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You pick up the scroll labeled “DezzaRose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gxhgcXuan Tian ShangdiAdult (m)4,8721,0601
jPru0(jPru0)Adult (f)3,7337250
rgZwI(rgZwI)Adult (f)3,6817211
I8uqj(I8uqj)Adult (m)3,0622534
EyB6G(EyB6G)Adult (f)3,0562427
VHZIs(VHZIs)Adult (m)3,2312392
XOrGPPersephone of DemeterAdult (f)9,7667975
WNKd4(WNKd4)Adult (m)6,1045410
L941u(L941u)Adult (f)3,6617372
LAmFHelena WenAdult (f)1,2635693
NbmlKarina AviiAdult (f)1,0216724
nUFbWyn AviiAdult (f)2,0564381
RfabBrock AviiAdult (m)6,4495481
RnMGCLeia AviiAdult (f)2,7359230
LGXLkKirsten AviiAdult (f)2,7979532
ZINqeJason AviiAdult (m)1,0243902
YvMfHEmily WenAdult (f)3,4071,0722
X0HZX(X0HZX)Adult (m)4,3376531
3cBFD(3cBFD)Adult (m)4,4936511
eyFhb(eyFhb)Adult (f)3,8018750
gsRUv(gsRUv)Adult (m)4,6167351
x6Dic(x6Dic)Adult (f)4,7656340
gdXFu(gdXFu)Adult (f)3,0518372
6ErPh(6ErPh)Adult (m)4,4067821
87Y7rAriinye WenAdult (f)1,6695252
9YNuZ(9YNuZ)Adult (f)2,8831,0960
xLRTB(xLRTB)Adult (f)2,5189241
kl1qI(kl1qI)Adult (f)2,5279261
BhVCb(BhVCb)Adult (m)5,3207070
JjpUBree WenAdult (f)1,3755812
3VUeBecky AviiAdult (f)1,3346053
jB0iBraeanne AviiAdult (f)1,4836492
PUpvBrian AviiAdult (m)2,2197942
GpGhlRheese AviiAdult (m)2,2588804
c6CVlPerrin AviiAdult (m)1,4966710
VwX6K(VwX6K)Adult (f)2,1051,0222
bRysZ(bRysZ)Adult (f)2,2597432
YvF0EGabe Paint AviiAdult (m)2,8071,0436
Z40BdSagan WenAdult (f)1,8786761
dl8kMerlin AviiAdult (m)9524031
GBkbGerard AviiAdult (m)2,5361,0076
29K3Gloria Sox Dorkface AviiAdult (f)1,9688527
oFHELynk AviiAdult (m)1,9029755
9JSgValery DorkSox Glyn AviiAdult (f)1,9849774
FXiBIngrid AviiAdult (f)2,0328085
cMM0Raine DorkSox Glyn AviiAdult (f)1,6056244
oIl6Sawako AviiAdult (f)2,3047467
gMmpMercedes Sox Dorkface AviiAdult (f)2,1904813
hHE9Celeste AviiAdult (f)1,8475922
Cn5c1Smithy AviiAdult (m)2,2526681
edshNSeb PaintAdult (m)3,5781,0324
oDZD0Eddard WenAdult (m)2,3009898
e1JsLZayn AviiAdult (m)2,6309215
JSkfJFirne PaintAdult (f)1,8475991
9EbLkVanor AviiAdult (m)1,9256001
1K895Yoren AviiAdult (m)1,6507210
WyVeSJuno WenAdult (f)2,0287864
JwcftEmma DonahoeAdult (f)1,8719141
j2Uwh(j2Uwh)Adult (f)3,0089440
TjZgd(TjZgd)Adult (m)4,9677440
jqvLEbony AviiHatchling (f, F)1,38668116
2RRjAiden AviiHatchling (m, F)1,4976966
