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You pick up the scroll labeled “Crudelis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iskAGaenor De CrudelisAdult (f)2,9016499
ugvRMyrtle Marshmallow De CrudelisAdult (m)3,1835838
dgiTApleright De CrudelisAdult (m)4,6641,1075
Lsg2Jennifer De CrudelisAdult (f)6,5648671
slQpgNofnory De CrudelisAdult (m)4,0971,1215
W02nvApino De CrudelisAdult (f)3,6659322
oyZoIOyzol De CrudelisAdult (f)4,0901,0803
uceCYPedro De CrudelisAdult (m)5,2511,3105
D8jyWAgnes De CrudelisAdult (f)3,8601,1234
Z0auGAglepsi CrudelisAdult (m)3,5101,0982
KsJdwEmjujue CrudelisAdult (f)3,5849682
pmh3cZenac De CrudelisAdult (f)3,5581,1944
X1qgsHioh De CrudelisAdult (m)3,7149773
xEdBcCharlotte De CrudelisAdult (f)3,7038860
wwolXWol CrudelisAdult (m)5,9869865
O1rNAOlwen CrudelisAdult (m)4,5869063
lJ2ucJuce CrudelisAdult (f)4,7249090
MrAGXMagxen CrudelisAdult (m)4,8446782
KYYmFiera CrudelisAdult (f)4,4088783
vZ6lAlve CrudelisAdult (m)3,68464911
U9rEOlalla De Crudelis-2Adult (f)1,9915334
XeVTnAmell CrudelisAdult (f)5,0531,1735
zngJMJisoo CrudelisAdult (f)7,3631,1507
eBsgcYea Thuwed CrudelisAdult (f)10,0101,53410
ykR3hPauline CrudelisAdult (f)6,5061,0152
lE32dIede CrudelisAdult (m)4,6369072
Lglu2Geni CrudelisAdult (f)4,6578181
sbZpcPcbang CrudelisAdult (m)4,6446523
kXuDnUen CrudelisAdult (f)4,7316663
BxyKLKristofor CrudelisAdult (m)5,0217802
cmF04Eamon CrudelisAdult (m)8,0621,29810
Veb7kGriet CrudelisAdult (f)8,2941,2855
JjyWmIlde CrudelisAdult (f)8,7941,3141
bgyCBSofiene CrudelisAdult (m)7,9111,2265
klcNVLoutfoullah CrudelisAdult (m)8,1641,1632
NmPtGPum CrudelisAdult (m)5,5796604
59MXGOguogu CrudelisAdult (f)5,6109111
197xgXg CrudelisAdult (m)5,5511,0874
lIyZ1Lyz CrudelisAdult (f)5,6551,0881
OvNI0Nio CrudelisAdult (f)5,3666284
BNxrxBoran CrudelisAdult (f)4,5047631
Hvq1BHqu CrudelisAdult (m)4,5127750
H7B7kKoe CrudelisAdult (m)4,5287810
zjMN5Mitte CrudelisAdult (f)5,8125321
pXmLPBepin CrudelisAdult (m)6,1835111
ZthGLaelaps De CrudelisAdult (m)3,8368445
PWUmDoha De CrudelisAdult (m)4,2467001
ifK7Usoa De CrudelisAdult (f)5,2011,0416
AAcuELeraje CrudelisAdult (f)3,4496165
EhZiRBoo CrudelisAdult (m)3,9701,07310
tbqYfTeva Erosaf CrudelisAdult (m)5,7411,1974
H7xICCuter CrudelisAdult (m)5,3451,2343
7s8JQFatty CrudelisAdult (f)6,3371,2146
4KflrKatleen CrudelisAdult (f)6,6451,2149
1XegZXeg CrudelisAdult (m)5,7811,0933
9kLPMaleko De Crudelis-2Adult (m)5,1001,3217
uqfXEinri Stenwel De Crudelis-3Adult (m)2,7701,0013
RiSLQuiana Intenta De Crudelis-3Adult (f)7,1441,3384
JsGLZenon De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,9329334
VQ8JOneida De Crudelis-4Adult (f)6,4288942
3SiVQuirina De Crudelis-2Adult (f)7,7931,1807
f8P4Ian Miross De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,9059197
3KDpKaleo De Crudelis-4Adult (m)3,37662541
MXm7Wiremu Proxy De Crudelis-3Adult (m)6,5351,07931
M39BCaramia S'aar De Crudelis-5Adult (f)6,9391,04211
CVWhIines S'aar De Crudelis-3Adult (f)7,32799513
8f17Gerrard Jet De Crudelis-3Adult (m)3,72449015
