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You pick up the scroll labeled “Drachengreif1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tGMph(tGMph)Hatchling (f)4,7559482
DarisDaris Lian MeaAdult (m)5,5811,30231
TwcMz(TwcMz)Adult (f)4,9418233
3QoA9(3QoA9)Adult (m)4,5287692
1BSPw(1BSPw)Adult (m)4,0256351
Kl39O(Kl39O)Adult (m)4,0206092
YpQfs(YpQfs)Adult (f)3,5276553
N8P36(N8P36)Adult (m)5,0086880
Oq316(Oq316)Adult (f)5,0696870
ZykCb(ZykCb)Adult (f)4,7656650
4kMSO(4kMSO)Adult (m)4,6786630
FOaPe(FOaPe)Adult (m)5,1447070
IpUDF(IpUDF)Adult (f)4,9566830
OANg3(OANg3)Adult (f)4,9736920
h9oZ7Hanin Lian MeaAdult (m)2,9557071
AmiLaAmila Lian MeaAdult (f)3,2377522
kVWLqKawal Lian MeaAdult (f)3,1187461
IuR8u(IuR8u)Adult (m)5,1139111
sCUnJ(sCUnJ)Adult (f)4,3057790
IrNyt(IrNyt)Adult (m)4,4867660
5lVDp(5lVDp)Adult (m)4,5327901
ybuyu(ybuyu)Adult (f)4,7067801
MEZ9X(MEZ9X)Adult (m)4,6678251
QAczW(QAczW)Adult (m)4,5567841
IysA1(IysA1)Adult (m)4,7108001
KkHbK(KkHbK)Adult (f)5,2808591
ZrtYi(ZrtYi)Adult (m)6,6649822
eD8Qm(eD8Qm)Adult (f)6,4069801
1s0tB(1s0tB)Adult (m)5,5681,0342
USVJS(USVJS)Adult (f)4,4666520
7hpwZ(7hpwZ)Adult (f)4,4976680
X3YR4(X3YR4)Adult (m)4,5276390
oi3Cq(oi3Cq)Adult (m)4,4699420
NpgET(NpgET)Adult (m)4,6058951
ErPEr(ErPEr)Adult (m)4,5599310
bK5Yb(bK5Yb)Adult (f)4,5269130
9R4to(9R4to)Adult (m)4,5418980
x1IR4(x1IR4)Adult (m)4,5479361
l2Dif(l2Dif)Adult (f)4,5698930
oTHIK(oTHIK)Adult (m)4,5369121
CJeXa(CJeXa)Adult (f)4,3048371
RItwV(RItwV)Adult (f)3,8787971
B22jm(B22jm)Adult (m)4,0608001
TBinn(TBinn)Adult (f)5,0639592
BGCcd(BGCcd)Adult (m)6,3151,0831
2Mo9J(2Mo9J)Adult (m)6,2091,1022
ZG538(ZG538)Adult (f)5,7911,0961
P6FVo(P6FVo)Adult (f)6,0801,0831
LywcL(LywcL)Adult (f)5,9391,0801
oouSQ(oouSQ)Adult (f)5,6831,0961
bJW6K(bJW6K)Adult (m)5,9671,0931
GPlwa(GPlwa)Adult (m)4,7931,1381
pZ47C(pZ47C)Adult (m)4,9441,0582
Vwdku(Vwdku)Adult (f)5,0601,0512
ZZAiQ(ZZAiQ)Adult (f)5,3721,0511
PX7FY(PX7FY)Adult (m)5,7041,0832
1uaqr(1uaqr)Adult (f)5,1341,0811
mxx13(mxx13)Adult (m)5,4481,0531
OAhzz(OAhzz)Adult (m)5,0381,0981
kylIG(kylIG)Adult (m)4,9271,0603
nV4dm(nV4dm)Adult (f)6,33792712
gzdF5(gzdF5)Adult (m)5,63991710
WYiqi(WYiqi)Adult (f)5,6101,10913
9kf5Q(9kf5Q)Adult (m)5,9251,15412
8B07l(8B07l)Adult (f)5,9671,12612
6pJ2Z(6pJ2Z)Adult (f)6,0721,15110
Vpl14(Vpl14)Adult (f)5,8171,12512
UAO9L(UAO9L)Adult (m)5,4681,18420
nnbDU(nnbDU)Adult (f)6,0061,24714
k6nEx(k6nEx)Adult (m)5,9691,22313
KRi2R(KRi2R)Adult (m)4,1817401
tMY3e(tMY3e)Adult (f)3,7366960
fUan4(fUan4)Adult (m)3,7037311
