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You pick up the scroll labeled “Draas,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KtkQyS   i   nHatchling4,1808522
mFef5CB Mefefou of AvalonHatchling (m)5,5361,0052
VJ9dfCB Broken of AvalonHatchling5,3629692
FS7OWCB Sfenow of AvalonHatchling (f)5,3589973
YCgrkCB Ygyrk of AvalonHatchling (m)8,1031,2824
rYSOcRysoc Eterni of AvalonHatchling (m)6,1381,0313
Dqh94CB Daqhino of AvalonHatchling2,2846662
LHEoDCB Lheod of AvalonHatchling (f)4,3919013
61KscCB Siokasic of AvalonHatchling (f)8,3461,2973
tHRhfNero's Kyrie IIIAdult (f)8,5001,3158
3CyjgWintergis II of AvalonAdult (f)8,8181,3816
UQayVSilver Noodle of AvalonAdult (f)8,3111,3907
awcXVCB Awacwa of AvalonHatchling (f)8,2231,3354
rlMHfSound LifeEgg (F)
hFBf9Garden of A v a l o nAdult (m)8,6901,4963
R1YjHLet me tell you the storyAdult (m)8,4991,3583
OZg0cOf a kingAdult (f)8,3751,3952
1OglmThe inner sea of the planetAdult (m)7,9871,1383
9o5DaThe platform of the watchtowerAdult (f)8,4551,4324
yt9RaFrom the edge of paradiseAdult (m)8,2751,3933
EOND7You shall hear my wordsAdult (f)8,1611,4882
WZI3DYour story shall beAdult (m)8,2771,4203
An7dBFull of blessingsAdult (f)9,2911,4732
W1GViL    e    tAdult (m)7,6661,2093
HaG5LO n l yAdult (f)7,8071,2155
NJ2RLW  i  t  h  o  u  tAdult (f)7,3371,1753
wla9uA E S T H E T I C CluckAdult (f)6,0311,06912
J71TfGarden Of RefusalAdult (f)8,6411,3624
tbar5CB Genmis of AvalonAdult (m)8,0831,4072
FDMfbCB Mafib of AvalonAdult (m)8,4231,4112
TlkPuCB Excellency of AvalonAdult (f)7,3821,08924
PhogwCB Phogw of AvalonAdult (f)8,7981,5503
s8ZmGCB Seitzemg of AvalonAdult (f)5,0325151
rYVdZCB Ryvdyz of AvalonAdult (m)8,5471,3644
XWlLtWilt II of AvalonAdult (m)8,8591,3624
71y5gLord Venus Val of AvalonAdult (m)8,2281,3576
RZUXvThanatos - If I Can't Be YoursAdult (f)5,21399228
MhqpNDoctor Frozen In TimeHatchling (m, F)1,5426871
C6DGGold ImmersionAdult (m)2,5831,00679
xOS9Gold EncoderAdult (f)1,85741534
7RhpLGold NightmaresAdult (m)8,0861,25430
Ssi4SDearly Beloved DirtytabsAdult (m)7,9811,18527
jpG6wAE3803Adult (f)8,8511,28723
82zTHU-1146Adult (m)7,4871,21117
F8HVOKaiba's FavouriteAdult (m)6,21477728
ixg23Glacier GlowAdult (f)3,5551,0766
y99hQYninhoqAdult (f)8,4061,51415
WeAFo(WeAFo)Adult (f)7,6201,10122
Re8gZStarlit Silver of AvalonAdult (f)7,4201,3063
bJ6ChLost PatinaAdult (m)3,6401,0406
Zmc6CMusta MoriaAdult (f)3,0121,1624
0DJCgPanicked GhostAdult (m)4,2011,1105
duRftAura StormsongAdult (f)6,7921,1393
E9eE6Frostbitten LiberatorAdult (f)7,5481,13830
qdsLE(qdsLE)Adult (f)8,27393410
R4Ad4(R4Ad4)Adult (f)5,2241,1163
cG8kOSilence Is MineAdult (f)6,4941,5013
a7ieYUbiquitous Synergy SeekerAdult (f)4,1001,2862
Tj9RWThe Fifth Alien ManifestationAdult (m)7,8941,15513
tAuGjRamonarus ViisAdult (m)6,9201,3325
2BYA0Skyclad ObserverAdult (m)8,6871,21923
u3cHYLoved By TwoAdult (m)6,99997314
hoWqtCommander VimesAdult (m)6,0881,1425
o8qATLady Ramkin the DragonkeeperAdult (f)5,2951,1412
MP4RqFunny Valentine - D4CAdult (m)10,1161,37424
