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  • Platinum Trophy
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  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Magikarp
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erland,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
haF6VBronto Yellowdino IAdult4,2921,2334
ES0rrLongy Yellowdino IAdult3,6551,0855
FSeifSeropod Yellowdino IAdult4,1681,2576
c8jWNHerby Yellowdino IAdult5,9161,6545
S0bPESharper Reddino IAdult4,0681,2374
mQXFNHerby Reddino IAdult5,2451,5372
d0qMjStego Reddino IAdult5,5161,5176
iWZ3bFrozen Mini PurpledinoHatchling (F)5,4241,2636
nmn87Fly Purpledino IAdult3,4701,0922
cAcBTBardo Purpledino IAdult4,4031,3395
KkUH0Omnia Purpledino IAdult4,7671,2601
M7h4hHighly Purpledino IAdult5,0061,3983
hcUrGPtera Purpledino IAdult6,1991,4954
TR7OFPlume Greendino IAdult5,0479942
nN0hJDodo Greendino IAdult4,9561,1633
7JGoODivery Greendino IAdult6,5791,4493
nSjb1Grenada Greendino IAdult6,6191,4864
iZrfhHerby Greendino IAdult7,0761,6377
NJDLfHerby Bluedino IAdult5,1521,1293
jC6NgSharpy Bluedino IAdult5,3121,1922
etAS0Baong Bluedino IAdult4,7721,1951
SEBuuShieldon Bluedino IAdult4,7431,3475
UYXe9Tricera Bluedino IAdult5,1291,5314
5reLbFrozen Micro WhiteHatchling (F)2,7058554
19J16Frozen Mini WhiteHatchling (f, F)2,2928262
veTpmPurifira White IAdult (f)5,0861,0456
JVbPqMui White IAdult (f)9,0391,5179
39AT2Alloe White IAdult (f)4,0241,2083
k88MEPurity White IAdult (m)4,7481,3832
1SbHCHobe White IAdult (m)4,8471,05810
2sAnIShine White IAdult (m)4,6241,1791
vBhBaAtra White IAdult (f)4,4121,3243
KgauYVerdana White IVAdult (f)4,6711,3686
X7rX1Remedy White IAdult (f)6,5021,4917
CjCaQMessy Silva WhiteAdult (f)7,8521,6846
QW7jHFrozen Whiptail 1Hatchling (F)3,1298308
OoW2iFrozen Mini WhiptailHatchling (m, F)5,3229044
vFpPaMessy Messiuga WhiptailAdult (m)2,7888383
FiTjjRoruly Whiptail IAdult (m)4,0221,0943
JbqijYora Whiptail IAdult (m)3,9951,1083
LjpQ6Vogue Whiptail IIAdult (f)8,3861,8225
O986MCroco Whiptail IAdult (f)3,8397758
KvNOjFrozen Mini WaterwalkerHatchling (f, F)2,5188881
iZ5UVAssasins Waterwalker IAdult (m)2,1126733
9Vcb0Floaty Waterwalker IAdult (f)5,4561,1702
0ijv3Moko Waterwalker IAdult (m)4,9731,0232
4ehT3Messy Cuby WaterwalkerAdult (m)8,7231,7748
9EjtZFrozen Waterhorse 1Hatchling (F)9143421
537VQFrozen Nimi WaterhorseHatchling (m, F)3,4679268
F1Dq7Frozen Mini WaterhorseHatchling (f, F)3,3439603
J6JJ1Blush Waterhorse IIAdult (f)4,2206102
nMVERDonovan Waterhorse VAdult (m)3,9626133
vR4d4Messy Jelly WaterhorseAdult (f)4,2506512
Kl0W1Gleegy Waterhorse IAdult (m)6,2621,1803
SuokhGummy Waterhorse IAdult (m)7,0471,2515
0QmhNSleek Waterhorse IAdult (m)4,5771,2742
3V4jfMessy Mura WaterhorseAdult (m)4,7201,3224
qKPaMBluish Waterhorse IVAdult (f)8,8021,8789
spEP3Frozen Micro DraculaHatchling (F)1,7825937
OjUJkFrozen Mini VampireHatchling (f, F)2,9278872