PV3Gd(PV3Gd)Adult (f)3,7527261
66s5f(66s5f)Adult (m)3,7067370
I2e7y(I2e7y)Adult (f)3,7957320
T6QYq(T6QYq)Adult (f)3,8847030
5RkN0Serknino Lian MeaAdult (f)4,8861,1083
aqsPUAqusap Lian MeaAdult (m)3,4039634
5inixSinix Lian MeaAdult (m)5,3771,0524
xRpRkXerxes Lian MeaAdult (f)5,4271,0536
naES8Nalesh Lian MeaAdult (f)4,8311,2324
uIE2xIto Lian MeaAdult (m)4,4741,1921
yoXUBYoxuba Lian MeaAdult (f)5,3581,1312
ZIsubZilusuba Lian MeaAdult (f)5,5061,1514
Hdq75Hadaqua Lian MeaAdult (m)5,5141,0911
sgOi5Sagoi Jia MeaAdult (f)4,4907522
0rsWyOrswy Jia MeaAdult (m)4,5197321
pbL94Palao MeaAdult (f)6,5715801
jlZl4Jizia MeaAdult (m)6,9291,1165
JFOawFowa MeaHatchling (f, F)4,2406672
Sf7ExSelex MeaHatchling (F)4,0716552
emt0zEmtoz MeaHatchling (m, F)4,2156672
TwGhTawgah Lian MeaAdult (m)1,31325149
0WNDOnwindar Lian MeaAdult (f)1,44925342
unUYUUnuyu Lian MeaAdult (f)4,7121,2604
PXkh3Pekahe Lian MeaAdult (m)4,9521,2574
XwPPUXawa Mea - Ambushed PrincessAdult (f)4,8728905
LFTm2Lafatme Lian MeaAdult (f)6,5818281
4i2lMAitoim MeaAdult (m)5,5629371
bPCQLBepcol Lian MeaAdult (f)6,6059432
H2v98Hatovanin Lian MeaAdult (f)5,1436470
R6lRRisilr Lian MeaHatchling (m, F)1,44920350
HVNv0Havenvo MeaHatchling (f, F)3,6621,0477
NBOwPAnbowa MeaHatchling (F)1,1783836
ev8G3Evebage Lian MeaAdult (m)5,0011,1814
O8CY3Obecys Lian MeaAdult (f)5,0311,1964
qgOdeGode Lian MeaAdult (f)5,0411,0503
d6JHSDajahasa Lian MeaAdult (m)5,5891,0712
zItvRZivatr Lian MeaAdult (f)5,9575290
R2EXbRetobex Lian MeaAdult (f)5,6135241
ZujqHZujah Lian MeaAdult (m)4,2685731
Io2RsIotor MeaAdult (f)6,1636042
uHuzTUhutuz MeaHatchling (f, F)4,3976211
HgtOWHegot MeaHatchling (m, F)4,3766211
Yg7PHYegal MeaHatchling (F)2,8353330
Fk151Falkasi Lian MeaAdult (f)4,4638093
j61srJagasir Lian MeaAdult (f)4,5298133
378uDEleinud Lian MeaAdult (m)4,5038042
ALysOAlyso Lian MeaAdult (f)4,3708034
YQBS7Yobasal Lian MeaAdult (m)4,5008093
q7BmMLobam Lian MeaAdult (m)4,3678073
OXtBKOtabke Lian MeaAdult (m)4,4128124
XqZ5TXazast Lian MeaAdult (f)5,7737063
JeOjHJejoh Lian MeaAdult (f)5,4456933
iSATSIsatis Lian MeaAdult (f)5,5531,1426
lJJM2Ijamto Lian MeaAdult (f)5,5701,1663
09pEIOpalei Lian MeaAdult (m)5,7511,0104
41PQqAlipo MeaAdult (f)5,4496272
NJ3lwNajela MeaAdult (m)6,4356442
CCugeCacuge Lian MeaAdult (m)6,6725771
XQuLSQuulas Lian MeaAdult (m)5,0056820
I5oCLIsocal MeaHatchling (f, F)5,0765392
a6BuYAgabuy MeaHatchling (F)3,9203971
FFflFFifek MeaHatchling (m, F)4,9525303
ql8zVLeitza Lian MeaAdult (m)7,1429712
rqeyNReyn Lian MeaAdult (m)7,2731,0132
