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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazardous Force,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LIl13Violet BruteAdult (m)1,8034715
gHAfTMister Purple CBAdult (m)4,2383572
12QHAPurple and Proud of itAdult (m)2,6885518
GirITGirl It UpAdult (m)2,2615535
A6R37Purple Majesty CBAdult (m)2,6845823
g18BViolet MaceAdult (f)3,08792212
8ein0Lavander Machine CBAdult (f)1,85235913
L4Z4ALavander MoonlightAdult (f)2,5615411
vXu7GPurplescales CBAdult (f)2,6716825
pM5uOMissy LavanderAdult (f)2,0895535
j4AQbHoneytailAdult (f)2,3935281
Ubk8oPurpleline CBAdult (f)4,0297772
9d2bLavander Stardew CBAdult (f)1,0155214
FUKfuLavandersandAdult (f)4,1003582
QjDKgMiss Elegancia CBAdult (f)5,9711,22411
EKI6DLadies in Gold CBAdult (f)6,8061,0256
PjMRzLords in Gold CBAdult (m)5,0809183
uHsMSRunescribe CBAdult (f)4,9919651
itsYa(itsYa)Adult (m)10,7011,4154
cxQQDelicate Dawnbird CBAdult (f)5,4901,092103
ZCDaSunrise Palooza CBAdult (f)2,4064822
aRGUVanilla Twilight CBAdult (f)1,9631,1285
KYGNDawnbirdAdult (f)2,9561,4496
DuDjLady Morning LightAdult (f)1,4118612
3USvFlowering Grace CBAdult (f)1,7911,2194
uQ8HPinkwyngAdult (f)2,8534936
RYZA2PinkiePie and ProudAdult (f)4,4761,0552
UfqtPynkiedAdult (f)2,9454685
SpmbBubblegum RapierAdult (m)2,4875682
hR1NJasmine DanserAdult (m)1,5739417
uxXCBlushing Dreamscape CBAdult (m)1,4626808
M6VnbSatin SugartoothAdult (m)2,8976326
6skLSweet  ToothAdult (m)1,8325534
k5teMPink and SugaryAdult (m)2,2826621
pW9ZzTall Pink and Handsome CBAdult (m)3,3047124
q5m8vFrostedhartAdult (f)5,8625241
avfNSugarrose CBAdult (f)2,0495736
B9pfSugar Blossom CBAdult (f)1,9185857
9SPOlWhite RosewingAdult (f)2,2516550
7lzAxStorm of InfatuationAdult (f)2,2376561
pHsmVLovely Silkwing CBAdult (f)2,8825403
sjdjPVibrant Lust CBAdult (f)2,6475103
Li1yQLoveliTeaAdult (f)2,2226630
prm8Dustheart CBAdult (f)1,5531,06815
jQ8JD and G ForeverAdult (f)12,1901,72110
LWkNoRoyal Blooded HeartAdult (f)2,3416570
6p8S1(6p8S1)Hatchling (F)3,7754891
TY3bFlaming Dingo CBAdult (m)2,7504944
YMUuFunkybeakAdult (m)2,4584946
cWOLmPhandangoAdult (f)10,7791,6313
hb4CXSugar Tea CBAdult (f)1,2894913
KQlkbEarl Grey Sweetness CBAdult (m)1,3565231
b2ziXSilvered TeaAdult (m)2,3774995
MvYpDInflation of Love CBAdult (f)2,7508044
ZAeQHeavenbound CBAdult (m)1,98465713
ij49Helium Rain CBAdult (m)1,7631,1932
Dkll2I Grew Up Before She Realized ItAdult (m)1,5404942
uDWQNSaltblock CBAdult (f)3,4007761
bR1ytSaltlick CBAdult (m)3,0058461
ysX4SGooseface CBAdult (m)2,3677444
bBUQnAlza the Leader CBAdult (f)2,1136792
SqYh5Freshly Dipped CBAdult (m)3,4126521
rinQcMiss Darktip CBAdult (f)2,1176384
tTmRFFoster Farm RejectAdult (f)1,0403233
uGxtyBrindle Shimmer CBAdult (f)5,0167932
YepSYepSAdult (f)8596773
