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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazardous Force,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
oicnHellish Brightfyre CBAdult (f)2,4904968
qI0aBrightstriker CBAdult (f)3,15544911
MREP8Brightblaze CBAdult (f)1,04755210
etfEECerulean Flame CBAdult (f)2,4055475
gUh6ABrightburst CBAdult (f)2,3605796
rd6BHBrightslash CBAdult (f)2,91867711
f9hjLBrightWarrior StrikeAdult (f)2,2663457
q8ZWDBlazing VenomAdult (f)1,8223273
0YuecBright BoltstrikeAdult (f)2,0325257
MFacSolid ThunderAdult (f)3,9372642
E4OMRCrystalblazeAdult (f)2,4865763
uPkAScar  FireAdult (f)2,0064425
cTp1Blueblitz ScarAdult (f)2,0925787
tXcB6BrightwarAdult (f)2,4385462
w4MPyAshen InsanityAdult (f)3,3505784
guWmENeonwings CBAdult (f)3,7189090
pweyWI Totally Love Birdz CBAdult (f)5,4071,1070
3bMZbVenomblaze CBAdult (m)2,7625925
UFL7MVenomface CBAdult (m)2,0036151
D6B2DBlack Friday Mayhem CBAdult (m)4,7599690
4WZRoVenomspike CBAdult (f)1,9556015
taUumGilded VenomAdult (f)2,0576018
pdJSiViolent VenomAdult (m)1,6305533
EXwihSilver VenomAdult (m)1,4415563
6qmN8VenomsplashAdult (f)2,0256055
UkQGcOceansoarHatchling (f, F)3,5316044
wGEn6Waveflight CBAdult (m)3,0014653
3Zi6Seaside Wavecrasher CBAdult (m)5,1471,00815
jKQNSilver Scythewing CBAdult (f)3,6022462
RULQ6TidalsmashAdult (f)2,7924763
qmc4XGraceful Tides CBAdult (f)2,4024196
Z5QhROcean's Thirteen CBAdult (f)4,3521,0104
OYLCOTsunami goldenAdult (f)3,3256653
ntRRmLover's MaelstromAdult (f)3,06725011
nh7VUTidal Maelstrom CBAdult (m)3,3053782
rY3HFOn Golden TidesAdult (m)2,6997776
dye9fGolden Tide of LifeAdult (f)5,3311,0618
UEveHesper and HecateAdult (f)1,7831,0206
3o3iMegan and FoxAdult (m)1,12644219
AByeStarr and Skyy CBAdult (m)2,29879668
0G0AXAy Jee CBAdult (m)2,2035053
T30ggNaveen CBAdult (m)1,7066676
HkerAStupid Influence FailureAdult (m)1,8865617
OH7DGMasked Royalty CBAdult (f)1,1603936
0PnDnLunahelmAdult (f)3,9308413
Ph3csMoonshine CBAdult (m)2,4845924
t8Gm9Navymoon CBAdult (m)4,5501,0263
6ZAbaNavy Night CBAdult (m)1,9975514
fKXeYSilverwanningAdult (m)1,1503963
hnL8Eta Carine CBAdult (f)2,9963066
HcXpSparkle NebulaAdult (f)2,61450420
Bs19Star SplatteredAdult (f)1,8465754
OmpASparkle  NightAdult (f)1,82659515
47nBTNavy NebulaAdult (f)2,8477546
FmZ0OAzule Zephyr CBAdult (f)5,7271,2467
NX6J7Righteous Bluefury CBAdult (f)5,0471,4102
EgCrPEmpire of the Black Sun CBAdult (m)2,8399244
JYHiHAbyssmal Bluebolt CBAdult (m)2,6379795
9eM8MViolent Bluestar CBAdult (f)1,86354912
cTZsuEmberteal CBAdult (m)1,96655812
qbK1aThunder  WhipAdult (m)3,7358460
ZKJAKZeus's Warrior CBAdult (f)5,0971,1303
Bg8avThundera CBAdult (m)1,6657099
M6sDThundermightAdult (f)4,13483815