aeg3sDarkary Vampire IAdult (m)4,0171,2344
XnFWEQueenly Vampire IAdult (f)5,8351,4053
OHe0PMaiden Vampire IAdult (f)3,0609883
ML2r5Fioli Vampire IVAdult (f)4,5511,3235
ZlIUcEmpress Vampire IAdult (f)6,8251,5966
qWUGeMessy Bloody VampireAdult (m)4,7291,3765
I0HTbErrosh Vampire IAdult (m)5,1901,6116
IOtD6Princessa Vampire IAdult (f)6,3921,5035
FM6HVDraculea Vampire IAdult (m)7,2301,9785
7VloNPersephonia Arsani IAdult (f)3,5499591
4m24aPersephiona Arsani IAdult (f)2,9479683
10jLiAlexander Heartseeker IAdult (m)4,7871,4534
tgOg9Hero Heartseeker IAdult (m)4,9401,4934
3RhQXElle Rosebud IIAdult (f)4,7611,3426
LSmfkAmor Rosebud IIAdult (f)2,9611,0972
KTX8mNexus Sweetlings IIAdult (m)3,7619813
N3as2Xenos Sweetlings IIAdult (m)5,8161,5763
FiiU4Via Valentine IIAdult (f)2,4379533
KiA4fVue Valentine IIAdult (f)2,2359502
IaBKfFrozen Nimi UltravioletHatchling (f, F)4,0719022
cNV8SFrozen Mini UltravioletHatchling (m, F)4,0579161
Lnsbf(Lnsbf)Adult (f)2,3208261
M9iLF(M9iLF)Adult (f)4,0581,1913
uYiLBMimicra Ultraviolet IIAdult (m)6,1121,0874
b9PqMConnor Ultraviolet IIAdult (m)6,1351,1244
fEQmsMessy Vida UltravioletAdult (m)6,0901,0856
k191kGreyish Ultraviolet IIAdult (f)5,9821,1054
QCA2bAruba Ultraviolet IVAdult (f)3,9739048
dXKnjVidava Ultraviolet IIAdult (f)4,6701,0094
VLCcFMessy Yiya UltravioletAdult (f)4,8269733
3U1dsDiome Ultraviolet IIAdult (m)5,7141,1375
n9MbaMessy Loa UltravioletAdult (f)7,5781,3916
kCvrtFrozen Micro TurpentineHatchling (F)2,4687983
qEGAHFrozen Nimi TurpentineHatchling (f, F)3,5349616
adg7NFrozen Mini TurpentineHatchling (m, F)3,0308689
Z2lES(Z2lES)Adult (m)3,1878971
fO5W4(fO5W4)Adult (m)6,1991,1480
5fF8ZStrady Turpentine IAdult (m)5,0971,2910
3QcEpDarona Turpentine IAdult (f)5,6051,0912
abuVvViona Turpentine IAdult (f)5,3741,0394
5nun1Fehling Turpentine IAdult (f)5,7011,0803
YoM5WChirca Turpentine IAdult (f)5,7131,0753
74L48Ameksha Turpentine IAdult (f)7,6771,4207
P73lYVimea Turpentine IAdult (f)9,2591,5286
nv3QqYellback Turpentine IAdult (m)8,1301,4606
Q2hagVenom Turpentine IAdult (f)6,9011,2755
bLcnESpiky Turpentine IAdult (m)5,6761,1636
j4SZLBlaxon Turpentine IAdult (f)5,5661,1166
COs9lBlubby Turpentine IAdult (m)7,3371,4397
DmWqPSmelly Turpentine IAdult (f)6,1401,2585
ZRJdh(ZRJdh)Adult (m)2,0708213
4t0S8(4t0S8)Adult (f)1,6348224
llLIG(llLIG)Adult (f)2,6628933
XdNUY(XdNUY)Adult (f)2,5918800
gfs21(gfs21)Adult (f)2,8698923
nJRpU(nJRpU)Adult (f)5,5791,3694
fciiH(fciiH)Adult (m)3,8071,0693
h2pJ0Messy Baume TsunamiAdult (f)5,3591,2471
5vHMMMessy Yaura TsunamiAdult (f)5,7651,1062
eKGU0Messy Austral TsunamiAdult (f)3,6808655
SqfcHAcheh Tsunami IAdult (m)5,1149764
gIJu2Messy Daegu TsunamiAdult (f)5,4281,0654
vC9XaMessy Mural TsunamiAdult (m)6,0721,0926
Y8MakMagenta Tsunami IAdult (f)6,2121,2214
LhrMeSolorph Tsunami IIAdult (m)5,9801,3278
hggTc(hggTc)Adult (f)3,6971,2011
YFPKP(YFPKP)Adult (f)1,7797511
um2Tp(um2Tp)Adult (m)5,3821,4022