3WPiAlexx DorkSox Glyn AviiAdult (m)1,5146264
BQ1HTrevor DorkSox Glyn AviiAdult (m)2,3047152
XDJiCatt AviiHatchling (F)8523313
GtSOC(GtSOC)Adult (f)3,2858120
M56eR(M56eR)Adult (f)3,2188140
NaCRR(NaCRR)Adult (f)3,1148270
6rI58Destiny AviiAdult (f)5,0701,6708
GbqbEMarlin AviiAdult (m)1,8637660
RRWot(RRWot)Adult (f)2,5168570
IZGWqMay WenAdult (f)2,0001,1312
x0jtmAnnemarie WenAdult (f)2,7109140
L5rEa(L5rEa)Adult (m)2,5547831
v8pyI(v8pyI)Adult (m)3,0236890
5rXGm(5rXGm)Adult (m)1,1415451
2P7Tt(2P7Tt)Adult (m)3,0398821
ZwwAf(ZwwAf)Adult (f)2,1027190
TfzPQ(TfzPQ)Adult (f)1,9066340
OtVtG(OtVtG)Adult (m)2,3857841
ylqpo(ylqpo)Adult (m)2,4197700
LrsuK(LrsuK)Adult (f)3,8867711
DlM2Danielle WenAdult (f)1,1316413
VaI4Mike AviiAdult (m)1,1295033
hV90Falen AviiAdult (f)1,7274373
Cc3WiRebbecca AviiAdult (f)5,6455012
XtEvcEliza AviiAdult (f)2,7019731
URibRTirryn AviiAdult (m)2,5819041
GSfb3Tiq WenHatchling (m, F)7,3441,4393
oppvsYini AviiAdult (f)2,7338901
VoBNiKara WenAdult (f)1,9628090
CxOBs(CxOBs)Adult (m)1,7466012
YZ1Yu(YZ1Yu)Adult (m)2,0497561
oW0Df(oW0Df)Adult (m)2,1138140
cYhuv(cYhuv)Adult (m)2,3828091
FJCdx(FJCdx)Adult (f)2,2148482
HgJt3(HgJt3)Adult (m)4,1098240
G5pjh(G5pjh)Adult (f)4,0578300
rzjwh(rzjwh)Adult (f)3,3557804
uTXl2(uTXl2)Adult (f)3,7655614
sY410(sY410)Adult (m)3,6926013
STZot(STZot)Adult (m)3,0688303
2AmqVasilisa WenAdult (f)9565672
MDhvRoza AviiAdult (f)1,0664683
tKiscJim WenAdult (m)1,9458572
vsIJqShannon AviiAdult (m)2,0208561
7dHmIMaddi WenAdult (f)2,7648750
LfV3eBill AviiAdult (m)3,4071,0310
Y1FfFKelly AviiAdult (f)1,8056650
G8FdDSi WenHatchling (F)2,5375903
n2bO6(n2bO6)Adult (m)2,3747310
yxjHo(yxjHo)Adult (f)2,3747681
GnvM2(GnvM2)Adult (m)2,4847890
u4ny7(u4ny7)Adult (f)2,4157610
eFqt4Satu WenAdult (m)2,2319661
FQF4IDua WenAdult (f)2,0328953
ui2VNTiga WenAdult (f)2,1759350
eEGDPEmpat WenAdult (m)2,2619543
ctVbOLima WenAdult (f)2,1229123
HRFeIEnam WenAdult (m)2,1779350
jUmBtTujuh WenAdult (m)2,1649390
oe6Xa(oe6Xa)Adult (f)3,9356932
HGq7i(HGq7i)Adult (f)5,0396840
Q9G3c(Q9G3c)Adult (m)5,1276481
5WqYRoquefort WenAdult2,18597311
VPukPeter WenAdult (m)1,5678394
HkAZVicky WenAdult (f)1,5188001
S9GEeAbbey WenAdult (f)2,7658660
EtvjGJackson WenAdult (m)3,6921,0030
63C5MMulani WenAdult (f)2,7971,0350
l8S8uAnata WenAdult (f)3,4021,0132
92DTj(92DTj)Adult (f)2,5949292