kFOhqKafoh Lian MeaAdult (f)7,1989971
Wdkm4Wadkama Lian MeaAdult (m)4,4777791
ELFzbElfaza Lian MeaAdult (m)4,5557672
UlmM8Ulmeit Lian MeaAdult (f)4,5237671
UfQRDUford Lian MeaAdult (f)4,6447681
sBOMkSambok Lian MeaAdult (m)5,1191,1251
R1agURalgu Lian MeaAdult (f)5,8691,1981
W7I7PWelil Lian MeaAdult (f)5,8491,1982
CX4SQCasol Lian MeaAdult (f)5,7476091
ilQLUIlkalu Lian MeaAdult (f)5,3836111
nXmdZNaxamadaz Lian MeaAdult (f)6,8005510
HeSi3Hesis MeaHatchling (f, F)3,7567481
O7hAXOlhax MeaHatchling (m, F)3,7427541
GCa9sGekanin MeaHatchling (F)2,0804781
GoToSouthwardsboundAdult (f)2,16953382
FYjXCI have waited for so longAdult (f)5,7221,1252
9g8Q7The Missing ReturnedAdult (m)5,9161,1454
RO9STRost Lian MeaAdult (m)5,3711,0802
0fYQtOfyt Lian MeaAdult (f)4,0887421
CagEJCage Jin Lian MeaAdult (m)4,9705651
NGOVDNigovad Lian MeaAdult (m)4,6735631
iRz1rIrazlir Lian MeaAdult (m)4,6885850
kpwE2Kepwe Lian MeaAdult (m)4,8696991
IUBtxIbut Lian MeaAdult (f)4,8396942
1hmV8Lihem Lian MeaAdult (m)4,8836971
HskKlHeskek Lian MeaAdult (f)5,5846170
aUra5Auras MeaAdult (m)5,6416883
p2HWPituhaw MeaHatchling (f, F)2,55029387
UPUULUpuhl MeaHatchling (m, F)4,2116692
MOC0OMocoo MeaHatchling (F)3,0036081
VAqh1Vaquaha Lian MeaAdult (f)5,0671,4086
JGQajJegedaj MeaAdult (f)5,7141,0015
pwTzJPiwetazi MeaAdult (f)6,1241,0072
pXa5QPixase MeaAdult (f)5,0801,6006
QIshdQuishad Mea - Stormy LoveAdult (f)4,4399324
oN6CtOngat Mea - Checking for XMasAdult (f)3,7011,2293
jxbH2Jebeto MeaAdult (f)3,1331,1882
Ugd70Ugadal MeaAdult (f)4,2511,0274
NGxaKNaxak MeaAdult (f)6,0588302
XpiOAXipoa MeaAdult (f)2,0737131
wbdO9Webdol MeaAdult (f)3,0363782
SSbpcSesba MeaAdult (f)6,9581,38116
NZhyVNezhay MeaAdult (f)7,7481,47026
zI2IMZitim Lian MeaAdult (f)6,2311,40520
zC7odZeclod meaAdult (f)4,4431,2179
MIcukMicuk MeaAdult (f)4,5001,13911
68ua3Buatri MeaAdult (f)5,00385210
ZnreVZenreva MeaAdult (f)4,9788667
nq86fNebeg MeaAdult (f)4,8208235
xIGR1Xigral MeaAdult (f)4,91886610
dgT7LDagatil MeaHatchling (F)1,3025323
reSKKReska Lian MeaAdult (f)4,9157322
CzRitCezrit Lian MeaAdult (m)5,0607662
ZE2wgZeto Lian MeaAdult (f)5,1077604
4ekvRAekvar Lian MeaAdult (m)5,1537393
LZ7iWLelliv Lian MeaAdult (m)4,4246041
DZl4BDezla Lian MeaAdult (m)5,3306130
Eb38VEbeit Lian MeaAdult (f)5,5036080
aLymdAlmyd MeaHatchling (m, F)5,0506422
jjp4mJipam MeaHatchling (f, F)5,0426432
8YdOaDoa MeaHatchling (F)2,9786031
BxdGTBedgat Lian MeaAdult (m)6,2591,0791
IXvGfIveg Lian MeaAdult (f)6,2111,0561
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