's Healing RoseAdult (f)5,5458052
PECzQCinnamarieAdult (f)3,7557141
WCYGJOur Lady of the RosesAdult (f)4,7578811
HTv0EBorn from RosesAdult (f)4,7498841
12EvfRosy Golden GirlAdult (f)4,7558801
Cf3abSo Sweet Sugar CookieAdult (m)2,14547810
4ZgRXSweet Sugar PieAdult (m)3,02748913
6qQIXSweet Honey TreatAdult (m)4,0971,2982
jfjUuSo Many Sugar CookiesAdult (m)3,5761,1645
W2MNaPink Sweet SprinklesAdult (m)3,1151,2566
XP32pWarrior for the KingAdult (m)3,0541,2313
IY9OfSugar AngelAdult (m)4,0171,0432
lDAigRose-Crowned GargoyleAdult (m)3,8431,0510
cKbSWEmbrace of RosesAdult (m)3,7701,0440
b4NJlSweet Ruby BerryAdult (m)5,6088012
G1WwSSweet Celestial FeathersAdult (m)5,5467993
UIMl4Heartfelt TunesAdult (m)5,3238281
PzbvVBerry Sweet PuffsAdult (m)5,3418221
6aGykFreaky Pink HeartsAdult (m)2,7004771
WfYvvCBK An Unbreakable BondAdult (f)4,7348772
np9WoCBK Deep Soulful LoveAdult (f)4,7478750
EEb9mCBK Golden SoldiersAdult (m)5,0828601
3QfJZCBK Golden GuardiansAdult (f)5,0978580
VXciPCBK Lavender and LemonAdult (m)2,0824544
uNmZ2BK Fireflies at DuskAdult (f)4,9117510
H2U55CBK Princess of the Rising SunAdult (f)2,59142112
0VUwfCBK Watch the Sun RiseAdult (f)4,4109361
sC1BECBK Sunsong ScribeAdult (f)4,0398914
i1PuECBK Sing Me A Sun SongAdult (f)5,7908870
Gwis0BK Glorious Golden SongAdult (f)4,1881,1292
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