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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ducks,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
76Qf(76Qf)Adult (m)3,0545514
U2sW(U2sW)Adult (f)3,5117603
iiMQ(iiMQ)Adult (m)3,55466322
iqZR(iqZR)Adult (m)1,27342013
58mM(58mM)Adult (m)4,0807284
j8a3(j8a3)Adult (f)1,2336404
0ap0(0ap0)Adult (m)4,1877315
hHL9(hHL9)Adult (f)4,1977393
nYaH(nYaH)Adult (f)4,4287424
Ud0n(Ud0n)Adult (m)2,5364881
7sCB(7sCB)Adult (f)4,5077503
B3qk(B3qk)Adult (m)3,0665211
QuW4(QuW4)Adult (f)3,5207502
HVmS(HVmS)Adult (m)3,4724972
ZHdp(ZHdp)Adult (m)3,26377834
1QJI(1QJI)Adult (f)1,71735515
GoZK(GoZK)Adult (f)3,82868524
eBHu(eBHu)Adult (m)1,66747813
dChn(dChn)Adult (f)4,0386212
UlRo(UlRo)Adult (m)2,44453622
sf9U(sf9U)Adult (f)4,7941,00242
0V2o(0V2o)Adult (m)2,08141318
b7Ki(b7Ki)Adult (m)3,03157247
ABFW(ABFW)Adult (f)4,0756192
2ASE(2ASE)Adult (f)1,90642717
VLG8(VLG8)Adult (f)2,37230910
p2KZ(p2KZ)Adult (m)3,1535752
Ck2U(Ck2U)Adult (m)2,35342921
8jKh(8jKh)Adult (m)2,36839917
kLhI(kLhI)Adult (f)4,6757654
cFo2(cFo2)Adult (f)4,5837614
WmnJ(WmnJ)Adult (m)1,71035221
cvtY(cvtY)Adult (f)1,1765765
lrGq(lrGq)Adult (m)2,5043938
FqZa(FqZa)Adult (m)4,0576175
uqSZ(uqSZ)Adult (f)1,99559117
h62I(h62I)Adult (f)1,90954511
VOPm(VOPm)Adult (f)3,0225482
fCUt(fCUt)Adult (m)1,3566475
4M0F(4M0F)Adult (m)3,2527342
VXti(VXti)Adult (m)2,34335517
Kmq8(Kmq8)Adult (m)2,9875384
AatU(AatU)Adult (m)2,39253630
Oh23(Oh23)Adult (m)3,12767123
vo6N(vo6N)Adult (m)2,63440710
klQg(klQg)Adult (m)1,72336417
YotZ(YotZ)Adult (m)2,77736716
2CSG(2CSG)Adult (f)1,73050910
Mp4B(Mp4B)Adult (f)3,2952484
XUsZ(XUsZ)Adult (f)3,8945424
dUYY(dUYY)Adult (m)3,1295511
p7jo(p7jo)Adult (m)3,3457183
xD8Q(xD8Q)Adult (f)1,49842121
sLUT(sLUT)Adult (m)2,25253932
1gt6(1gt6)Adult (f)4,1894634
DEd1(DEd1)Adult (m)2,10636712
kmJL(kmJL)Adult (m)2,6335091
N1mE(N1mE)Adult (m)4,0597406
WgCk(WgCk)Adult (m)3,4935172
EJrX(EJrX)Adult (m)4,0916145
LoDJ(LoDJ)Adult (m)7,81454015
Zc3m(Zc3m)Adult (m)3,2075532
7nC7(7nC7)Adult (m)4,0576305
cp1S(cp1S)Adult (f)3,8715932
3uiR(3uiR)Adult (m)3,9105522
6JRC(6JRC)Adult (m)3,9106122
RQf1(RQf1)Adult (m)2,44457427
iW82(iW82)Adult (f)2,05936113
iZjV(iZjV)Adult (m)3,4684992
tPXh(tPXh)Adult (m)3,6285274
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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