lu348(lu348)Adult (f)2,9949042
mFdqr(mFdqr)Adult (m)2,9628970
Bj7pF(Bj7pF)Adult (m)2,9289001
pB3Fj(pB3Fj)Adult (m)4,1921,2298
8uXm4Yuyang Trihorn IAdult (f)3,2319513
kbil3Tackal Trihorn IAdult (m)5,5551,0792
YKc6iExile Trihorn IAdult (f)4,4769081
ihmstMaur Trihorn IAdult (m)4,7399681
oVdccSarita Trihorn IAdult (f)3,6808753
TubuhGorga Trihorn IAdult (m)4,9631,0575
e6NXOVuera Trihorn IAdult (m)5,7259603
3MLPVFrozen Micro ThunderHatchling (F)1,4876631
UTp8uFrozen Nimi ThunderHatchling (m, F)2,9308946
PB0fvFrozen Mini ThunderHatchling (f, F)3,9911,1242
4PpUm(4PpUm)Adult (m)1,4186752
Q7sl9(Q7sl9)Adult (f)4,6461,0481
mjrtASkydive Thunder IIAdult (m)4,0888342
EEK58Lightee Thunder IIAdult (m)3,3961,0182
h7XkJMessy Topaz ThunderAdult (f)2,1248934
PiBPj(PiBPj)Adult (f)4,5901,0014
4gpU7(4gpU7)Adult (f)3,5809191
v3Nke(v3Nke)Adult (m)2,6758741
I7K7J(I7K7J)Adult (f)2,6488552
ocYsoGuardian Thunder IAdult (f)3,6169935
JJSM1Zeus Thunder IAdult (f)4,1211,2702
EAJKHMagical Thunder IAdult (m)7,0069543
bv29GMessy Choela ThunderAdult (f)5,0659482
R0U6kAlophea Thunder IIIAdult (f)4,6481,1433
lHkGLAluria Thunder IIIAdult (f)6,4261,0623
12W3BMessy Nomori ThunderAdult (f)6,2821,0602
Q95C1Messy Oliver ThunderAdult (m)4,2451,2353
68Y5QDivine Thunder IAdult (f)4,4731,2478
A8oX0Messy Yura ThunderAdult (f)5,5171,4445
qjsqUThor Thunder IAdult (m)6,3221,5165
5TFLDMessy Nio ThunderAdult (f)6,1731,5059
hN4cGDort Thunder IIAdult (m)6,3971,55512
2Arco(2Arco)Adult (m)2,7529362
aix06(aix06)Adult (m)1,7247710
2kqhi(2kqhi)Adult (m)1,7587641
hejs4Greenish Terrae IAdult (m)6,1721,3962
5UpBaChloro Terrae IAdult (f)4,6461,4253
CQO8VGorgon Terrae IVAdult (m)9,3301,6906
FBZMGFrozen Nimi TerraeHatchling (m, F)7,5291,3084
PI4LRFrozen Mini TerraeHatchling (f, F)5,3021,0888
A0mL5Frozen Micro TerraeHatchling (F)3,0963673
VGAOW(VGAOW)Adult (m)6,1201,1071
1Ygcb(1Ygcb)Adult (m)2,9717483
nNiZ2(nNiZ2)Adult (f)5,4421,5233
iQfLd(iQfLd)Adult (m)1,8117730
BZAtq(BZAtq)Adult (m)2,4157751
NScNT(NScNT)Adult (m)4,3951,1222
2kU1S(2kU1S)Adult (m)6,1411,2752
KoTQE5th Moza TerraeAdult (f)6,5611,8133
vP9MMFrozen Micro GoldhornedtangarsHatchling (F)2,4826043
MPM2jFrozen Mini GoldhornedtangarsHatchling (m, F)3,8101,0783
sISto(sISto)Adult (m)3,7425331
HZZCt(HZZCt)Adult (m)5,0319262
fYXyY(fYXyY)Adult (m)4,6579284
eoUH3(eoUH3)Adult (f)2,6077680
qPrIT(qPrIT)Adult (m)1,6685960
G1m2l(G1m2l)Adult (f)6,1441,1632
ImlDo(ImlDo)Adult (m)4,9589901
nQdXC(nQdXC)Adult (f)5,0771,0154
v2dE3(v2dE3)Adult (m)5,0061,0151
fOAhs(fOAhs)Adult (m)4,2058332
i7cUn1st Volvo GoldhornedtangarsAdult (m)6,8381,6586
Y7RfAMessy Poy GoldhornedtangarsAdult (f)11,9811,61214
XpemIFrozen Nimi ShallowtailHatchling (f, F)3,5829549
Noi1rFrozen Micro ShallowtailHatchling (F)3,1309341
d1tWOFrozen Mini ShallowtailHatchling (m, F)3,4401,0703
tLOVX(tLOVX)Adult (f)4,1776362
5AnGT(5AnGT)Adult (f)3,8966550
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