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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazardous Force,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8eSLMinee-School CBAdult (m)1,5237131
BzOKMini-scule CBAdult (m)1,02152815
u5gcCream GlassHatchling (F)5552994
AoqmIvory Porcelain CBAdult (f)1,7649196
gSH4fLilyskin CBAdult (m)2,8245633
SI37GlasseyeAdult (m)7594613
MMkkParched ParchmentHatchling (F)2,8711923
CUxbSacred ParchmentAdult2,1501,22812
JGBbPostit NotesAdult1,76394311
9GoErA Scroll On A Scroll On A StrollAdult3,3405169
iH9Z4Mama's Magic ManAdult (m)5,4061,43010
VPg6Flufalumpagus CBAdult (f)2,5454759
qIaHqFloof CBAdult (f)3,0059724
knT2Pillow  FluffAdult (m)4,24937611
gAVvPLook I'm a CBAdult (m)2,9636074
EtllKHoneydrop CBAdult (f)3,0156750
1219Brazen Zalvaris CBAdult (m)6,6441,216159
u6GFfBrazen BoneAdult (f)8,53860015
pUGLEPugleAdult (m)4,38449620
KCeYtBrazen WarAdult (f)3,68093334
5paM0victorious in bronzeAdult (m)8,0381,08517
D7visArrow IvyAdult (m)4,11191218
XLQNCGD Guardian TinselAdult (m)4,39683145
hA018Shimmering Electric BronzeAdult (m)2,39975822
Tdh9Goldleaf HarvestHatchling (f, F)2,2602755
IKSnGolden Bear CBAdult (f)2,6405599
diLDo(diLDo)Adult (f)2,0635177
nMVUCornstalk Weaver CBAdult (m)2,1735473
XbglKGodless in the Harvest CBAdult (m)3,5634812
rLCnIGoldbutt TinselAdult (f)3,1841,0686
IazlmGold GaloreAdult (m)3,9719745
v1zBQDances in Golden RibbonsAdult (m)2,88598315
EAt9hCornsilk Moonshine CBAdult (m)4,3011,0520
USRIeUsrie the Moonfaerie CBAdult (f)3,1669675
1hIWDGolden Moonfae CBAdult (f)4,0561,0331
u74VjReflected Starshine CBAdult (f)4,1791,0841
7sYPiIridescent Moonshine CBAdult (m)5,6497902
XRCXKRising Summer MoonAdult (m)4,2317151
m8VBGAy Yu CBAdult (m)2,3005584
GEbGMGoldenwings CBAdult (m)2,53775214
viIBmGolden Spire CBAdult (m)2,8925743
R6CYTGolden Mirror CBAdult (m)2,56249410
7BC2AGolden SugahAdult (m)4,1173684
dksVKGolden Shadow HazeAdult (m)1,9084778
lb24YLook I'm PrettyAdult (m)2,3166356
9gS21Starshower CBAdult (f)1,86653110
KRFqNShimmer Gold CBAdult (f)2,7156166
1OsE8Golden  HarpyAdult (f)4,2289373
B9MkHGoldenghostAdult (f)2,51949613
RK0CkGolden  GhostAdult (f)1,8216747
m8GYgGolden  BlossomAdult (f)2,3615738
uiePHGolden ShadewingAdult (f)2,3684712
g3WUUWicked HoneyHatchling (m, F)5,85491410
oOZrGHoneyshine GoldenAdult (m)4,98778937
GcAOeApollo's Golden SunAdult (m)1,79372730
8oFXIGolden Ribbon allureAdult (m)8,0661,07715
hWSX2Tinsel HoneyAdult (m)4,56189034
u9XnSGolden CelesticAdult (f)7,5671,0286
nCVaAla princess d'oreHatchling (f, F)2,12169213
be7sDGilded Armour CBAdult (f)7,38198016
fs5aIcan't brielieve its not cheddarAdult (m)3,5065607
jvZ3eGolden mageAdult (f)3,50167316
