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You pick up the scroll labeled “Drago_Meh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YHCj3Drago-MehAdult (m)4,65231414
fEP1aNilius RijetAdult (f)4,65531513
I3Nd4Terp TineAdult (f)4,4493517
44PCHSnakis SibsAdult (m)6,13045310
d9Cs1Fertux SibsAdult (f)6,14445311
7tjgzCorspel RoldAdult (m)5,2405069
x5rkDCorlius NuvetAdult (f)4,0984606
xIAh8Yurt ForsetAdult (f)4,1074575
nCswD(nCswD)Adult (m)2,4023788
yBGZ0(yBGZ0)Adult (f)2,5233829
JQrL2Minuy RetAdult (f)4,0014626
thqF9(thqF9)Adult (f)2,7734356
XjpsZ(XjpsZ)Adult (f)2,0134166
BrOua(BrOua)Adult (m)2,0083775
cGdfm(cGdfm)Adult (f)2,2243845
x0apV(x0apV)Adult (m)1,9483744
hF32U(hF32U)Adult (f)2,9283454
zurZR(zurZR)Adult (m)3,2203583
o3s7b(o3s7b)Adult (f)2,8563443
IqEJj(IqEJj)Adult (f)3,5353883
0Yt8o(0Yt8o)Adult (m)2,6984166
GkxYX(GkxYX)Adult (m)3,34634010
yCozk(yCozk)Adult (f)2,6844244
BnMjY(BnMjY)Adult (f)3,0904166
jDgiW(jDgiW)Adult (m)4,4744517
j7WBE(j7WBE)Adult (m)3,0284050
Z5soh(Z5soh)Adult (m)3,2704371
1DA8b(1DA8b)Adult (m)3,0084042
Vc9Su(Vc9Su)Adult (m)4,6324852
j4OB6(j4OB6)Adult (m)4,6534854
UrL0i(UrL0i)Adult (m)4,6294834
UkDgi(UkDgi)Adult (f)3,3074621
8Ema7(8Ema7)Adult (m)2,8994893
IQZTW(IQZTW)Adult (f)2,9394941
0D8wh(0D8wh)Adult (f)3,0235132
QoGa4(QoGa4)Adult (m)3,3944953
68w01(68w01)Adult (m)3,2074627
YXaA7(YXaA7)Adult (m)3,0684544
Sk0vK(Sk0vK)Adult (f)2,2464033
0GUM8(0GUM8)Adult (f)2,3814272
orY70(orY70)Adult (f)2,3514202
eXfWS(eXfWS)Adult (f)2,4684325
0sycP(0sycP)Adult (f)2,2173621
yuAaC(yuAaC)Adult (f)2,3103682
qb2N9Citruk SibsAdult (f)2,1643520
CgWVN(CgWVN)Adult (f)2,3253730
NWgXl(NWgXl)Adult (f)1,4623761
vQdgz(vQdgz)Adult (f)1,5563691
NNb2W(NNb2W)Adult (m)1,5843961
AegVf(AegVf)Adult (m)1,4033682
GpDM0(GpDM0)Adult (f)1,6144011
g8MsI(g8MsI)Adult (f)3,8553645
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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