mMcscWhitegold ScalesAdult (f)1,96556111
Mbc6Hollow Striped YearningAdult (m)1,6561,0254
zksEGolden Lash CBAdult (f)1,7511,1983
WUAQWhite-gold stainsAdult (m)1,4703768
HlXIPIvory StripedAdult (m)2,19645916
IsZoSilver Striped MenaceAdult (m)1,7601,0906
v20BGentlefeather SpiritAdult (f)2,0476058
lIQGAngelwing SpiritAdult (f)2,0796067
K71pZGolden Winter WingsAdult (f)1,3785953
XwCKXGolden Angel SkiesAdult (f)3,7779991
GKUNlPlain Winged BeautyAdult (f)1,9055855
7NEE5Sunkissed Scales CBAdult (f)3,9186186
79m6tOil Shine CBAdult (f)3,6936957
ZO5NEIllume de lune CBAdult (m)4,8685815
biDPnIlluminati CBAdult (m)4,4608446
ovYQDLa Luna CBAdult (f)4,4457855
XMcETNot the White RangerAdult (f)7,4856657
Kme4OSeamus Whitewing CBAdult (m)6,2191,5485
lztENLady of White CBAdult (f)1,5335529
THAY3SilverfeatheredAdult (m)1,7365941
s3ltxWonder WhipAdult (f)3,1305774
FnG8Luther's OpheliaAdult (f)1,9084494
TV5pAngeltalonAdult (f)3,0034692
i5BrDPlatinum FeatherAdult (f)2,31249913
ozPPApothecary of the ApacolypseAdult (m)8116433
sGU5kIf I Could Heal a Broken HeartAdult (m)2,3515435
nYntbHermes  CBAdult (m)2,2766992
mhfb9Silver Emissary CBAdult (m)1,9016673
MbpW5Courier of Cirion CBAdult (m)2,0656701
lPW0eRhaenes of GaiaAdult (f)3,5648734
g6LxKMessenger of the Moon CBAdult (m)1,9845636
xQff3Luna Iridescent CBAdult (f)2,0565416
NpINIPoltergeist Haze CBAdult (f)4,7467473
hsvaeShadow Wisp CBAdult (m)4,7657383
9djXZSilver Shadow CBAdult (f)4,8097532
rS38JEffervescence CBAdult (m)4,7367424
4XQbjEerie Apparition CBAdult (m)4,9617552
BlvVsShadow Stalker CBAdult (f)4,9277543
pK6ZYNebula of ShadowsAdult (m)2,5536563
pKcfMGolden  GhoulAdult (f)2,5276484
lDDX7Prize d'ArgentAdult (f)6,76094838
KoBNiSilver SupernovaAdult (f)4,81082319
iFuAOSilver HolidayAdult (f)6,80788145
tz4NwSilvermoon HuntressAdult (f)4,0161,0377
sdjEhSilver BoughAdult (f)5,6081,01226
BAJ7vJoy Isabela of GDAdult (f)5,1771,47813
aZqvZSilver StrawberriesAdult (f)4,9819842
9gMyISilverlastAdult (m)4,6249516
y15baSilvered Guardian of GDAdult (f)6,3541,34512
3P4Y1Argente DragontailAdult (f)3,4948686
y04pnSilverhideAdult (f)7,4347536
ZrvZiSilverstruck CBAdult (m)2,7157886
bMGHWDarksilver SongAdult (m)2,18058317
gn6QpSilver MoongleamAdult (m)3,2404607
TLpmwSilver Gilded RoseAdult (m)4,3095018
pEFOFrozen Soul StoneAdult (m)1,7081,1602
bCr9Silver Soul HeartAdult (m)3,2892425
PVI9Silver LyingAdult (m)3,36641818
iIJMSilver Frosted SoulAdult (m)2,0071,2344
ulSEYSilvered  HoneyAdult (m)2,3725197
ryQLSilver SoulsAdult (m)1,7171,1014
gg1hSoul ShredderAdult (m)2,4901,1356
8itDShards of my SoulAdult (m)1,50897112
Hmj9Silver OpalAdult (m)5,13234320
qaTtlSterling Champange CBAdult (f)2,95755831
fX8PPHallowed Light CBAdult (f)2,42961417
BEM4Argent d'amourAdult (f)3,29958522
