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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cygnis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FWgHH(FWgHH)Adult (f)2,3677501
FgcUs(FgcUs)Adult (f)2,4368010
Lv62s(Lv62s)Adult (f)4,3447141
h8vra(h8vra)Adult (m)3,2273930
QsSrX(QsSrX)Adult (m)2,7893862
YfoAL(YfoAL)Adult (f)3,1484093
SAevS(SAevS)Adult (m)2,7423792
7dkIq(7dkIq)Adult (f)3,0733961
RkzQT(RkzQT)Adult (f)2,5663941
Rata6(Rata6)Adult (m)3,2113951
elHwL(elHwL)Adult (f)4,6888454
5KXDESaxxadeAdult (f)3,9697402
OccylOccaylAdult (f)5,6007203
qAURyqAURyAdult (m)2,3317172
pFEaAqAURiAdult (m)3,4927892
ZtvLuRough andAdult (f)3,0148003
4RUZEA RuzeAdult (f)5,7389861
UNSEHUNSEEHNAdult (f)2,0727112
C2v0PUNKNOHWNAdult (f)4,6799772
GLv2dGlados v2Adult (m)4,5481,3053
GHEoaGheoaAdult (m)4,7706700
ZOxoqZ is ZetaAdult (m)4,4019322
avmkfa is AlphaAdult (m)4,3499241
mDlQ4ExMaldoAdult (m)2,3046692
BESSoExBessoAdult (m)2,1766293
OXhW8Singular Alarm MageAdult (m)2,2646432
iAd37First Aid MageAdult (m)2,1046042
UnZvIUnivelgervoaAdult (f)3,9408122
1PGV0PathagervoaAdult (f)2,1076112
TBeTxToBeTXAdult (m)2,8948131
WImziWimziAdult (m)4,7086664
bOcr5Bocer Almerald Braid 3Adult (f)2,6066621
JxpuuWhite Winter Herald 4Adult (m)3,2227692
aZKSS(aZKSS)Adult (m)2,8556880
RIF28(RIF28)Adult (m)2,8256850
DwFf2(DwFf2)Adult (m)2,9446731
tgC3q(tgC3q)Adult (f)2,9166710
yFAEL(yFAEL)Adult (m)2,1677833
5411q(5411q)Adult (m)3,6078270
edvnd(edvnd)Adult (f)3,4608001
fmj4BCybertron's AuroraAdult (f)
OXv2T(OXv2T)Egg (F)
2oDyWCherry Kordial Freezer DracklingHatchling (m, F)3,7457052
TVzkRGaia's Victory HollyAlt2Adult (m)7,5225342
TmQ1rGaia's Joy Prism2Adult (m)6,4376212
BDogzChristmas Dogz HollyLine Alt2Adult (f)5,5437113
awpQXSolstice Above the RestAdult (f)6,3896342
Z7CdAGrey Jungle FowlAdult (f)4,6903245
tNZTUHomecoming KingAdult (m)8,1091,1143
KEuBOKeubo's Fighting for Freedom 6Adult (m)7,0657024
sHOEtShoe in Freedom 5Adult (m)6,2179712
skm5oFlower for Frenemies 5Adult (f)4,3947763
AewRpAewriel Shadowed Angel 4Adult (m)7,3079292
qikAiSweet Land of Liberty 4Adult (f)3,9938131
eoGzPRose for a Soldier 4Adult (m)5,1496831
I21zxFoeyay Shipping 4Adult (f)4,6658592
qBtS6Lost in Sleep 3Adult (m)6,6738312
Fryk2Frykaiel Christmas Angel 3Adult (f)5,0166122
mri3sRadiant MREs 3Adult (f)4,5817981
JptObRadiant White Opals 3Adult (m)5,9157041
l8jSRCrooning Radiantly 2Adult (m)5,3718311
etsszEtessaz Speckled Roses 4Adult (m)5,0458021
7jM8ARadiant's Scarlet Opal 2Adult (f)5,2998422
DK3MsTinseled Demarcations Patxaran2Adult (m)5,3521,1866
ksFsHKara Silver2Adult (f)4,7287251
nMqmSSeraphina PitchinerAdult (f)5,2068781
8NdVgLeadership InstituteAdult (m)4,8109311
1Tx5bFrom Every Mountainside 2Adult (f)4,7848753
kVMJBLet Freedom Ring 3Adult (f)4,2669441
N44AfSugar Sweet Naaaf 3Adult (m)4,6359531