dFFtThundersnortAdult (m)2,7343245
abf8KThunder-Thunder-ThundercatsAdult (m)2,1995266
bXd4HThunderstruck In LoveAdult (m)4,3461,5422
8H0WjTealneckAdult (f)2,3645923
difj4Greenglow CBAdult (m)3,1185925
NiKYzBlack Carnage CBAdult (f)1,9424154
qWbbBGold Gill CBAdult (m)1,9964332
uLI8FMama's Pretty Ladies CBAdult (f)1,9145343
mKfaDeep Sea Dreamer CBAdult (m)8765186
667R3Serpentia CBAdult (m)2,9675982
bjETSeawish CBAdult (f)2,2003028
eSHoLuminescent SeabarerAdult (m)8705344
IIptK(IIptK)Hatchling (m, F)4,5479196
Q4zcWonder NightAdult (m)1,9451,1743
fCLMGSaphire StripeAdult (m)1,7855349
o3NhFlarewingedAdult (f)2,3285113
afeCLavander RidgeAdult (f)3,4344275
Y8veLavendar FlareAdult (m)3,4334176
U38OPWest Rider CBAdult (m)2,9038682
qabQZaina Keklos CBAdult (f)9175524
jR5aPOn Hallowed Hooves CBAdult (f)2,4736292
bQfYNSeabriscuit CBAdult (f)2,6336093
MvLRVNeeiiigghh CBAdult (f)2,6085482
nu2eEquinnus VioAdult (m)8625321
bbi6qFour hooved WonderAdult (f)2,1145474
d8G4yLittle Cavern CreeperHatchling (F)1,4814602
ltkIEBanner of the Cavern QueenAdult (m)2,01752511
zltLzThe King of InsanityAdult (m)2,46158512
ersXfMidnight Skeevies CBAdult (f)2,1884895
trcS0Jeepers Creeper CBAdult (m)2,4034934
FqcuSThe Lurker CBAdult (f)2,4605365
WCRfHWrath of Hades CBAdult (m)2,4905065
1t0rZWings of Satan CBAdult (m)2,4751,0293
eKCEsDreaded Hallow CBAdult (m)2,8665754
Y9mVhThe Creeper CBAdult (f)2,5165633
H4ZeI(H4ZeI)Adult (m)2,8245496
X2LiWingless Feveror CBAdult (f)1,4771,12412
8A9ZFeverish BlackoutAdult (f)1,9791,2411
FNGRBlack Master CBAdult (f)1,8933504
WPKrXRavena CBAdult (f)2,5515948
QmDSLittle Dark Thing CBAdult (f)3,4355405
SFVt6Blackcat PumpkinAdult (f)2,8155224
NepG4Black n Blue KinAdult (m)2,3014402
X3T6pNovacrest CBAdult (m)1,7275782
9mBAHeavens of the Violet SunsAdult (m)2,18231810
kvEouI'ma Dino and I Know ItAdult1,7765425
JD4dCreamridgeAdult (f)3,4355257
L0P7Opalcrest CBAdult (f)2,9644977
K0KKBeigewingAdult (f)2,7944491
Wh7tMTwinned Nightopal CBAdult (m)3,3705532
O0DMScarletscaleHatchling (m, F)1,1153544
MCPsViolent BlooduskAdult (m)2,42542011
yG0yEternal Duskheart CBAdult (f)2,3391,35517
RT4tBlazing Night BrigadeAdult (f)1,5777331
qUOVAshen SunsetAdult (f)1,2183426
IgsoDracosky CBAdult (f)2,2931,1464
M8mkBloodsetAdult (f)5,6411,24121
3u2JSunset BrigadeAdult (f)5,4011,09315
1v1cJDoublehues CBAdult (f)2,3047825
AhZrSunstruck CBAdult (m)3,3612509
OT11Solarburst SupernovaAdult (f)9,7581,73112
Rov9Sun StrykerAdult (m)3,2513346
bSB5oViolet MajestyAdult (m)3,3216104
ARC2ViolentceAdult (m)2,9712204
96Do6Palebelly CBAdult (m)2,9377682
9lubUChariot of Violet CBAdult (m)2,6065195
q5G6Lavander CrusaderAdult (m)2,5106455
snqLtLavanderwhisker CBAdult (m)3,4718824
9Jtv7Jeunewhisker CBAdult (m)6,0818415
