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You pick up the scroll labeled “Field-Agent-Slowking,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SgrN(SgrN)Adult (m)5,6321,5827
rHSd(rHSd)Adult (m)5,7271,87612
Tdca(Tdca)Adult (m)9,8812,31511
cftZc(cftZc)Adult (f)1,5833982
gCAQ(gCAQ)Adult (f)7,0332,06820
hD7B(hD7B)Adult (f)7,0422,00614
0bvC(0bvC)Adult (m)2,7365315
oV4d(oV4d)Adult (f)1,8539062
LESc(LESc)Adult (m)3,5261,08911
03DL(03DL)Adult (f)2,0106415
9i0n(9i0n)Adult (m)9,2292,16613
BYZt(BYZt)Adult (f)1,5938263
4KYJ(4KYJ)Adult (f)9395685
aMfC(aMfC)Adult (m)4,8461,2145
NZjH(NZjH)Adult (f)2,4303927
8EkR(8EkR)Adult (f)7,1232,64314
jqrO(jqrO)Adult (m)2,0488694
X0Ns(X0Ns)Adult (m)5,4471,6628
mhH2(mhH2)Adult (m)2,0794094
LQot(LQot)Adult (m)5,6111,5827
Ap88(Ap88)Adult (m)3,2622,0974
dcgd(dcgd)Adult (f)1,5915913
6K5I(6K5I)Adult (f)5,4401,6627
4CRU(4CRU)Adult (f)9,2402,1658
cQ0l(cQ0l)Adult (f)1,9019245
6bQX(6bQX)Adult (m)4,9971,21724
0U8d(0U8d)Adult (f)1,6155902
R2B7(R2B7)Adult (f)5,2761,2847
UXCq(UXCq)Adult (f)5,6531,88414
Ql8E(Ql8E)Adult (f)8765456
kgOA(kgOA)Adult (m)4,1641,1679
AlpF(AlpF)Adult (m)2,27796810
HnIQ(HnIQ)Adult (f)2,2794255
LD9e(LD9e)Adult (f)2,4675406
ttFi(ttFi)Adult (m)6,9552,05813
QTTG(QTTG)Adult (m)10,2182,45211
m9iJ(m9iJ)Adult (m)7,0262,06115
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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