W4u3UFortress Of LiesAdult (f)5,0091,3233
ak0bsCB Akobs of AvalonAdult (f)2,7684634
EEuZhImmersion ConvergenceAdult (m)7,0428338
EbZk6Ebzkix Of AvalonAdult (m)9,7891,3574
baGCR(baGCR)Adult (m)6,4191,07815
r6kAyYellowstone KayAdult (f)7,3931,13823
ILJIl(ILJIl)Adult (f)6,7651,12015
eyyle(eyyle)Adult (m)8,4811,17324
viASi(viASi)Adult (f)6,36098315
YlWMsEgregori DanceAdult (m)9,2521,31423
LqkHOWadanohara of the Great Blue SeaAdult (f)7,3701,16522
9H5BBIntoner TwoAdult (f)7,4531,22525
lWGcCWizard of the Great Blue SeaAdult (m)7,0311,13430
a1dGKYashangelusAdult (m)6,9841,15129
t5sLJEnclose MurcielagoAdult (m)8,3731,19829
hGAgEFuture's Dark ValentineAdult (f)9,0441,42819
ZsLwsFuture's Perpetual FluidityAdult (f)7,1651,14330
26vCrVCR SerpentAdult (m)4,6758567
OwjWCBerry IcecreamAdult (f)3,4027412
WJDUcOld Dragon Yells At CloudsAdult (m)9,1981,35732
2Z6HlCB Hanging WatersAdult (m)5,9311,01731
DqwslHail 2 YouAdult (f)6,1771,08713
Sd1bUCB Ignition of AvalonAdult (f)7,3821,19628
ld2Nz4g IgnikinAdult (m)6,6121,11722
x3et7Gate Of SteinerAdult (m)8,3691,22030
3qpM9Feyro II of AvalonAdult (m)7,0821,25720
vbRii(vbRii)Adult (m)7,9791,14922
rXhA1(rXhA1)Adult (f)8,5781,16922
Blgt8Ethan HookolmeAdult (m)9,2021,25820
DYQfoFreaky Coast IIIAdult (m)9,1661,26019
sIWb6CB Zyu Siwebsix of AvalonAdult (m)10,8411,44424
dFs0X2g Pink Fox of AvalonAdult (f)7,3001,13617
eifBLKiller TAdult (f)8,2961,14924
UNEWv(UNEWv)Adult (m)9,0641,25735
uroZqThe Genetic OperaAdult (m)2,15165710
cQGYe3g Ice CaquyeAdult (f)1,7047043
WDoS9CB Ice Wudosine of AvalonAdult (m)1,8568303
5Vk8T2g Ice FivekeitAdult (m)2,1197881
7oVHbMes Magma Fawasp of AvalonAdult (m)4,74393411
vDVIoVideo DisasterAdult (m)2,1247776
ULqMFDerezzedAdult (m)3,7968962
TgfpdVCR Disaster II of AvalonAdult (f)5,0291,0342
qkEoUChromatic TriggerAdult (f)4,9781,0602
IIdPhCommander StarscreamAdult (m)7,9601,2717
t47NXUnicronAdult (f)7,3141,4552
eIBmEUlquoirraAdult (f)6,3471,0601
lkHDaCB Ikhda of AvalonAdult (m)4,4736715
1cpzPThunder Cepazep II of AvalonAdult (f)2,6707742
OzhRMSiyat DragonAdult (m)6,9181,18737
RLx6DGreen SiyatAdult (m)7,7401,25841
6JXnuPurple SiyatAdult (f)6,6341,19132
ljiCFCB Siyat Ljicafe of AvalonAdult (f)5,8311,24123
Ve788CB Siyat VeseveneitAdult (f)2,8788055
txsfoBlue SiyatAdult (m)7,6391,30727
kFBnFCB Siyat Kafbnaf of AvalonAdult (m)6,17985624
8ps3ULyrical lineagesHatchling (m, F)6,4059346
TQWBBOne Two Three  FourAdult (m)8,4571,24630
8yNgsWe are cells at workAdult (f)8,0211,17038
ZNRqFOne   Two   Three   FourAdult (m)7,1821,31414
KC4MFWe are hataraku-FUUAdult (f)7,5681,22617
R4F25Karadajuu no sumi kara sumi eAdult (m)8,0191,21225
WjW6LDakedo hiroku te maigo maigoAdult (f)7,4271,3235
Ptj9dTedasuke sareteruAdult (m)8,1201,21923
cnNnKHataraku saibou - Saa ikouAdult (f)8,7301,56018
PQA6RHataraku zo - Hataraku zoAdult (m)6,5001,03632
4CryqMainichi mainichi shugyouchuuAdult (f)9,9561,40636
RbTKvSaikin virus DETEKOI YAAdult (m)9,1941,28028
TnnOuZettai nigasu na yuusou yuusouAdult (f)8,2521,4522
