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You pick up the scroll labeled “Decadent_December,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mfmmVelvet RosaryAdult (f)1,3214947
L1eNVelvet BrookAdult (m)1,3314788
anr3Hlil' crushed velvetHatchling (m, F)1,8066971
ukIAkeerie-descentAdult (m)2,0717053
WBUTVg r e y s k i e sAdult (f)2,1827345
t9iLIb l i n d s i d e dAdult (m)1,9367431
70zd6grey heartedAdult (f)4,6857480
QL0sSlil' greylingHatchling (m, F)1,8206053
inDybmin er alsAdult (m)2,1257243
ieMP6ms cloverfieldAdult (f)1,8965601
4zJTqhay maybeAdult (m)1,8565612
bowdqlooks like octoberAdult (f)1,9676411
QHcyjcy anicaAdult (f)4,3397873
5IcN7cyan icoAdult (m)4,3487773
8Gmdthe bruise vaccineAdult (f)1,42371323
7kNYlipstick tourniquetsAdult (f)2,3266883
8VX5ribcage menagerieAdult (m)2,1666482
0dSdambulance chaserAdult (m)2,3096793
I3VoforgetiquetteHatchling (m, F)2,32464911
qgMAthe body and the bloodHatchling (m, F)1,9738483
QZ0VshatterdayHatchling (F)6701763
D6tmDe m e r a l d cityAdult (m)4,2757925
ALwSHsilken emeraldAdult (m)6,8735512
6aHHythe day is brightAdult (m)4,2739313
dL1ugand happyAdult (f)4,2829452
qqxitrowze gardenAdult (m)5,3486520
2nXTc(2nXTc)Adult (m)2,8162583
fvCqMm o l d a v i t eAdult (f)5,6237371
bAFxytektosAdult (f)5,6367381
3GwmQvltavinAdult (m)5,4357651
WlkCWtek ti teAdult (m)5,0806541
tb3acmolda viteAdult (m)4,9456063
N0zRLprincess b u b b l e g u mAdult (f)3,8716913
oWBeIan enormous glacierAdult (m)2,6372784
GPZsP r u s s i a nAdult (f)2,6381,3106
L8e0Crushed CharcoalAdult (f)6,2851,01224
UHFH3la salete de minuitAdult (m)2,7345272
KiTm1la nuit noireAdult (m)4,6057734
tJoOCsooty mcsootersonHatchling (m, F)1,8076423
qqPA3titanium and onyxHatchling (F)1,0844151
KqdDoptical necrosisAdult (f)1,62367210
K6i8eDAR jee LINGAdult (f)2,1298822
O9K4ba s s a mAdult (m)2,2049132
txv3Snil giriHatchling (f, F)2,6708121
dwyOukan graHatchling (F)3,3924951
vk6nOSolnitsataAdult (m)2,7451,4221
2u9XJzouthuisjeAdult (f)2,7551,4401
4BlIjlil' salt lickHatchling (m, F)1,6957354
3hGKrlil' pillar of saltHatchling (F)1,8272510
zCUkaFrosty PantsAdult (f)1,6087321
hIsYjFrosty FireantAdult (m)2,3886242
tf57fthe moon a sliverAdult (m)3,7549501
IC4dlblushing furiouslyAdult (m)2,9708933
ocFzzSkarlette FeverAdult (f)2,9348761
PF8p8glossy rougeAdult (f)4,6137480
JNOETlil' flushed cheeksHatchling (f, F)3,8915701
pv7J5lil' red hot chili pepperHatchling (F)1,8702470
L2hIGalpine azureAdult (m)4,2629401
PJvlBmontana azulAdult (f)4,2737311
sONrpaquatic rainbowsAdult (m)2,4942843
lDfKZt r o p i c a l sunsetAdult (m)2,5703015
thlDla camisa negraAdult (m)1,5384223
VZ82n i c o t i n eAdult (f)2,2776701
YHHQthe writhing southAdult (m)1,2496561
pQHlszeretettelAdult (m)8,0131,2805
