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You pick up the scroll labeled “Daeron,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3KxDs(3KxDs)Adult (m)5,9436430
ChrHT(ChrHT)Adult (f)5,3026301
b49tJ(b49tJ)Adult (f)5,3806311
vqCcL(vqCcL)Adult (f)4,1156512
hbu9H(hbu9H)Adult (f)4,2346560
04NFG(04NFG)Adult (m)4,1156501
LGFmN(LGFmN)Adult (f)4,2636530
L7JrI(L7JrI)Adult (f)4,1466490
RgkJo(RgkJo)Adult (f)4,3476842
tlInF(tlInF)Adult (f)8,7516901
adfDl(adfDl)Adult (f)4,3996541
z4DBvDorne SagittaAdult (m)4,8926950
Ys8ycEpine SagittaAdult (f)4,8916960
tJsd1Thorne SagittaAdult (m)4,9166950
Bn8Q0(Bn8Q0)Adult (f)3,4758283
orhe4(orhe4)Adult (f)5,7405624
djM1m(djM1m)Adult (m)3,0487618
Jz7OV(Jz7OV)Adult (f)3,5088044
dKXFq(dKXFq)Adult (m)3,1207524
ojcRv(ojcRv)Adult (m)3,6305747
BbIEX(BbIEX)Adult (m)3,2887691
IElHS(IElHS)Adult (m)3,6288124
Xhywv(Xhywv)Adult (f)3,7449151
NxxA4(NxxA4)Adult (f)3,3625974
Q1dv1(Q1dv1)Adult (m)4,3728882
CqL6o(CqL6o)Adult (m)3,9999358
0vhab(0vhab)Adult (m)4,8661,0472
m9oax(m9oax)Adult (f)3,8688633
zQ1v3(zQ1v3)Adult (m)4,4086001
j8c1l(j8c1l)Adult (m)4,5195891
Nd4aM(Nd4aM)Adult (m)4,4975892
xS5tO(xS5tO)Adult (m)3,8365871
CMIej(CMIej)Adult (m)5,9176971
cJIex(cJIex)Adult (f)5,9717062
BZXbU(BZXbU)Adult (f)6,8816212
vXocj(vXocj)Adult (m)7,1636161
yHL8N(yHL8N)Adult (f)7,3536151
BOoo9(BOoo9)Adult (m)7,9376260
5N9dk(5N9dk)Adult (m)7,7235691
I7M5H(I7M5H)Adult (m)6,4226002
NdFHl(NdFHl)Adult (f)6,3776051
VaeYy(VaeYy)Adult (f)6,2436081
Ct1D2(Ct1D2)Adult (f)5,2716121
Y73vr(Y73vr)Adult (f)5,1256501
5VyG2(5VyG2)Adult (f)5,3106521
UZg4j(UZg4j)Adult (f)5,0426770
3DBOm(3DBOm)Adult (f)5,1036560
P4XVw(P4XVw)Adult (m)4,4986790
BTAM3Sorry por el white y el GWAdult (m)4,4528801
GA5VBAl rato puedes tirarlos y talAdult (m)3,9918552
hF8NBTe amo cosa condenadaAdult (f)3,4461,0970
f1fS9(f1fS9)Egg (F)
ECtp8Unlimited Chicken WorksAdult (f)3,7619652
M29pvClucky Naruto AbridgedAdult (f)3,7271,0906
4RKvqPollito ChickenAdult (f)5,2271,0423
sERkoUn Pollo Bastante FeoAdult (f)3,9021,0097
ZEPbKUn Pollo Bastante Feo AdemasAdult (f)8,7971,1309
E7tvXWrath of MardukAdult (m)3,9331,1077
VXOm7Wrath of The ThunderbirdAdult (f)3,8111,0547
uOOEPWrath of IndraAdult (m)5,8141,07410
YTmDgWrath of SusanooAdult (f)6,0499625
xhIrHWrath of IllapaAdult (m)7,2907594
0uNJTWrath of Sun HengAdult (m)5,9446861
Lj5qlWrath of SethAdult (m)4,7806994
7URWbGrandfather DeolgaxysAdult (m)3,8017470
dss54Schrodinger DeolgaxysAdult (f)4,3127681
TVLsfBootstrap DeolgaxysAdult (m)5,3636251
9MFRsOntological DeolgaxysAdult (f)5,3866350
1Lg4ZPolchinski DeolgaxysAdult (m)4,2921,0163
tnfNONebula ChainAdult (f)6,7811,1324
7CVpISword Art OnlineAdult (f)7,5061,0066
hOsPvUniversal ConstantAdult (f)2,8608622
kWVCyEstrellas IluminenmeAdult (f)5,6166595
