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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gerdu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pHOHi(pHOHi)Egg (F)
KxcKMRaised from the GroundAdult (m)1,6556163
16rACMini ZombisHatchling (F)2,8981,36612
Y8FPBoo Trading'Gifting ooAdult (f)3,7803825
YWHn7oo My Babies ooAdult (f)4,3764229
n9FA1(n9FA1)Hatchling (m)7,7181,1022
HiUCL(HiUCL)Hatchling (f)9,4959104
pVKGL(pVKGL)Hatchling (f)9,7889156
uP7iT(uP7iT)Hatchling (m)6,5918434
WGLpM(WGLpM)Hatchling (m)7,3958894
jMBW1(jMBW1)Hatchling (m)6,6279554
TsNcEOrtas RozHatchling (m)8,5811,2154
MKC1QMickelis CB RozAdult (m)9,4401,1222
38hPYFerina4000 CB RozAdult (f)9,6801,1493
V1tSoo My scroll ooAdult (f)83846326
xWnRIChick RozAdult (f)2,6429565
Ox0BOVista RozAdult (f)3,1051,0162
7nGAmPut RozAdult (f)1,6946164
zeDsYVistela RozAdult (f)2,2197905
Pm5J0Sexy Chick RozAdult (f)5,2951,3208
0NXbkPereksle RozAdult (f)2,7249372
ezDrPChickpea RozAdult (f)1,9687488
ycujKCypute RozAdult (f)2,5756955
qQT3gNot a Dragon RozAdult (f)2,5778184
0kQHKGaidzio boba RozAdult (f)2,6918265
5ks15Puskariova RozAdult (f)2,8121,0101
REgwVPutpudak RozAdult (f)2,6049532
EWHf2Tutitutitutitaa RozAdult (f)5,1861,2067
aUSVYMuch Chick RozAdult (f)4,1199442
NiwB8Cipule RozAdult (f)4,3571,1863
UMzjyMendori RozAdult (f)4,8431,2173
JTAnLCip RozAdult (f)6,1501,0261
HyuDnLeChick RozAdult (f)2,8798494
UnAsUChikerita RozAdult (f)2,8697358
DX6XNDixon RozAdult (f)3,4008394
yF3gsF3gs RozAdult (f)5,3451,0559
lKLuVLuv RozAdult (f)6,6388074
yp0i5Ypyo RozAdult (f)5,5627485
4v037Voe RozAdult (f)5,5261,51838
lGRKXGrikis RozAdult (f)5,70495264
LZ3D6Zedsu Roz oAdult (f)4,7241,23349
Kyad2Kyaaa RozAdult (f)4,5421,1043
AqDCGDacka RozAdult (f)4,8541,39768
VJaqqJaqa RozAdult (f)4,5231,41957
zNv0FNoza RozAdult (f)5,2581,29764
LczpfLecepez RozAdult (f)3,8651,00123
uhI8tPrezent RozAdult (f)4,3361,11419
TV8kSChicusa Roz oAdult (f)2,64067610
Tdd1VGallus Gallus RozAdult (f)1,7691777
MalDYMaldy RozAdult (f)1,3351673
8Ses4Trepse RozAdult (f)2,8777564
dsiHkHichick RozAdult (f)1,9625523
5qAl6Vistiona RozAdult (f)7,3721,1176
ho7rOHorro RozAdult (f)8,0971,1996
q9dBsNupestavista RozAdult (f)13,1651,1474
uLfuyLufy RozAdult (f)11,4931,2255
h45CSEmile RozAdult (f)7,7541,0381
qWz2LPutpudakAdult (f)10,7341,1986
kgI6rGuardian of RozAdult (m)5,8041,3037
E6yE1The Last Guardian of RozAdult (m)6,1119185
ZDXLrGuardian of ScrollAdult (f)5,0871,2774
4L5kJEinstein RozAdult (m)
xlMgELemigal RozAdult (m)
L8AHqTironijus RozAdult (m)
zu1ZNZuhlzi RozAdult (f)
msqm2Marbrahd CB RozAdult (m)9,2261,5452
5vjgPSafeur RozAdult (m)14,2201,1612
454RNBernard RozAdult (m)12,0011,3353
jdKMZJedis RozAdult (m)12,6611,1704
krcmNYumlya RozAdult (m)12,4451,0972
44DaDRompasso CB RozAdult (f)7,3281,0785
TWrbjZyuna CB RozAdult (f)14,7861,3626
ztyc4Zyta RozAdult (f)11,4791,5025
0CRYiCrymorph RozAdult (f)8,4558623
LqSZCRosa rugosa CB RozAdult (m)10,9691,2616
uvaTmTuvam CB RozAdult (m)10,7651,3005
hk61dBeresina RozAdult (m)10,3411,2016
NQyqPPiripi RozAdult (f)8,9198523
TiqrdAhsuy RozAdult (f)12,8621,3183
8xUbXXubon CB RozAdult (m)12,8501,3144
nL1dxLindwix CB RozAdult (m)8,8851,4134
LreiiLireii CB RozAdult (f)11,0121,1361
QAWSbBarrel RozAdult (f)12,3271,2983
gUm9BGumria RozAdult (f)10,8041,0464
daNriDanir RozAdult (f)9,9699048
YqYa4Einsteinas RozAdult (m)12,1201,1164
4T5E3Tarra CB RozAdult (f)13,1481,2755
aw18lShiro CB RozAdult (f)10,1111,4696
cPIunForest child RozAdult (f)12,6991,1726
vdf9cCedrian RozAdult (m)12,2751,3715
1o4b7Alsedr RozAdult (m)9,2511,0684
GIjA5Gija CB RozAdult (f)9,9991,0117