BwDnZProfessional na hataraku saibouAdult (m)8,1051,15325
h35b6Saa ikouAdult (f)6,9201,3934
4ZKUEHataraku zo-Hataraku zoAdult (m)7,6121,15039
7ruN1Mainichi mainichi senjouAdult (f)10,1981,42833
dU7ncTsugi ni aeru no wa itsu ka naAdult (m)8,4731,13436
p8JDIDarekaNoTameni-DarekaNoTameniAdult (f)6,2481,2345
4RNLCIsshou kenmei - Isshou kenmeiAdult (m)8,2391,15232
CEUZeAnata mo watashi moAdult (f)6,9871,18034
FWLQNHisshi ni hataraiteruAdult (m)5,90987113
u5hpQMinna no tameni-Minna no tameniAdult (f)6,9361,08511
6ZmkPInochikageDaZo-InochikageDaZoAdult (f)10,6231,64227
0AsSyPuraido motte ken kou dai ichiAdult (m)8,2361,20535
4UmOoHataraku-HatarakuAdult (f)5,90399930
2bhOJHataraku - HatarakuAdult (m)6,7101,11544
1Ye2XHATARAKUAdult (f)9,0061,34332
uKyijo-WE-oAdult (m)7,5281,25416
qEAasGreen Curiosity CoreHatchling (m, F)2,4337912
Dt434Fearsome MikhailAdult (m)8,1451,13423
8T14RA Harmless song of ruinAdult (m)6,9091,03127
dLLF0That harms itself and othersAdult (m)10,2931,40138
100uwWhen reborn aloneAdult (m)7,9941,08032
BsdHPLove blooms from the darkestAdult (m)8,4591,14632
V01mpIntoner OneAdult (f)7,6621,2625
bqiavLeap WishesHatchling (f, F)2,6746414
XK0RAKeeping you sane and you fadeAdult (m)6,5091,15434
igzcqAway just enough - you felt theAdult (f)7,8441,43118
sSufwEdge again-you caught two pinksAdult (m)6,3571,15523
1UDfIAnd you fell asleepAdult (f)9,7861,60615
qXmdXWhile hugging six hatchies andAdult (m)8,8781,5157
hyt8oFrozen Lights In The SkyHatchling (m, F)4,0155932
pNrjTCrimson lights the skyAdult (m)6,5061,02612
y4kKxThe birds still asleepAdult (f)6,1751,07924
dITurLike a dream it shinesAdult (m)6,0701,06513
ELmwUFrom heaven's safekeepAdult (f)7,0491,18524
8kjFgChildrens songs we sungAdult (m)5,42698411
EoucDAs soft as the breezeAdult (f)6,9211,11122
ly23jEndless fields - our homeAdult (m)5,01294817
c8rIoI long for those daysAdult (f)4,54395525
g4B1aSilent black - the dawnAdult (m)5,5189829
FXGVDAnd time tells its taleAdult (f)5,8981,18610
ST7lpDarkened blood - itAdult (m)8,2581,19827
BEFMdFlows - the forest receivesAdult (f)7,1521,14912
MHYxGLook within the darkAdult (m)6,6941,17621
SDS6MAs deep as you dareAdult (f)5,57798513
YDZM8There inside you'll findAdult (m)7,1711,4394
u2rdjDestruction you seekAdult (f)6,2661,14025
Ff13xI call out these prayersAdult (m)3,7267255
vL1FlTo the sky heavy with thoughtAdult (f)8,0911,28129
Rg7IcSee your face - I carry theseAdult (m)7,5971,18027
j1XlmMemories inside - thoughts ofAdult (f)4,8601,03220
QRK2OA soul colored by loveAdult (m)5,7451,13414
OAWPdSee me grow wings and fly highAdult (f)8,7011,25121
sUYdmPassions will die down belowAdult (m)5,7861,04411
0gILNI burn in a basin of fireAdult (f)8,0321,2681
pWQiUWatchers look on as they danceAdult (m)7,0301,2825
SfQsbIn their merciless skiesAdult (f)7,1741,3043
bR1PlWatching  meAdult (m)6,9871,2595
uicFYWatching  youAdult (m)2,2638301
vqogEWatching    meAdult (m)2,3208711
c6s6FWatching   youAdult (m)6,3451,5984
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