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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonBlood99,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AIj9(AIj9)Adult (m)2,4039347
Rvmk(Rvmk)Adult (f)2,08343315
RZDd(RZDd)Adult (m)1,6504933
Piqr(Piqr)Adult (f)3,6198959
eQ7h(eQ7h)Adult (f)1,6443317
YJga(YJga)Adult (f)3,4603007
QTeA(QTeA)Adult (f)2,3058202
82PT(82PT)Adult (f)2,2028406
9nHM(9nHM)Adult (f)1,6726862
dsRb(dsRb)Adult (m)2,4879317
htEp(htEp)Adult (m)1,91741513
hWEs(hWEs)Adult (m)1,9774375
v1on(v1on)Adult (m)2,4149264
WnVF(WnVF)Adult (m)2,2598032
K8Qo(K8Qo)Adult (m)2,3778492
lNn5(lNn5)Adult (m)1,3976013
7RR8(7RR8)Adult (m)3,5272868
Dbcf(Dbcf)Adult (f)2,3778985
I8jF(I8jF)Adult (f)2,5038962
qFAI(qFAI)Adult (f)4,21996019
DejU(DejU)Adult (m)2,1728962
3FT2(3FT2)Adult (f)1,7376463
u5JD(u5JD)Adult (m)1,6656755
j57X(j57X)Adult (f)1,7417106
ttT6(ttT6)Adult (f)1,9974397
UGJ3(UGJ3)Adult (f)2,3564273
9PJf(9PJf)Adult (m)2,86579113
Tidv(Tidv)Adult (m)1,6176146
5Tvt(5Tvt)Adult (f)2,55436413
DhvC(DhvC)Adult (m)2,94977426
QRUN(QRUN)Adult (f)2,2168567
5FmE(5FmE)Adult (m)85439930
n0nP(n0nP)Adult (m)1,5756462
pIoL(pIoL)Adult (f)5,0403367
S4Xg(S4Xg)Adult (m)2,75535610
qOr3(qOr3)Adult (m)1,9833828
3ZdL(3ZdL)Adult (f)1,4936133
XTVl(XTVl)Adult (m)1,94132813
DBlD(DBlD)Adult (m)2,2218425
TfbS(TfbS)Adult (m)2,1468234
O81d(O81d)Adult (f)3,5123019
ku6F(ku6F)Adult (m)9134902
TuTa(TuTa)Adult (m)2,0384373
TXHj(TXHj)Adult (m)1,9094295
8dY0(8dY0)Adult (f)1,8257485
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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