1a0RKaka De Crudelis-5Adult (m)7,0028414
9rXoMalaika De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,0616756
pCoJEkua De Crudelis-2Adult (f)4,7738662
fKmYKeyser De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,9718982
qsEIVaria Verilidaine De Crudelis-5Adult (f)5,7897625
vfSEAngelina De Crudelis-4Adult (f)5,7637774
MoLYMoLY De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,7397626
GiFeGiFe De Crudelis-6Adult (m)5,8887585
Ukh3Varinia De Crudelis-5Adult (f)8,5459544
aGTYHendrick De Crudelis-4Adult (m)8,5819355
jl6INavi De Crudelis-5Adult (f)8,5119344
Fl9sPrem Leopold De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,9258015
OviBMaya De Crudelis-4Adult (f)5,9348015
3l7kKasper De Crudelis-3Adult (m)6,0897726
aQCfHaydee De Crudelis-4Adult (f)6,1857424
3i5EFraumedi De Crudelis-4Adult (f)7,7058257
1jS9Horass Confeito De Crudelis-3Adult (m)2,8035838
CLkrhCassandra Thuwed De Crudelis-4Adult (f)3,6955186
37E6ULibra De Crudelis-5Adult (f)5,1145354
9N53TDominion De Crudelis-3Adult (m)4,4896217
Dn02sVirtus Pantokrator CrudelisAdult (m)4,4655387
8FprsCrater De Crudelis-5Adult (f)4,88459615
kvoETZebedee De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,29063114
QqsojDaveth De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,0026311
HcBk5John De Crudelis-2Adult (m)3,2634166
2f0RAEladah Prin De Crudelis-4Adult (m)3,9357193
706AGLilith De Crudelis-4Adult (f)3,11974930
oUgP6Zamiel J CrudelisAdult (f)3,3488605
WAFF4Wafeen Rentis De Crudelis-3Adult (f)4,5547481
AoY3bZhivago Roham CrudelisAdult (m)5,9237568
4u9PDLiat De Crudelis-2Adult (f)5,0997405
i89bZRais Rubel De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,8351,4843
m9rVcMorphine Rubel De CrudelisAdult (m)8,9051,5616
rq4kZLaul Ruberaudentia De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,7171,0381
r55ClElise De Crudelis-4Adult (f)5,60785554
D49aFJoshua Openheart CrudelisAdult (m)9,2101,5894
8EtGbTristan Rentis De Crudelis-3Adult (m)6,5951,1882
e6qcHKennedy De Crudelis-4Adult (f)6,6521,30623
YJ1QHAbigail De Crudelis-5Adult (f)5,7531,20820
UcCpAXavier Stenwel De Crudelis-2Adult (m)6,2151,07828
OTeeKBruce Thuwed De Crudelis-6Adult (m)8,7401,5176
iGBO5Wrotro De Crudelis-2Adult (m)6,4451,1932
DWMJ6Bereta Rubel De Crudelis-7Adult (f)8,8541,63810
MVamLJavaid Huz De Crudelis-4Adult (m)3,6761,2233
M2B39Wojciecha Miel De Crudelis-2Adult (f)4,1699721
MharYGerallt De Crudelis-6Adult (m)4,6901,1262
GJdqmYvonne B Janus De Crudelis-2Adult (f)4,0289842
DW6geMarss De Crudelis-7Adult (m)5,0871,1772
om3NpGerlof De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,0541,1701
rflsHNevia De CrudelisAdult (f)4,3921,1208
ioPOtioPOt De Crudelis-2Adult (f)7,0599994
fTBLLZeed De Crudelis-6Adult (m)5,2131,1965
qdZUFKaapo Den De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,2561,2083
ZZmUVTerenzio Pe De Crudelis-5Adult (m)4,2581,1092
T79EcGaetane De Crudelis-3Adult (f)3,9641,1684
JgMITAadolf De Crudelis-3Adult (m)4,3201,28117
NP05TNonda De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,7751,0401