yPF2iYule Tree Shade 3Adult (f)4,5439231
eSUcxES-Yule 2Adult (f)4,9008973
IdP2pPale Yule Griffin 2Adult (m)3,8068112
ttNmiButton Mash Valentine 2Adult (m)4,2968441
dCJ47DC Valentine 2Adult (f)4,2938362
y0ONvYou Never Said Arsani 2Adult (f)6,0487311
7NKk1Thanks Arsani Giver 2Adult (m)5,9597282
NMF8yNot My Foe-Yay Arsani 3Adult (m)5,8518012
WNUVkDing-A-Ling '09Val2Adult (f)5,5541,2214
MARU0Maruo Juliettiasson'09Val2Adult (m)6,7007234
QRNmXKiss an Ent 3Adult (m)5,6196492
RIux7Hug Rylux 2Adult (m)5,3487171
IC8DwEnt Wife 2Adult (f)6,1917375
zuFWYLong Time Now 4Adult (m)5,6926673
BU7t4Time's But 3Adult (f)4,0239051
dpqWQTime's Heart 2Adult (m)5,4657153
OxJbQHeart Light 2Adult (f)5,2647394
VeZ1sWinter Paint Ninja 2Adult (m)4,5408342
TBkD9Now You See Me 2Adult (f)4,5358233
MJTSZSan Ber'dino 3Adult (m)4,7926534
HgbRkHegburk 2Adult (m)4,7347582
EUYHuAn' There's Only One ShowerAdult (f)4,4477831
tactgTacticron 3Adult (m)5,6218261
himqTHim 2Adult (m)6,5927742
fNnt5Flinthalicron 2Adult (f)6,7798172
62AewMagma Bath 3Adult (f)6,9608992
Add75Adding Lava Orbs 2Adult (f)4,9948321
aN6iqThe Confusion of Kylo Ren 3Adult (m)4,7567593
qpgESKen Rylo 2Adult (m)5,6517053
YNYQxConfused Mind 2Adult (f)5,6147323
V8gnmWalking Through Sulfur Fields 5Adult (m)6,1258341
tJOm7Science 2Adult (m)4,5449522
ET4iWOrange Guesses 2Adult (f)4,7826982
u8ca1Navigating Orange Lands 3Adult (f)6,1457422
IqVT2Kylo Ren Can't Read Maps 4Adult (m)5,1897091
eIajLEpic Sulfur Assimilation 4Adult (f)7,0607782
9m7PASulfur Harvest 3Adult (m)5,6569852
ZO8vkHarvest Devastator 2Adult (m)6,1969213
WdtoTSulfur Devastated Harvest 2Adult (f)4,6639242
YbJIfYeblejif Winter Draconis 3Adult (m)5,9026153
wyT4tWinter's Gold Crowne 4Adult (m)4,9439642
qcGp2Black Capped Device 3Adult (f)4,7446921
bYGIRBlack-Capped Bygir 2Adult (m)3,7308861
ozbdJFine Device of OZ 2Adult (f)4,1587601
fK4kLFakekill Neo 2Adult (m)4,7537771
vCagRMistletoe in Gilead 2Adult (f)4,4368811
QzjmTViridian Ribbons 3Adult (m)6,6437811
jJpnLJepinieal Ribbon 2Adult (m)4,2737462
6Vg1TGirl's Green Ribbons 2Adult (f)4,3168664
vv0bhBlizzard on Krypton 3Adult (f)4,6797661
fF9bYFizzby Nature's King 3Adult (m)4,3888651
AgHfxBlue Pillars of Heaven 3Adult (m)4,4788531
dNAnEDanne Lurker 3Adult (f)5,3847692
rtvj1Riveted Witch 2Adult (m)5,3428713
DGtmRDogged Traveling Witch  2Adult (f)4,8389162
Gegg5Witchy Eggs 2Adult (m)4,8539152
SMPz8Death Eater Statues 2Adult (m)4,1767631
2huDVBones on the HUD 3Adult (m)6,4617811
kp0eOBrave Kopeko 2Adult (f)5,6768361
E4mz9Seven League Boots 3Adult (f)6,5768173
qMVhvBucking Boots 2Adult (f)6,8918621
JTYHfJetty into Darkness 2Adult (m)6,0059271
86RUXRux Sunsong 2Adult (m)5,3655462
HVxBRHerbivoreeAdult (m)5,6787861
rvjzhPredawn PrinceAdult (m)8,0267845
zOHACKirr ZohacAdult (f)6,5091,1043
KthR5Messy Ne'iafAdult (f)4,3567902
