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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gluria,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eAtNDEpharo GAdult (m)3,5341,1322
XdO8OFarfallo GAdult (m)2,6641,0121
RfCZXFlash of Roses GAdult (m)2,9541,0582
4OYXHRotondo GAdult (m)2,3009852
jU3SS2g Raoden GAdult (m)2,8049782
2Eesa2g Bleikur GAdult (m)4,3484263
y4CaB2g Lillipon GAdult (m)3,3061,0021
HzBNL2g Drogon GAdult (m)3,2069831
IOyMP2g Cleo GAdult (m)5,0961,0181
CW27B3g Pinkie GAdult (m)3,6821,2192
N8Q5O3g Bleikur's Rosewing GAdult (m)3,3419843
Us57t3g Julius Rose GAdult (m)4,1011,2263
juhZK5gt Angel of Mercury GAdult (m)2,9777056
J5hfb5gm Prinz Barbo GAdult (m)2,4819433
RglK56gm Pink Mercury GAdult (m)6,0731,3081
pfUSI7gmi Rinko GAdult (m)3,2701,1323
EmCAVLast Flower GAdult (f)4,6781,1384
ueWsjLilia GAdult (f)7,7681,1848
MFeDMLuvia GAdult (f)3,5891,0852
ataG6Dandelion GAdult (f)3,7771,0331
LOuFWEnrica GAdult (f)2,6999791
skkv2Roxetta GAdult (f)2,3319521
K8J8iRosalynn GAdult (f)3,8191,2991
pdnQGRozova GAdult (f)4,2371,1634
boLWe2g Rosaria GAdult (f)4,7647073
tqXPU2g Juliet Silis GAdult (f)7,8981,5357
XoPhT2g Whisper Rosy GAdult (f)4,1071,4254
Dvp8m2g Farfalla GAdult (f)2,8949762
fWEG12g Roxalinda GAdult (f)3,1629872
DebUF2g Meravia GAdult (f)3,2999991
seYbT3g Julietta GAdult (f)4,5081,1682
OjrE24g Whispering July GAdult (f)2,6799782
9GWZG4g Pink Glomp GAdult (f)3,4879418
u9Cfn4g Epictured GAdult (f)6,0429005
2XFN24g Pink Stars GAdult (f)5,7357804
3oKA16gm Julie Angel GAdult (f)3,2851,1273
vncdoOarf GAdult (m)5,96190912
oVN27Nitidus GAdult (m)3,9261,0501
Wih0oDearg GAdult (m)3,1681,1852
fQ5OiKastor GAdult (m)3,8811,2662
JQLdZFawkes GAdult (m)3,5441,2193
NVa8mKaos GAdult (m)2,8621,0391
FVQLGHannibal GAdult (m)2,5619773
E8ee0Pollux GAdult (m)3,7971,3892
tKGDeKelsier GAdult (m)3,2391,0181
TpJdCZack GAdult (m)3,7281,0382
uR3t0Tarot GAdult (m)3,8011,1323
pD231Loriot GAdult (m)3,7051,1483
jMkVMRillo GAdult (m)3,8381,1031
EJOURTony GAdult (m)5,7241,2772
C1YRsRed Orc GAdult (m)5,9351,1265
L3GdePhil GAdult (m)7,0491,2972
hjN7I2g Ushas GAdult (m)5,9671,0302
ZNIEB2g Ryden GAdult (m)5,8091,0662
5aqwq2g Oroden GAdult (m)3,9791,0271
ZpAMp2g Muntier GAdult (m)3,9571,0111
qt9sC2g Alasar GAdult (m)2,6149471
u8u1Y2g Karolux GAdult (m)2,8601,0572
7D0Zl2g Karados GAdult (m)2,4939851
bQ4aW2g Akidus GAdult (m)2,2499333
9Rva32g Run Red GAdult (m)3,0241,1503
8G0963g Arkado GAdult (m)2,3949702
ONK063g Ex Igne GAdult (m)4,5541,5146
2SFtZ4g Molten Red GAdult (m)8,5287899
OTKiO4g Red Thread GAdult (m)3,8411,0933
mcAQuCheza GAdult (f)4,7761,1622
1cGFhTogaya GAdult (f)4,4311,1221
CRuhJUeva GAdult (f)4,1931,1751
HY6AlGodiva GAdult (f)3,4991,1182
Y6UlREvira GAdult (f)3,9491,1132
p2HjHMulan GAdult (f)3,5731,0294
j0575Alanna GAdult (f)2,5199981
lhQhDKabara GAdult (f)2,8831,0222
iW0XALeah GAdult (f)2,8581,0192
369YeKira GAdult (f)2,9829903
MhtE3Zora GAdult (f)2,8781,0232
4prDQPepper GAdult (f)2,7699951
v6Gr5Kara GAdult (f)3,1231,1191
bnRMAIlka GAdult (f)4,5818375
uvCZUAka GAdult (f)3,8821,3062
AV5gTMerah GAdult (f)3,8481,3143
ladSf2g Kobra GAdult (f)2,5278972
vxY5J2g Zara GAdult (f)6,0031,0522
ocTt32g Hannah GAdult (f)2,3301,0711
iJiqN2g Dialga GAdult (f)4,4541,2854
EFiDR2g Shouka GAdult (f)4,2981,1274
oeTBS2g Ryouka GAdult (f)3,6271,0453
g88UE2g Nikita GAdult (f)3,5971,0601
ls7bK2g Ilagra GAdult (f)2,7731,0152
SZtm32g Alaska GAdult (f)2,3911,0972
srSLT2g Orza GAdult (f)3,3951,1182
SMCZJ3g Karola GAdult (f)2,8649973
gv8qN3g Iskierka GAdult (f)3,4761,0063
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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