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You pick up the scroll labeled “FireProof,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sjQF(sjQF)Adult (f)9816632
ANbF(ANbF)Adult (m)1,59876416
pRoT(pRoT)Adult (f)85640775
7mp5(7mp5)Adult (f)3,2361,54221
oVOv(oVOv)Adult (m)1,3105303
6jLG(6jLG)Adult (f)2,1731,01014
lDiD(lDiD)Adult (f)1,1656272
MtYA(MtYA)Adult (f)1,0967242
0T2Z(0T2Z)Adult (m)1,0375168
Njvp(Njvp)Adult (f)7,0608618
tdjc(tdjc)Adult (f)3,3591,61335
f8p1(f8p1)Adult (m)1,7306836
6jgT(6jgT)Adult (f)1,0526501
Mh1C(Mh1C)Adult (m)1,5475793
ki4X(ki4X)Adult (m)1,0894523
1AEl(1AEl)Adult (f)5,4711,2309
8nFF(8nFF)Adult (m)1,2545184
6U8U(6U8U)Adult (m)1,9524224
TTht(TTht)Adult (m)1,8634512
h5aU(h5aU)Adult (f)6,0221,52211
pMmH(pMmH)Adult (m)1,1176173
dTc8(dTc8)Adult (f)1,1886444
CgEW(CgEW)Adult (m)1,1934963
XtTh(XtTh)Adult (m)1,4325862
RYFX(RYFX)Adult (f)1,3595517
qL85(qL85)Adult (f)4,14390810
uTNo(uTNo)Adult (f)6,0051,30810
bLIg(bLIg)Adult (m)1,1096177
KSK5(KSK5)Adult (m)1,0745314
2QOW(2QOW)Adult (m)1,1205592
j5le(j5le)Adult (m)1,2885303
d6Vt(d6Vt)Adult (m)1,6795238
49Po(49Po)Adult (m)1,0696271
guLf(guLf)Adult (m)3,3521,64929
t8KJ(t8KJ)Adult (m)1,16867410
WG3g(WG3g)Adult (f)1,1866304
UeJv(UeJv)Adult (f)1,0716015
e94E(e94E)Adult (m)2,0294421
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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