0AHvevery kind of lightAdult (m)4,0537705
q62dthere only isAdult (f)3,6449784
Y1ZKashes and whineAdult (m)3,5478981
4UhAZlil' murkHatchling (F)1,173960
bbB0Ilil' lagoonHatchling (m, F)3,8915661
jkVRYthe king of maineAdult (m)1,9517934
illXPrhode island emperorAdult (m)1,7566423
3UmSKpennsylvania empressAdult (f)1,9926572
FzOXYthe duke of vermontAdult (m)2,2746161
OVDsQprince of new hampshireHatchling (m, F)2,1226742
zGYmIstunner collectiveAdult (m)5,0225991
vK3UEstrikingly ferociousAdult (m)5,0445951
rBC69lightningflashthundercrashAdult (f)6,0675621
13Tumost beautiful plagueAdult (f)4,5051,2948
r3qRa boston peaceAdult (m)3,6019874
S0qPking of anythingAdult (m)3,6948485
hQB1Kiraly PottyosAdult (f)4,7659074
JfmDBa m o n s t e rAdult (m)2,7937685
HlSOgunmovable objectAdult (f)3,6419561
B5Jgnunstoppable f o r c eAdult (m)3,3889401
AcRLGlil' brutishHatchling (F)1,6925470
681Vilil' and ferociousHatchling (f, F)3,7459710
LBXwva candle glowingAdult (m)3,8466932
Hc9w3the flickering glowAdult (m)3,7667063
uLaeFlantern heartAdult (f)5,0036022
ofVuNdimly lit hallwayAdult (f)5,1477004
f8Gdccandle l i t dinnerAdult (f)5,2517091
fimRmennyezetAdult (f)8524673
gKLQHoney or TarAdult (m)3,7207796
kTLiMcrushed red beetlesAdult (m)4,0019571
FolrCand ruby red lipstickAdult (f)4,2067471
1nofuleacher of magicAdult (f)3,9969441
2nDnXn u l l i f yAdult (f)4,3297641
Ojroiblood orange and chocolateAdult (m)3,7339150
pBlYMcel es tialAdult (m)3,9028711
SUWrdthe celestial queenAdult (f)3,8778595
k8efrare all these stars for meAdult (m)4,3606600
eGnvXcon stel lationAdult (f)5,3366843
IqWu6lil' prince starlightHatchling (F)3,9225891
FJjtb o m b s h e l lAdult3,2287013
0Y4fsomething sedimentHatchling (F)7634225
BmJXcfestive party hatsAdult (f)3,5001,06211
IG33hprincess poinsettaAdult (f)5,1146560
xygSelil' parasiteHatchling (F)8671022
lFFHpeppermint tinctureAdult (m)7944532
rHP2reigndearAdult (m)4,00698413
jxEOplil' peppermintcaneHatchling (m, F)2,6611,0700
krrkllil' reindeerHatchling (F)1,5245701
ef8rVlil' green socksHatchling (F)8731063
7563ANGEL i caAdult (f)8494713
4okjlife inside a snowglobeAdult (f)8184571
Vocyficy glitter and gold flakesAdult (f)2,7241,0801
XIiLdangels take flightAdult (f)3,5389411
d9pcka n g e l chaserAdult (f)5,1806492
pVnushim merAdult (f)4,3278203
XfELsome sugarHatchling (F)1,8456641
vEJnklil' foy ilHatchling (f, F)2,6521,0660
BGelZa gilded winterAdult (m)1,9495421
vIFSiof ribbons and frostfallAdult (m)3,2334651
cbSkaa gilded loveAdult (m)5,1836543
Enm8j(Enm8j)Adult (m)2,5542481
xof6Zlil' amour d'orHatchling (m, F)2,7251,0701
r9rVBbutterscotch dippedHatchling (F)2,0977681
aBC5psilken frostAdult (m)3,9394601
4nT5Hlil' silkwormHatchling (m, F)3,8504221
9XzRGlil' candyappleHatchling (F)1,8437770