ufVkfGolden  HolidayAdult (f)3,20661922
Yzg7MIn Memoriam LyraAdult (f)5,5681,3458
Fof4jFierce and FestiveAdult (f)1,98242818
ByH2rGolden Ribbon EmperorAdult (m)2,1166925
Lydi3Rusted Gold CoinAdult (m)8,4861,24410
UNOplGilded PoltergeistAdult (m)3,26565110
bHmgePretty Golden ThuwedAdult (f)3,22966313
Nx7ZEGolden EerieAdult (f)2,26873718
RhXBOr etoileAdult (f)2,4469715
9nDdSSolaris CentariAdult (f)2,31259315
F0eGUMagi SolarisAdult (f)2,60272729
VU1xMarvelous Golden OreAdult (m)1,7111,0377
rqXR3HoneyplateAdult (m)2,68060519
vi5XGilded StarwingAdult (f)2,2943497
wlITCity of StarsAdult (f)2,9931,26217
SySBJeune danserAdult (f)4,2931,52534
GEp2uWinter's MajestyAdult (m)2,4397228
bY7aBrute of AgesAdult (m)2,3501,1776
8gCRBrazen Metal ScalesAdult (f)2,7111,4454
01wVTres beau Or etoileAdult (f)3,6161,2967
9kUBHazardous AmbergrisAdult (f)1,30095012
BKPuMSulfuric Explosion CBAdult (m)3,8237028
vJagWSulfuric Eruption CBAdult (m)4,1507209
tUALgThe Golden Lady of MistAdult (f)2,6465656
jZtubBriehart CBAdult3,5637813
BUM1Munster MasterAdult3,0264953
tivM7Good With GoudaAdult2,1985846
5QdGOpal Eyes CBAdult (m)1,2785911
UnWEOpal Heart CBAdult (f)1,1976897
e5OvSand Stormer CBAdult (f)1,88378011
E7vrhWynged CBAdult (m)2,3435603
EP7rOpal Sand CBAdult (m)7984828
wKbWtLittle Crowned PrincessHatchling (f, F)3,5511,2283
b4fRPKitten in Quality CBAdult (f)2,0066101
03my5Specklebutt CBAdult (m)3,3624650
ukc9PBouncy Boo CBAdult (m)1,6606361
myJk4Lil Miss Sunshine CBAdult (f)1,5345601
HTPyBSweetcrown CBAdult (m)1,5705462
KUhhQMage of Yule CBAdult (m)2,5006073
NGWiuSolstice Magic CBAdult (m)2,3145583
hnCRTChristmas EscapeAdult (m)2,8705531
ga9b0Gilded SorcerorAdult (m)1,4665942
l9hsThe Brighter DayAdult (m)2,76649713
cZbGMMorninglight CBAdult (m)2,7706124
QurtGole Den SkiesAdult (f)2,2914829
ZAr5tRepellant CBAdult (m)2,8264467
kb2FXSmells Like Turpentine CBAdult (m)2,5915353
1P6M4Oiltail CBAdult (m)1,5724111
PP7ARTurp of DerpAdult (m)2,9424842
uOiHStar ShowerAdult (f)3,1522426
5PDD3Lightflare CBAdult (f)1,9484584
qmg8Starbolt ThunderAdult (f)2,6672001
20JlSpark ShowerAdult (m)1,9185794
GiujVoltage CBAdult (m)7454621
iUKgfButtered Oolong CBAdult (m)2,0296502
hRERlHarold the Kind CBAdult (m)1,4485554
S3cmjSushi Surfer CBAdult (m)1,7276553
jdY3KGiddy Goldface CBAdult (m)2,6645751
tvk0lSeamaiden CBAdult (f)2,3775743
UkV4CIn Flew Enza CBAdult (m)3,6374570
KtxWxContagion CBAdult (f)2,8475374
lfMTvSundown FeverAdult (f)4,0218555
mHtRTEmerald Moodring CBAdult (m)4,1347343
Sai2Ribbon Rave CBAdult (f)2,0344413
pN7ORibbonmane CBAdult (f)2,4824716
qUqeVRibbonvinesAdult (f)1,4406092
bU5KXGolden Winged BeautyAdult (f)1,9045723
MR5ISBrazen Horne CBAdult (f)1,0684772
tL2ZsBrazen ThorneAdult (m)1,99348715