mjU5MEquita RozAdult (m)9,6549713
UNKE6Unke RozAdult (f)11,5061,4659
dh8EaDajus CB RozAdult (m)10,5371,2015
wmfsoWamsoh CB RozAdult (m)9,3381,5017
QhrqpHaradin CB RozAdult (f)12,3381,2754
2nbEgZyure RozAdult (f)9,1551,1728
UY3LHXenoguard RozAdult (f)12,1001,0884
JNhLpStolen Guardian Roz oAdult (m)4,9021,1503
OJKuKKukoj Roz oAdult (m)6,5018933
pyeosPyeos Roz oAdult (f)5,8771,0824
UCWu7Palaima Roz oAdult (f)5,5469063
VgheMGhem Roz oAdult (f)6,8861,0794
lFZMbLilieth Roz oAdult (f)6,40183614
7kVonRoerki Roz oAdult (m)6,4061,22412
OoHVSHebrajus Roz oAdult (m)4,2551,0813
GoUWJNogard Roz oAdult (m)4,4719735
dRucgRucduca Roz oAdult (m)5,3821,49830
3WgM9Wegmanh Roz oAdult (m)5,0279087
DeuucDeuc Roz oAdult (m)3,9321,1144
422X3Razjack Roz oAdult (m)6,3779322
gkNJUGinghunas Roz oAdult (m)5,74997812
uXQa1Nesasio Roz oAdult (m)5,45486718
d6nqwYukon Roz oAdult (f)5,6089888
M0ctBIcicle CB RozAdult (m)3,8421,1944
uFes7Serksnas CB RozAdult (m)4,1851,1971
8y79YLedkalnis CB RozAdult (m)2,6698557
cvJFmFlaming Ice CB RozAdult (m)2,8488593
rWcaFAzheir RozAdult (m)2,5969592
ypTu5Icicle RozAdult (m)3,4621,0932
q00TzSnowArmy RozAdult (m)4,0689991
CDWQCSintar RozAdult (m)4,3051,1914
TQXC5Apollo RozAdult (m)2,7041,0871
KkNcPFranklin RozAdult (m)5,9991,4194
SdbzeBezle RozAdult (m)2,2815847
UYUXEIcefury RozAdult (m)6,2561,23110
ZjZXMNecare RozAdult (m)2,6913133
V4wbfPatchee RozAdult (m)2,9146583
2lJ5LHasta RozAdult (m)2,2242985
rUsO3Icefyrre RozAdult (m)2,8579784
OmMfSFrosty RozAdult (m)7,2221,3042
Y9QLSFourth Order Roz oAdult (m)3,0457924
506otLauso Roz oAdult (m)4,2701,1474
P06zBPermafrost Roz oAdult (m)2,7439882
1LwnqLwinas Roz oAdult (m)6,1299445
L8NyXLupfer Roz oAdult (m)5,3731,1574
LCtgAWhite out Roz oAdult (m)5,3249124
dt2CzHaven Roz oAdult (m)3,9858285
vFG2xSnaige CB RozAdult (f)3,7471,2415
zbgJALeduka CB RozAdult (f)3,5491,13623
UuxqYMoment CB RozAdult (f)5,7651,3323
0NwZBFrozen CB RozAdult (f)2,2088114
gwxPDCice CB RozAdult (f)2,2986899
Tm5hNTaman CB RozAdult (f)3,1827885
JQDbqJova CB RozAdult (f)2,9357802
NT3AWAkane RozAdult (f)6,5181,2284
eaptYSnaige RozAdult (f)1,91044331
BjW4TRaspberry RozAdult (f)5,3611,1599
CZ45EMouse RozAdult (f)3,5958153
ZbWbTIceberg RozAdult (f)3,90384622
46WO2Elena RozAdult (f)3,03144916
RVF8hJindra RozAdult (f)2,3089034
4I1mESaphira RozAdult (f)2,2553696
rpEJfIcicy RozAdult (f)1,9245023
HTW9yWASH IT RozAdult (f)4,0671,2083
XE8iSRub RozAdult (f)2,5828743
AdGBPVita RozAdult (f)2,7633348
LX5IRRegina RozAdult (f)4,0103588
Tapl8Ledaz RozAdult (f)5,4551,2005
rJCkBTrotsky RozAdult (f)5,0471,1123
tcHnfRaphy RozAdult (f)4,2121,0832
Ml0zbHolly Ice RozAdult (f)6,0381,1262
0MSGvDare RozAdult (f)3,3401,0066
r41QWSnowy Cold RozAdult (f)3,1091,0203
Hn0OMHnoom RozAdult (f)2,3417001
E5nV2Kephy Roz oAdult (f)3,1389874
7Kd7WSempai CB RozAdult (m)2,6429464
0tTLpPlot CB RozAdult (m)2,9429186
av6oEFading Away CB RozAdult (m)4,0211,2504
MtFaLKurtinantus CB RozAdult (m)2,9218506
Ohn5yOhny CB RozAdult (m)5,9108138
ctvUgKorhi CB RozAdult (m)10,5791,2436
EmWK5Magma RozAdult (m)3,0983707
Cizc6Draco Lyeet RozAdult (m)3,4941,1913
a1iYbVogon RozAdult (m)6,9301,4914
k4JcWExecuting RozAdult (m)3,9861,1583
3y7zMMoton RozAdult (m)3,6569023
WTOTsGargatel RozAdult (m)5,5411,2214
kMj0HLeroy RozAdult (m)4,9251,1203
fNaINSpyke RozAdult (m)3,77840513
ORORZVulkanas RozAdult (m)2,6813847
filRNNatsu RozAdult (m)6,5141,5387
9PmfAVulcan RozAdult (m)7,5691,64411
MUcYaMomu RozAdult (m)4,9121,4548
wD08pMister Lovaa Lovaa RozAdult (m)4,4231,2362
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