cKwjBdecember's frostAdult (f)2,7689682
gULsRs o l s t i c e s u n s e tAdult (f)6,2217322
ICS7Dlil' midnight sunHatchling (f, F)2,6979502
7xsA2lil' frost glitterHatchling (F)1,1995193
uOcTcshimmering taigaAdult (f)3,1959715
qPj7Xlil' coniferHatchling (f, F)2,9409722
Zoxbdlil' dance partyHatchling (F)1,2321142
TIGitfather f r o s tAdult (m)5,3636462
t31Dibrother blizzardAdult (m)5,1236601
fQlBydaddy winterAdult (m)2,4722335
tTUgqlil' b e a s tHatchling (F)1,2211024
qp3pn(qp3pn)Adult (m)2,0922827
74dbu(74dbu)Adult (m)2,0322599
t8flE(t8flE)Adult (m)2,4152474
SuHZL(SuHZL)Adult (f)2,6352632
rDytL(rDytL)Hatchling (f, F)2,4812534
O24ocan dy LANDAdult (m)6,5491,3866
rrEFkiss you offAdult (f)6,4801,3454
43taIshadow ofAdult (f)5,4457971
oKPKvgar gan tu anAdult (f)5,6827241
Uu0Bwdesert metalAdult (f)2,1669973
ajhYObis beeAdult (f)1,2806281
UyC5xcopper v e i nAdult (m)4,7548911
VFVvfA n a t o l i aAdult (m)2,0711,1012
ySiWST i m n aAdult (f)2,0291,0961
M6eceP a r y sHatchling (f, F)2,6477991
VTokFV e r d i g r i sAdult (m)2,0311,1041
xwHRrP a t i n aAdult (f)2,8138661
dPq33lil' verdeHatchling (f, F)1,7885001
AuUKod sanjaeAdult (f)1,59882240
eV6fMinaelekeaAdult (m)2,7745300
eXnTda m e t s aAdult (f)2,4576841
eSM4w a s t e dAdult (m)1,0555322
PeDLsolace in sinAdult (f)8624103
gWtH3(gWtH3)Adult (f)4,4356062
FjNop(FjNop)Adult (f)4,4266081
fPGQSergeant HypotenuseAdult (m)1,62582740
mvtXGeneral TangentAdult (f)4,8369721
T67S1cross sectionAdult (f)2,7827442
dt9HPnoitces ssorcAdult (f)2,1117511
23dsxlil' splitHatchling (f, F)2,1216623
T9TYelectrical necrosisAdult (m)8634725
8jiRspark and rotAdult (f)7,3121,2725
kFjHNstatic decayAdult (f)2,2037051
grI2Tlil' live wireHatchling (f, F)2,0066741
lhHqBULL et proofAdult (f)4,6108956
EnZqmolten lava cakeAdult (m)4,6369392
6Cd5flamelingHatchling (m, F)4,2556222
uzD3olil' glowing emberHatchling (F)3,1034021
5hHvDlightning-lit night skiesAdult (m)2,8939311
UABaOinkyblackfireAdult (f)2,9759231
nMm8Wdark dripping sparksAdult (m)5,0878250
xtp2olil' ember-before-dawnHatchling (m, F)2,6789110
OAkln(OAkln)Adult (m)3,25326910
AR0qzh e m o r r h a g i cAdult (m)3,5349401
eAh9zf e v e r p i t c hAdult (f)3,5929631
eK6Tilil' pyrexiaHatchling (m, F)3,7299750
Cp6Cwe were sparklingAdult (f)3,8248251
JJhSBlood of the RoseAdult (f)3,8388351
qaqFSpidersongAdult (m)5,6689896
fDoddansezi cu mineAdult (m)4,6221,0232
dvTKsspih yssasAdult (m)1,6217411
bVAL8(bVAL8)Adult (f)2,58224610
B4wDG(B4wDG)Adult (m)2,8872686
geRISzimplaAdult (m)3,9829645
JbXVlgla cial iceAdult (f)3,0269120
WMn9Jmidday icemeltAdult (m)2,9259351
gHH84lil' snow creatureHatchling (m, F)2,6768940
OSwdUglass crystalsAdult (m)3,9978352
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