QMUFWBrutacious CBAdult (m)5,5941,2264
dLtCf(dLtCf)Adult (m)1,70846111
CahMVGilded Purple KingAdult (m)1,3774339
TlXnPrettyboy McQueen CBAdult (m)2,6796334
LIl13Violet BruteAdult (m)1,8034715
gHAfTMister Purple CBAdult (m)4,2383572
12QHAPurple and Proud of itAdult (m)2,6885518
GirITGirl It UpAdult (m)2,2615535
A6R37Purple Majesty CBAdult (m)2,6845823
g18BViolet MaceAdult (f)3,08792212
8ein0Lavander Machine CBAdult (f)1,85235913
L4Z4ALavander MoonlightAdult (f)2,5615411
vXu7GPurplescales CBAdult (f)2,6716825
pM5uOMissy LavanderAdult (f)2,0895535
j4AQbHoneytailAdult (f)2,3935281
Ubk8oPurpleline CBAdult (f)4,0297772
9d2bLavander Stardew CBAdult (f)1,0155214
FUKfuLavandersandAdult (f)4,1003582
QjDKgMiss Elegancia CBAdult (f)5,9711,22411
iH9Z4Mama's Magic ManAdult (m)5,4061,43010
cxQQDelicate Dawnbird CBAdult (f)5,4901,092103
ZCDaSunrise Palooza CBAdult (f)2,4064822
aRGUVanilla Twilight CBAdult (f)1,9631,1285
KYGNDawnbirdAdult (f)2,9561,4496
DuDjLady Morning LightAdult (f)1,4118612
3USvFlowering Grace CBAdult (f)1,7911,2194
uQ8HPinkwyngAdult (f)2,8534936
RYZA2PinkiePie and ProudAdult (f)4,4761,0552
UfqtPynkiedAdult (f)2,9454685
SpmbBubblegum RapierAdult (m)2,4875682
hR1NJasmine DanserAdult (m)1,5739417
uxXCBlushing Dreamscape CBAdult (m)1,4626808
M6VnbSatin SugartoothAdult (m)2,8976326
6skLSweet  ToothAdult (m)1,8325534
k5teMPink and SugaryAdult (m)2,2826621
avfNSugarrose CBAdult (f)2,0495736
B9pfSugar Blossom CBAdult (f)1,9185857
9SPOlWhite RosewingAdult (f)2,2516550
7lzAxStorm of InfatuationAdult (f)2,2376561
pHsmVLovely Silkwing CBAdult (f)2,8825403
sjdjPVibrant Lust CBAdult (f)2,6475103
Li1yQLoveliTeaAdult (f)2,2226630
prm8Dustheart CBAdult (f)1,5531,06815
jQ8JD and G ForeverAdult (f)12,1901,72110
LWkNoRoyal Blooded HeartAdult (f)2,3416570
6p8S1(6p8S1)Hatchling (F)3,7754891
TY3bFlaming Dingo CBAdult (m)2,7504944
YMUuFunkybeakAdult (m)2,4584946
cWOLmPhandangoAdult (f)10,7791,6313
hb4CXSugar Tea CBAdult (f)1,2894913
KQlkbEarl Grey Sweetness CBAdult (m)1,3565231
b2ziXSilvered TeaAdult (m)2,3774995
MvYpDInflation of Love CBAdult (f)2,7508044
ZAeQHeavenbound CBAdult (m)1,98465713
ij49Helium Rain CBAdult (m)1,7631,1932
Dkll2I Grew Up Before She Realized ItAdult (m)1,5404942
uDWQNSaltblock CBAdult (f)3,4007761
bR1ytSaltlick CBAdult (m)3,0058461
ysX4SGooseface CBAdult (m)2,3677444
bBUQnAlza the Leader CBAdult (f)2,1136792
SqYh5Freshly Dipped CBAdult (m)3,4126521
rinQcMiss Darktip CBAdult (f)2,1176384
tTmRFFoster Farm RejectAdult (f)1,0403233
YepSYepSAdult (f)8596773
mMcscWhitegold ScalesAdult (f)1,96556111
Mbc6Hollow Striped YearningAdult (m)1,6561,0254
zksEGolden Lash CBAdult (f)1,7511,1983
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