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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazardous Force,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
p2k13(p2k13)Adult (m)3,5559470
arZdj(arZdj)Adult (f)3,8499175
txDRk(txDRk)Adult (f)4,0379216
bFVZo(bFVZo)Dead Egg441
2eFNl(2eFNl)Adult (f)3,5919480
bP15T(bP15T)Adult (m)3,6999731
VSSXN(VSSXN)Adult (f)3,6709710
aDOe8(aDOe8)Adult (f)3,5969712
Df8IA(Df8IA)Adult (f)3,7019480
YDrjqPip-Pip-Hooray CBAdult (m)3,6809240
rAjkV(rAjkV)Adult (m)3,6639161
DJPKo(DJPKo)Adult (m)3,6959100
Va8Pc(Va8Pc)Adult (f)3,7359460
IUCTx(IUCTx)Adult (f)3,6719360
ZNgWO(ZNgWO)Adult (f)3,5989290
OZE48(OZE48)Adult (m)3,7309231
vvVPN(vvVPN)Adult (m)3,6059230
J2Kbmthe hazeAdult (m)7,06696511
gNdsLHazardous ForceAdult (f)6,3641,30926
5COeQShiny Hazard Sign of DCFAdult (f)4,40193920
2gY6gThe Good Lord CBAdult (m)
n6DBvHazeh's Birthday Ember CBAdult (m)2,9415503
2lpOFlame Dancer CBAdult (f)2,3995403
4vOCmEmberdustAdult (m)4,8173771
PfteFlareblaze Dancer CBAdult (m)2,73254723
q9tPEmber Dance CBAdult (m)3,8084966
8ZbWSmolder Dance CBAdult (m)1,6865841
Qk6ZFlicker Dance CBAdult (f)1,8596043
muKDPEmberflare CBAdult (f)7,1471,0364
KWFaFyre DancerAdult (m)3,0804624
9D6QcBlood of KirjavaAdult (m)2,3475894
brNlCharcoal DanceHatchling (m, F)1,2113761
9w0nqDark Ether CBAdult (f)2,8595485
9IKChIlluminous Spectre CBAdult (m)2,5625595
oj6LWShadowfreakAdult (m)5,0128914
cjiGLInsidious CBAdult (f)1,8815890
1Zvc2Horizontal Monster Mash CBAdult (m)2,0156061
2ES0EOde to Howling Monkeys CBAdult (m)2,0756461
IB7Q1Not the Black RangerAdult (f)6,3867564
LfqUbMirrored SoulsAdult (m)6,8799157
IYpCEbon StripeAdult (f)3,57439910
nioECharred  CoalAdult (m)2,41252310
2OVq7Charred GoldAdult (m)2,2645878
VdH76Darkened StripeAdult (m)2,6575647
6EmLaBlacknGoldAdult (m)2,1885615
pORaFLittle Ember CrowHatchling (F)1,6985071
4BFWYLittle Rotten CrowHatchling (m, F)2,03770212
dp7tWarskull CBAdult (m)3,0224242
kBTZMarrow Crow CBAdult (f)3,3874801
nV5BIBlaze BonesAdult (f)2,85561811
ql6WFBrazen SkullsAdult (m)2,5086682
l8bKVWhite MacabreAdult (f)2,7266754
qsFZuGrotesqueaAdult (f)2,3016252
s1oyiKing Leviticus CBAdult (m)5,1928111
4JATVaenom's RevivalAdult (m)4,3222899
UVmMVaenom's PrideAdult (m)1,4026194
24BnVaenomAdult (m)1,9916084
YhZ6Fangs of ThornsAdult (m)1,72229611
2ls2Undead SurpriseHatchling (f, F)2,7885327
IMN4bVain and VirtueAdult (f)6,3009322
tsfkDaemon QueenAdult (f)3,6732467
dtEBHRowena's ProdigyAdult (f)5,2539673
MfFevEgg NommerAdult (f)2,0665563
CakbtCake BitAdult (f)3,91291413
QRGTlRidges of Roses CBAdult (m)7,2191,0896