hd47SLa teoria del IrisAdult (f)3,1081,0444
3a6yBSagittarius HorseshoeAdult (f)5,5529252
KlXvvFabulosa NebulosaAdult (f)2,7968417
Kkg1RThat all started with a Big BangAdult (f)11,6151,4546
IFYfFTriangulum GarrenAdult (f)2,1667924
O3LffMerope's ReflectionAdult (f)2,7429776
fYVoGhost of Jupiter NGCAdult (f)5,0505804
ENp7dI see your Eyes are OpenAdult (f)3,7311,0825
UqCjWRobot Unicorn Attack EvolutionAdult (m)4,8341,18614
gZJilLook to the Stars and SeeAdult (m)3,9571,0383
JRAgOOpen Yours EyesAdult (m)5,9631,2385
WkGiLemon Slice ICAdult (m)2,2123946
vaoiEOrion FlameAdult (m)2,3377342
Tb3mZPillars of Creation EagleAdult (m)2,1967995
83a1Little GhostAdult (m)3,5395766
pSIB7Aquarius HelixAdult (m)3,2878763
MgPvaTormenta de NebulosaAdult (m)5,6376780
M7qYWLa Teoria del Big BangAdult (f)3,6609874
yH2G7Northern Aurora BorealisAdult (f)4,7619664
HoiYCygnus Loop VeilAdult (f)8,13054213
8kXINNorthern Icy SkyAdult (f)4,0998944
2pBcNBright Starry MidnightAdult (f)3,4877762
78JMWMonoceros RosetteAdult (m)2,6229215
XcvqtDraco Cat's EyeAdult (m)3,3049025
jYHbThor's HelmetAdult (m)5,66645513
lqC2SMjolnir Hammer of ThorAdult (m)7,4311,3642
Ly0fhPillars of Creation Eagle NebulaAdult (m)5,5648561
SriD3Orion Horse HeadAdult (m)3,9596782
u2KZTSagittarius LagoonAdult (m)6,7317312
64lxmEta Gran CarinaeAdult (m)4,8736981
qnlf7Celestial BekkaAdult (f)6,2209361
06NO9Celestial AviaAdult (f)4,8366531
krM6jCelestial HerraeAdult (f)3,2141,0793
LmvCUCelestial MetronAdult (m)6,6691,0870
rzBEGMelissa of EtherealAdult (f)3,3121,2372
SPmsBBradamante of EtherealAdult (f)3,3851,2020
3HdrFRuggiero of EtherealAdult (m)3,3701,2000
KPqSzOliver of EtherealAdult (m)6,0867660
G2A7bMarfisa of EtherealAdult (f)4,2241,1620
c8yh7Astolfo of EtherealAdult (m)3,3921,2270
msD4ORolando of EtherealAdult (m)3,3091,2150
uDPLILatios SeasungAdult (m)3,3531,0596
AMfuULatias SeasungAdult (f)4,4629624
cvC4JAngel SeasongAdult (m)5,7561,0006
al4WMTurdle SeasungAdult (m)6,5917013
pCaIiOphanim SeasongAdult (f)3,8541,0588
rqUmuInanna SeasungAdult (m)2,4619481
aCXkMSusanoo SeasungAdult (m)5,3361,1662
8Si1fSnowWhite and the Seven SamuraiAdult (f)2,6217874
mYrJsMayahuel SeasongAdult (f)2,8008174
eiChtKushinada SeasongAdult (f)3,6529585
k2LhuIzanagi SeasongAdult (m)3,6091,0544
ZoveNAshinadzuchi SeasongAdult (m)3,6421,0464
i4QLeThe Lion and the Snow FlowerAdult (m)4,8551,1102
9LHMdAnnana SeasungAdult (m)3,1021,0314
WrgE5Seasung of the WestAdult (f)3,0871,0363
SlIU3Cherubim SeasungAdult (m)5,0829142
9jEL2Itzel SeasungAdult (f)4,4121,2228
TT0PBArundil FeatherfallAdult (f)3,4188821
oD0eQArondight FeatherfallAdult (m)3,5319041
iRCV9Amarie FeatherfallAdult (f)4,2611,0862
0Bc9BAmdir FeatherfallAdult (m)4,2481,1031
iFJxkAnduril FeatherfallAdult (f)4,0679983