5E6f7(5E6f7)Adult (m)1,6075301
wALItWalt WhiteAdult (m)2,4008011
uxMnj(uxMnj)Adult (m)2,5008421
vozzx(vozzx)Adult (m)2,7235303
UNqQQ(UNqQQ)Adult (m)2,3838742
VjlGT(VjlGT)Adult (f)2,6665705
rYGoW(rYGoW)Adult (m)2,1047190
Jbr7v(Jbr7v)Adult (m)2,4868764
fopGd(fopGd)Adult (m)2,7015206
JfUBPCordell WenAdult (m)1,8926850
X7OcAlroy AviiAdult (m)4,7645630
ZXsAp(ZXsAp)Adult (f)5,3191,0391
10ShJZan WenAdult (m)6,8311,0971
AtUwn(AtUwn)Adult (f)2,9957710
eNbNVictor AviiAdult (m)1,4626147
dcjGCallie AviiAdult (f)1,3886191
fVMLQuinn Dorkface Thuwed AviiAdult (f)1,4545672
PTOmPolly Dorkface Thuwed AviiAdult (f)1,3356084
DE40Stella AviiAdult (f)1,1845756
WVvPQHayden AviiAdult (m)4,3804130
sU9WkArcher WenAdult (m)3,9748883
VPinjSarte D'Orisaar AviiAdult (m)5,2738793
d9P3fNani AviiAdult (f)2,2388392
SVQ2qThonolan AviiAdult (m)2,3408042
Ai25GMoss AviiAdult (m)1,6896691
ffTV0Zeta AviiAdult (f)1,5736741
0whrQMisty WenAdult (f)2,2039513
HrAoyAwa AviiAdult (f)4,6473105
gWLkb(gWLkb)Adult (m)2,9899311
x0smE(x0smE)Adult (f)4,8017330
NRfpUther AviiHatchling (m, F)1,2866466
Xp5fJayma Dorkface Thuwed AviiHatchling (f, F)1,4065623
Gcof2Ruya AviiHatchling (f, F)5,8861,0255
CXHIVKyale AviiAdult (m)4,3841,0106
2VJcKerrigan AviiAdult (m)5,0195711
vn5rG(vn5rG)Adult (m)3,0698932
OHdQT(OHdQT)Adult (m)2,2007761
QPtgKatalyn ForbiddenAdult (f)7304543
1k4AKarmen ForbiddenAdult (f)1,0244433
Rti8Jajija Forbidden Lyre AviiAdult (f)1,1295283
m3AvShane ForbiddenAdult (m)1,1935353
tcDURobbie ForbiddenAdult (m)7,9526404
BHpeBLeone WenAdult (m)2,1218881
7SgpRApu AviiAdult (m)1,8037470
7F0ohGwen ForbiddenAdult (f)1,7166670
k3qc9Justin ForbiddenAdult (m)1,4926940
KbVTJHasan WenAdult (m)2,6239611
vUK13Tala AviiAdult (f)2,0198350
MiaYHelios ForbLyreKuran AviiHatchling (m, F)1,1113403
WgdDAleeya AviiHatchling (f, F)6,0724582
SndNNoah WenAdult (m)1,2125433
Jp9eAttina AviiAdult (f)1,9316862
HWFHFrank WenAdult (m)5,7065001
VyCg6(VyCg6)Adult (m)3,7588630
pSxDq(pSxDq)Adult (f)3,7948700
2yl7z(2yl7z)Adult (f)3,6737840
RazkH(RazkH)Adult (m)4,1968271
dW2Nd(dW2Nd)Adult (f)4,0815850
LIpuK(LIpuK)Adult (m)4,2425791
RnCuJ(RnCuJ)Adult (f)4,4755851
b4e6V(b4e6V)Adult (f)3,8297611
GrqfEthan AviiAdult (m)1,1984522
7t48Violet WenAdult (f)1,4605784
bl44Boris AviiAdult (m)1,2534861
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