nVvsRogue in RougeAdult (m)2,4314819
I0vPSilvered BeigeAdult (m)2,6335015
abgMPaled  RidgesAdult (m)4,32742211
AuVMGentleridgeAdult (m)2,6265234
pZ7BDiluted SoulAdult (m)2,80560515
HazCu(HazCu)Adult (m)1,7104961
FVk5pSpeckled Pastel CBAdult (f)2,4334334
ifkayMaster Specs CBAdult (m)2,1894284
daozjSpeckled Caller CBAdult (m)1,4065217
MtQd0Rubythroat CBAdult (f)2,1184084
ZBQx5Dusted Pink CBAdult (f)1,9963905
mJ5NYule CandyAdult (m)2,04060312
yaHJEYuleleafAdult (m)2,8951,0821
r1ErSugarbuckAdult (m)2,2785485
ZiII5Hot YuleTamalesAdult (m)1,3675702
L92HiSmells Like Christmas SpiritAdult (m)1,9425885
yLiZsGarnet GlossAdult (f)2,8016997
yy7DFRedviolet CBAdult (m)7,0361,0615
0GiA9Violetdiver CBAdult (f)3,8877913
r7ng2Fractured Crystal CBAdult (f)5,5351,0044
VoxgYLusterwing CBAdult (m)5,3191,0642
4g0JxDeep Dark DiamondAdult (m)3,1536702
YODVwBerrycloudsAdult (m)7,7121,1724
hBDDMMatchmaker Made in Hell CBAdult (m)3,9415235
ovhIWCouple's Therapy CBAdult (m)3,5315129
cgiYPRina's Magical BrutefaceAdult (f)2,6565134
D0xNDThis script is depressingAdult (f)2,4394694
sqeyQBrutus and Bruce CBAdult (m)5,6908673
79YFHNaexous CBAdult (m)5,2959955
uqhbCSilver Ruby ShardAdult (m)2,1795505
6HMaXQuadruple BlueAdult (f)3,5953562
YZVliCarmine San Diego CBAdult (m)2,1955560
g9scXJOTB Is Really Talented CBAdult (m)1,9935181
H9uk4Silken Lover CBAdult (f)2,2283416
s3Mo9Satin Lover CBAdult (f)2,3923716
FsvwVThe Ruby Lord CBAdult (m)7,3708223
JfWRHRuby BlueburstAdult (m)5,2438873
VbunTBirdz Is Really TalentedAdult (f)1,6415757
K48ebHolly  GloryAdult (f)1,85555920
n7Si8Holly Skies AboveAdult (m)1,4326276
9sGkjHolly Dolly DoAdult (f)2,5765403
qOFk6Rose Velvet CBAdult (m)4,8743851
DrnrVRed Velvet CBAdult (m)4,0523612
tjA4tChocoa-la-TeaAdult (m)2,21157910
Ize6hSterling ChocolateAdult (m)2,1636580
LuYUDNot the Red Ranger CBAdult (m)7,3881,0982
T7NvDThe Reddest RangerAdult (f)8,3068354
XrnbGodly Spice CBAdult (m)2,2471,1472
TDmMkRyker CBAdult (m)4,4001,0037
5Yzo8Little One and TwoHatchling (F)1,3616154
diCuRed  Hot  InfernoHatchling (m, F)2,4675059
oITK8Big Red Mack CBAdult (m)3,0139464
FeX8Tyrant Force CBAdult (m)2,2211,31511
cpkORouge Russet CBAdult (f)2,5207524
BS6WRusset SunsteamAdult (f)2,3942638
HsFPRusted Summer FlameAdult (f)2,49849918
80xtUCayenneaAdult (f)4,9328772
WqQe0AshenscalesAdult (f)5,1878800
9gmMzCrimson SavageAdult (m)4,9978721
U3d2The Red Scaled WonderAdult (m)2,2496664
2JHZBrimstone AshesAdult (f)2,2371,1411
cK9NInferno ForceAdult (f)1,25384614
Nr9OBlazed InfernoAdult (f)4,64695612
WLDHGRuby FlankAdult (m)3,2283445
1taURoan of ArcAdult (m)2,1024973