y8V7yMessy Twining ThornsAdult (m)3,2219162
nV5SBMessy Nevenassa ArcadiAdult (f)6,1395484
ZZ5boMessy Penk SpireAdult (m)3,6916972
jvcS9Revived Nagi Spirals 5Adult (f)3,0937697
XzV2mMessy Wandering HarnmereAdult (f)3,5398572
WGrRVYazoo AlizarinAdult (m)3,5519025
Z2EUHZeuhiel of Angelic Host IIIPrismAdult (m)7,9137443
2lSqRWinchester InstinctsAdult (m)5,5407081
UEGmkClara's Copper 2Adult (m)5,60688910
8iIw1Chocolate Lava Cake 2Adult (f)5,8321,0762
XFchSNucu-lurv Missile 2Adult (m)6,1471,1542
jtijAJ'Tija of the Liquid Stone IIAdult (m)6,2101,0022
5JEdoJedo Dorsal Tougenite the IIAdult (f)3,9321,1566
443VnInconsequential Modus OperandiAdult (m)5,5756812
93CrdCarmine Card IIAdult (m)4,7421,0842
qUyDGSolis Lacunis of Mars IIAdult (f)5,1349844
MCqPLMaple Heartseeker2Adult (m)6,5568621
wRAp9Heart Wrapper 2Adult (m)5,5128141
enP8jEnate Red IIAdult (m)4,7121,2801
n1kcrNicker Quiz 2Adult (f)3,8061,0512
CF5RyHellfire's Omnicron IIIAdult (m)4,1641,2661
74lzUUlzni Cron 2Adult (f)4,6151,2194
Ga6x2Royal Hellfire GasixtooAdult (m)3,1059780
R3d8ZReedaz Holly Wing2Adult (f)5,9471,1121
4TvNsOrt Zage IIAdult (f)4,9171,0591
bvsnFCoffee Business IIAdult (f)5,8131,1531
WGBLeHeart's Garnet IIIAdult (f)6,1051,0083
b1vJlMagma in Mars IIIAdult (f)5,1461,1871
V3LIcVelic of Pyralspite Prism2Adult (m)3,4746942
kVewlKewl Cu3 Winchester IIIAdult (m)5,1569783
WaThqConflict of Magic and NullAdult (m)4,4871,1593
I7nMbMadib Allivinull Prism2Adult (f)3,6296741
zTSypZet'Syp Magi'Duyo Prism2Adult (f)5,0488351
SPJXhGlass Sphinx Prism3Adult (f)3,5866881
weuubWeuub Mageia 2Adult (f)4,3948561
nfu9FMagic Glass Prism2Adult (m)7,4636391
pXZ53Magestone IIIAdult (f)4,8291,3392
0gTXMGarnet of the SeaAdult (m)5,5441,1311
6ZTMlNell MuriellAdult (f)3,7588362
sIL50R'adiant Silso IIIAdult (f)5,1298062
6AM936 AM Orange IIAdult (f)4,8051,2751
BFHjADiving Deep 3Adult (f)6,3346671
M8gKuInjustice Diving League 2Adult (m)4,4897681
E3S2HBolt Eshos Flatter 2Adult (f)3,3885771
hW8fvNature's Heart 2Adult (m)5,4751,0312
uWkOAUwkoa Guardian King 2Adult (f)4,5428311
0AWgRNoble that Lurks 3Adult (f)5,9965462
DOhdxDodedrex Golden Angel IIAdult (f)3,9331,2412
LcwXiLewix Jeo IIAdult (f)5,0221,1551
0MUnZPhoenix Feathers of Gold 3Adult (f)4,1961,2493
3uh6HUh-Huh TooAdult (f)7,2469704
7IIblElven the II HarvestAdult (f)5,8291,0594
EKiLvEkiliv Wonder IIAdult (f)5,7581,0525
jvDUADua Harvest Edanian IIIAdult (f)5,1221,0152
ZFvCuBrimstone's Gold Prism2Adult (m)4,6851,0141
3xKlJWyvern Assimilation Prism3Adult (f)7,58572310
PVXXnHero with No Fear 3Adult (m)7,0457722
0nAzQOnaz Tangar 2Adult (f)4,6949911
fj6yUThe Mandalorian NegotiatorAdult (m)5,8988562
2TY0dTyod Lime Frills2Adult (f)5,9747461
mendcMendy Gems 3Adult (f)5,4194772
V6V03Jade Gems 2Adult (f)4,9105992
mJXJIMinty Fresh Viking 2Adult (m)6,5187981
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