9TZCMSilver EverlastAdult (f)3,76347018
jolkVCitrus SilverAdult (f)2,33758011
H4C1Foam SoulAdult (f)3,0621,4975
EvktGlitter SoulAdult (f)1,5601,0356
JGOfCelestial mistAdult (f)3,7032718
X3wzGentle SoulAdult (f)2,9891,2986
X56dSoul GlowAdult (f)1,26489215
M5inXSilver   SugarAdult (f)2,1838418
4JI4SoullightAdult (f)1,6381,00018
Dq85BubblelightAdult (f)1,5991,0972
jUQfLovely Broken HeartsAdult (f)3,39854213
C1ulCelestiallightAdult (f)1,5371,08814
H84nGlow LightAdult (f)3,3091,5834
duTlDream soulAdult (f)9066583
GhF3iFeatherbrains CBAdult (f)4,8729542
GT1FVSolid Stone By DayAdult (m)1,9275082
f90OVenetian Statue CBAdult (m)7814860
WtpTGoleyath CBAdult (m)7284521
K9cgLightning Thief 2Adult (m)2,54829216
Qht6nStoneslab CBAdult (f)2,4965814
Z9GfStonecold PavementAdult (f)2,8241,19911
tqAjSilent StoneAdult (f)2,2068329
FfG1Gargoyle's Stone StatueAdult (f)1,6991,20310
RuNFMarbled GuardianAdult (m)5,36698810
dM2sStonecold GargoyleAdult (f)2,96926634
bQ6tKRough Around The Edges cbAdult (m)2,5096714
Os3R7Duchess of DuelsAdult (f)1,3705402
X9cxGravelwingAdult (m)1,18363711
M8gOStormhold CBAdult (m)6194271
KN77fMist on the MeadowAdult (f)9,6601,2724
QJAhZSilver Tinsel LiningAdult (m)2,4815877
zYyEIridescent SilhouetteAdult (m)1,5486267
WuOfLuminescent StormsAdult (m)1,2329473
XNV9FBladesplitter CBAdult (m)2,9576651
brheUFallen Goliath CBAdult (m)7,2411,0843
6ygDLEmperor Wendingo CBAdult (m)4,5401,4232
8n5sfEmpress Wendigo CBAdult (f)3,4531,0882
M88EIMaster Malvolent CBAdult (m)3,4838583
pUVcQMortal Agony CBAdult (m)2,6738753
F7bVJMaster Skullmoth CBAdult (m)3,1667284
5GGOXDadda's Destructive DahliaAdult (f)5,3801,4525
ApO35Little Electric DestructionHatchling (F)2,1284671
wjZxfLittle ObliterationHatchling (f, F)1,98369614
L28mUSwallower of Worlds CBAdult (m)2,5419445
QI1vgBirdy Has Cute Pits CBAdult (f)2,5869392
HM1UUBronze Queen of DestructionAdult (f)2,2425505
9CIViThe Fell MageAdult (m)2,3556117
TXEKrSilver BlackbirdAdult (f)4,9433745
Ei60fTarnished SilverbloodAdult (f)4,1807347
LXbsdLady BlackluckAdult (f)3,39280411
2oKevShrouded MysteryAdult (m)3,43098011
gSnTShadow's AcidAdult (m)2,54481415
0Af3tDarklyngHatchling (m, F)3,3046893
JXT69The Darkest DorkHatchling (F)3,4686685
mRAmTiny WyngHatchling (m, F)1,6157658
NfHK2Ebonight CBAdult (f)3,20575112
G6YNBlackened Skylark CBAdult (m)1,9791,1682
0e8iQBlackhide CBAdult (f)4,3059620
NlDIbYour Darkest HourAdult (m)7,0231,1716
y5G15ObsidieuxAdult (m)5,8671,0804
49AXmJetscaleAdult (m)2,2293472
3oHABRevenge of the FrillsAdult (m)2,0596744
vLNU2Beloved EbonyAdult (m)2,8234114
2F8LWMysterious BlackbirdAdult (f)1,6025371
DScRsShrouded BlackbirdAdult (f)1,8355231
m73ciRavenneAdult (f)1,8185665
poXXHematite SkyAdult (f)7,9241,5909
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