mQQrBone of MarcAdult (f)2,4085471
O72ZDreamrustAdult (f)2,4692718
aIV6NMy Dad's a StallionAdult (m)9,1781,3275
1TzKvThrough the Eons CBAdult (m)7,5891,1267
JjpzvChronozipperAdult (m)4,6511,0272
RilBzScarlet Zalvaris CBAdult (f)2,3216342
yd50bPosh Spice CBAdult (f)3,4376641
XykVGScarlet BronzeAdult (m)1,3194864
uOiGEVenomslicker CBAdult (f)4,7749783
CRqt4DartscaleAdult (f)3,0565573
CAu7HCaptain Jiwe CBAdult (f)3,8417224
60OTfCaptain Hook CBAdult (m)3,8607673
U9KUzThe Talon Brothers CBAdult (m)5,8811,0024
wIHOqHookd On UAdult (f)3,7854355
Gu3NfGaudy Flare CBAdult (m)2,4455424
mqsV3Elegant Embroidered CBAdult (m)2,2045071
PWlaLWrapped and Ribbon'dAdult (m)1,2865481
1Eoj1Redhawkeye CBAdult (m)4,9958791
VIKvRRuby Roundhouse CBAdult (m)5,4078774
oghnEEmpyrean Lover CBAdult (m)1,89754710
eJJI6Luminescent Lovesong CBAdult (m)2,0285597
ISlCSMagma Storm CBAdult (f)1,6864007
ZuLnxMoltencore CBAdult (f)2,5917050
HZ4anMolten SnowstormAdult (f)2,12550714
9CN2JLava FrostAdult (m)2,7257556
VX6EMolten MaliceAdult (m)2,99364012
SpaCSpaC LavaAdult (m)2,88736910
QcMIMolten MenaceAdult (m)2,52951318
r5AnRWhitehot MagmaAdult (f)4,2811,5493
zgW6Qthe bestest baby boyHatchling (m, F)3,9348817
srJnKWinged Sunbearer CBAdult (m)4,0588887
q7oqpButterfly of MourningAdult (m)2,9766360
NuM3PSpiderbird CBAdult (f)2,6327071
SOYPzBlackfire MageAdult (m)2,2756034
7IVdtWicked Fire Wraith CBAdult (f)1,9756152
iB6obScathe CBAdult (m)5,3328156
EPGLBlaze BurstAdult (f)2,7593515
dUhLEmberburst SupernovaAdult (f)2,8993728
HRR9yRaja FlareAdult (f)9,7211,30912
KB5I5Anataria CBAdult (f)7,2041,0964
z4V4YMysteriously Mysterious MysteryAdult (m)2,9976421
Y1lAUCandlecrest CBAdult (f)1,8835136
erTNhViolent CandlelightAdult (f)2,80355414
vTJ1Blazewing Masacre CBAdult (m)2,4563596
BahpYHellburstAdult (m)2,5626143
6BgaEMalyvern CBAdult (m)1,6823873
M0M79RageblazeAdult (m)1,6553513
4TE6KStartail CBAdult (f)4,5051,0253
uWUskSolarstone CBAdult (m)2,2336063
cCdnmSolgem CBAdult (f)4,9828413
Pfc04Solarnova CBAdult (m)1,7485913
9xp5tIt Me the Hazardous ButtsAdult (f)1,9115577
Ru4NeSummerstoneAdult (m)2,1287061
uvGnjBlaze TailAdult (f)2,3095852
I02DRuby WonderAdult (f)2,2625539
Zy6nViolent FlameAdult (f)1,7749236
LrKu1Crimson  StripeAdult (f)2,4695262
GsfeUVelvet StripeAdult (m)3,0027764
Y2vFnBlooded StripeAdult (m)2,0476105
EMV4Tiny Little Red Thing CBAdult (f)2,5055304
TGp4CGarnet Law CBAdult (m)5,6467733
797X1Red and Shiny CBAdult (f)4,9906551
QGlQgJudicious CBAdult (f)5,3817745
pUq1FGarnet PinkersonAdult (f)4,32669211
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