1MWr8Brazen SpikeAdult (m)2,76258411
38LOAPhil the PhailureAdult (m)1,91661212
5ojaMissis of the Jungle CBAdult (f)1,46631913
8iMSJunglestarAdult (m)4,9985165
LmWOXBright Crested CanopyAdult (m)3,47061512
haZEwHaze Wins CBAdult (m)2,3416006
gZNNTropicane CBAdult (f)8225045
nsKrTropical WindcharmAdult (m)9615842
5hvDhTo Be a FailAdult (m)1,81855312
Ms2XABronzeless TropicalAdult (f)1,45548618
M9HuPair-ah-diceAdult (f)2,7555545
I0oNqNeo ZalvarisAdult (f)4,92637111
vY3rWEmerald StripeAdult (m)2,1745744
blvd0Verte troisAdult (f)2,2774591
WcBMGJaded StripeAdult (f)2,8906055
Nd9f8Moss StripeAdult (f)2,0835704
pN3qEmerald PinstripeAdult (m)2,2141,2809
4CnGSummer Skies DorkfaceAdult (m)1,5498205
bXwhForest Frenzy CBAdult (m)2,1481,38734
8xY9Force's Conquest CBAdult (m)1,00767630
RE9sFrilled ConquererAdult (m)1,1478525
D8Pb(D8Pb)Egg (F)
uq4nMDo It For The Vine CBAdult (m)3,8067266
d332bWicked Vinetooth CBAdult (f)2,6846063
6okRnFrenzyvine CBAdult (m)2,5345275
TtkaoBloodvine CBAdult (f)3,0755895
j6qnWThorny Ambush CBAdult (m)1,9854443
sr5L4Thunder  LeafAdult (f)3,2696105
VIm0Wilted BloodpetalAdult (f)4,0812738
oc5BTangled ThornbushAdult (m)3,76425611
Qjf6Rosebud HazeAdult (m)8566623
YPCrnEasterdance CBAdult (f)3,5859437
mLRpSong FeatherAdult (f)1,2299477
UTDBRosie SpecialeAdult (f)8,55293812
y8L6qSapphire Velvet CBAdult (f)3,3395454
2Gj3Pebble Scales CBAdult (m)1,8191,18111
Yoz5Green FinchAdult (f)3,2181,32510
f1PvJaded StonesAdult (m)1,68275412
y3FQMVinehartAdult (f)4,4197804
bXlxRLord AlticusAdult (m)6,8641,0456
IRdnRMordue CBAdult (m)4,07068514
rEbLChlorophil CBAdult (m)4,5493274
vQnCiMossymay CBAdult (f)2,8696162
9YT9Etoile a Vert CBAdult (f)3,4466228
t84YLRoreng Green CocoaAdult (m)2,5186865
DrPnlAlex BoleAdult (m)2,4356668
Nu4HJterre de verteAdult (f)3,3617066
vkupEmerald Terrain ThuwedAdult (f)3,1665764
noB4MPhyllgoldAdult (f)1,9857376
oVnE3Spottie ScottieAdult (m)5,4261,0062
FRe6kf r e a kAdult3,69084246
ElVTaFemme de FamineAdult (f)4,84249114
gyOEJTarnished and TatteredAdult (m)3,2505368
QPgchOlivine  CBAdult (f)2,9295486
M7DlQOlive Tree CBAdult (m)2,0535764
RVbiEmerald Starburst CBAdult (m)2,9638187
1IWNSSupernova Splash CBAdult (m)2,7055288
8SDdcForest in the Sky CBAdult (m)2,6556046
lYbvJadesplashAdult (m)3,39336612
TUlYBn o  v aAdult (m)2,3854956
cBoh5Emerald SupernovaAdult (m)1,7504555
4Cw48The Brazen RoseAdult (m)5,42991812
VNWMdGolden RosevineAdult (f)3,8648404
sGdiAlternative RockAdult (m)2,88853516
mYFJQBig Daddy CBAdult (m)4,6709512
W9dO5The Colossal Titan CBAdult (m)3,51078014
GbiOPThe Bright and the BoldHatchling (f, F)5,4449908
DVf6Jaydewing CBAdult (m)94056934
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