mfcwAArendwall FeatherfallAdult (m)2,5549193
mGayQAndaluz FeatherfallAdult (m)3,0501,0672
MV3LBAmaral FeatherfallAdult (f)4,5587383
x3jxNRaijin no PurazamaAdult (m)4,5276231
LczZ1Raijin no RaitoninguAdult (f)4,5216272
UvDT3Raijin no SandaAdult (m)4,4486291
uo9tnRaijin no RaidenAdult (m)5,1919631
gcovSRaijin no FotonAdult (f)4,4006301
syf3CRaijin no RaitonAdult (m)4,5879061
JkXbWRaijin no SenAdult (f)4,8239161
Vjci1Raijin no DengekiAdult (m)4,8259211
KIahhRaijin no DenryuAdult (m)4,7206281
EEyVtRaijin no RaikoAdult (f)4,5059983
eB7BjDurran PranastormAdult (m)3,9097502
DHosYArgella PranastormAdult (f)4,1797731
CubtJHarbert PranastormAdult (m)3,9788413
j18ZCBorros PranastormAdult (f)5,8166631
R0j96Brynden PranariversAdult (m)4,4457642
Lt1fXMinisa PranariversAdult (f)5,4799233
F6nutCatelyn PranariversAdult (f)4,4157662
5OgYULysa PranariversAdult (f)3,1566173
kXAzvOberyn PranasandAdult (m)3,6287763
P7l0bNymeria PranasandAdult (f)4,1007742
012B8Arianna PranasandAdult (f)6,3409183
CdXRBOlyvar PranasandAdult (m)3,8567651
2YNAdMargaery PranaflowersAdult (f)3,9657371
04oEWVictaria PranaflowersAdult (f)6,0028742
onu1iDaeron PranafyreAdult (m)5,8377109
xz2ksEddard PranasnowAdult (m)4,1378176
s8wrQEdrick PranasnowAdult (m)4,5199812
yOxSbThorren PranasnowAdult (m)3,1984692
gRpSXOsric PranasnowAdult (m)6,2266457
GCUjQEyron PranasnowAdult (m)6,4518622
Fp1vePotestas MessalinaAdult (f)6,4369691
udQyLPotestas AtiaAdult (f)7,1739851
ZJPFBPotestas NeroAdult (m)7,0309792
pcUVQPotestas LiviaAdult (f)6,0389751
RRjjrPotestas OctaviaAdult (f)7,9938130
iHrPKAvatar of LakshmiAdult (f)4,4711,1791
U72hyAvatar of VishnuAdult (m)4,7931,2561
PIMzfAvatar of SaraswatiAdult (f)5,1851,1572
I5GrGAvatar of BrahmaAdult (m)4,2071,2001
NvKYeAvatar of ParvatiAdult (f)5,6351,0712
ut0GUAvatar of Lord ShivaAdult (m)6,5031,0292
ShiuMHerald of Merciful EliudAdult (m)3,1698446
NkFFsHerald of Beata DruscilaAdult (f)2,2819594
81bGYHerald of Eliud MagnanimousAdult (m)5,5008203
maW8SHerald of Horaios DruscilaAdult (f)6,3588404
Upp8jHerald of Benevolent EliudAdult (m)2,4908384
XUtsXShifter of JeanAdult (m)4,0258770
SAbMxShifter of NiktoAdult (f)6,1487890
34EnnShifter of BaptisteAdult (m)4,0539970
BrfM1Shifter of MesalinaAdult (m)4,1351,2624
rJxGnShifter of Naram SinAdult (f)3,8551,1432
7ooMFShifter de ArcedianoAdult (m)2,8658693
EuULPShifter of AnneAdult (f)2,9961,3262
3ls8lShifter of ShifterAdult (m)3,3848212
ZPxcVShifter of CarlotaAdult (f)2,8588622
tTQ9yShifter of St JohnAdult (m)3,3761,0783
Hy9lmShifter of CatalynaAdult (f)2,7606360
muNOrShifter of the St ClaireAdult (f)4,2701,1163
bQCY5Shifter of LouiseAdult (f)1,5465791
YdlWjShifter of KarinAdult (f)3,5751,0590
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