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You pick up the scroll labeled “GTX,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8DtJ(8DtJ)Adult (f)7936033
lBco(lBco)Adult (m)8215189
jn17(jn17)Adult (f)59036541
pm6F(pm6F)Adult (m)58436833
Z2BY(Z2BY)Adult (f)82236816
67NP(67NP)Adult (f)1,74434216
fcmj(fcmj)Adult (f)58239029
oHIg(oHIg)Hatchling (f, F)56235922
88Qar(88Qar)Adult (m)2,5226785
bQEC(bQEC)Adult (m)9407423
lm8f(lm8f)Adult (m)7966063
7ksF(7ksF)Adult (f)6414973
7ljh(7ljh)Adult (m)6775203
XMWp(XMWp)Adult (m)7005312
iYPW(iYPW)Adult (f)3,9631,37112
ujUP(ujUP)Adult (f)1,6857444
8cZf(8cZf)Adult (f)9166902
enA0(enA0)Adult (f)1,1358642
MUO6(MUO6)Adult (m)7926013
2UpP(2UpP)Adult (f)1,0498273
KzCb(KzCb)Adult (f)7946003
3AOn(3AOn)Adult (m)8736891
anfu(anfu)Adult (m)9447474
NhRX(NhRX)Adult (m)9988110
5NYA(5NYA)Adult (f)1,0188083
lSUV(lSUV)Adult (f)3,2988169
jVij(jVij)Adult (m)3,61476845
F5fS(F5fS)Adult (m)70159721
aYQS(aYQS)Adult (f)9407425
Rhtc(Rhtc)Adult (f)3,40787311
fnua(fnua)Adult (f)2,4991,4947
tcng(tcng)Adult (f)3,9551,36711
UGae(UGae)Adult (f)3,4721,72918
hQPE(hQPE)Adult (f)2,4309466
hwDZ(hwDZ)Adult (m)4,4638278
IzCS(IzCS)Adult (f)4,3131,32812
OrOD(OrOD)Adult (m)4,6371,4844
Mdjf(Mdjf)Adult (m)7,1021,13454
1aVV(1aVV)Adult (f)5,1611,4445
tgbO(tgbO)Adult (m)3,9941,32312
GHDA(GHDA)Adult (m)5,1171,51116
G1s9(G1s9)Adult (m)4,6481,13017
wRxt(wRxt)Adult (m)3,4111,29815
87eY(87eY)Adult (f)4,07383119
xp7Z(xp7Z)Adult (f)3,64965521
Rl1P(Rl1P)Adult (m)3,81468421
1Thd(1Thd)Adult (m)2,83079511
2wro(2wro)Adult (f)2,5051,4986
frAe(frAe)Adult (f)2,5111,4997
glVn(glVn)Adult (m)4,3561,2698
mdfs(mdfs)Adult (f)4,7481,14418
eWIC(eWIC)Adult (m)2,5071,4965
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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