Tnp50Merryn De Crudelis-2Adult (f)2,8497754
A1cQEAlphege De Crudelis-5Adult (m)2,6409145
YZhfdHyeon CrudelisAdult (m)4,5511,5333
CIrAeReenie A Thu De Crudelis-7Adult (f)5,9951,0562
5u7iiSim De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,9287731
tGSubJikill De Crudelis-3Adult (m)4,2797762
YiXT6Minam De Crudelis-4Adult (m)4,8599391
AHiHXAriel De Crudelis-5Adult (m)4,8099612
DrfChKlirio De Crudelis-4Adult (m)2,5554993
56UNHCeney De Crudelis-5Adult (f)2,5914811
a4yCoCripp CrudelisAdult (m)3,2669633
6SNY1Bolverk CrudelisAdult (m)3,0071,0592
XU7qzJias De Crudelis-2Adult (f)3,5019703
IcdtPEris CrudelisAdult (f)3,9239702
hvdFcEnyo CrudelisAdult (f)2,7578504
mdwUJPhobose CrudelisAdult (m)2,7488800
VqAz9Gullveig De Crudelis-2Adult (f)2,7998550
2fvVlEdouardine De CrudelisAdult (f)4,4661,0795
l0zBlGianni De CrudelisAdult (m)4,5651,0667
vlsekLifthrasir De CrudelisAdult (f)3,4399062
N7f12Kamaria De CrudelisAdult (f)3,3219153
4p9YPMichele De CrudelisAdult (m)3,6121,1574
lAqTQInaya CrudelisAdult (f)4,1598751
yXyrlAmicie De CrudelisAdult (f)4,8351,3673
I2OpqJuliee CrudelisAdult (f)4,8851,3422
w39PVTyler De CrudelisAdult (m)4,8971,3323
OyudzEdd De CrudelisAdult (m)4,9191,3372
O5kX4Sofia De CrudelisAdult (f)5,0021,3673
rTQhoDoreen De CrudelisAdult (f)3,7001,1161
whGcdMabel CrudelisAdult (f)2,1867705
8NQT3Chuu De CrudelisAdult (f)2,6546894
iAv1QTyrion Xavier De CrudelisAdult (m)3,2111,2976
w8FYEGabia De CrudelisAdult (f)8,1031,5401
QMCbkXenia De CrudelisAdult (f)5,9679060
nDIcLSega CrudelisAdult (f)6,8681,3093
pEEQOPeeqo CrudelisAdult (m)4,8579441
YFKhTRebata CrudelisAdult (m)5,7299853
10FoHFoh CrudelisAdult (f)4,7728764
ThdSGOihen CrudelisAdult (f)5,2548062
EFy1RGorl Strauss CrudelisAdult (m)4,5358912
dDpX5Ouasma CrudelisAdult (f)4,9997833
HqD1zLicorice CrudelisAdult (m)8,7151,0787
Do90jDoen CrudelisAdult (f)11,0701,2956
3piw1Piwo CrudelisAdult (f)4,0564512
hYsthTabac CrudelisAdult (m)8,7331,0572
LooN0Loo CrudelisAdult (f)5,8151,0503
ozfQoMaku CrudelisAdult (m)8,3201,2343
504fYSharon CrudelisAdult (f)7,8191,2284
QGGpTRaio CrudelisAdult (f)8,4601,2591
fveY1Fegh Highwind CrudelisAdult (m)3,4573973
cyX6cLuse CrudelisAdult (f)8,2041,2983
5tta7Fetin CrudelisAdult (f)8,1361,3084
9duov(9duov)Adult (f)6,4161,4111
Y1U5q(Y1U5q)Adult (m)6,1211,4031
bsAoK(bsAoK)Adult (m)6,2371,3552
WxUfY(WxUfY)Adult (f)6,2351,3592
W4khl(W4khl)Adult (f)6,1091,3701
XJvw3(XJvw3)Adult (f)3,4763524
7OeRk(7OeRk)Adult (f)6,6991,1893
sj0oO(sj0oO)Adult (m)9,0151,5125
QVr7e(QVr7e)Adult (f)8,3711,4821
GDmUp(GDmUp)Adult (m)9,7941,4634
I2rgsI2rgs CrudelisHatchling (F)2,4691823
74JU674JU6 CrudelisHatchling (f, F)4,4337623
ONGKW(ONGKW)Hatchling (m, F)6,3247343
Ql04Vanessa Tarega De Crudelis-3Adult (f)3,5707047
I2YWVClaire De Crudelis-4Adult (f)6,4721,21932
tV4EFMinea De CrudelisAdult (f)5,1661,1701
7BIHdOskars Miross De Crudelis-3Adult (m)5,0321,1943
RtKe4Maxima De Crudelis-5Adult (f)4,9701,1706
5cg0CRab De Crudelis-6Adult (m)5,8421,4646
vZdDnChanokh De Crudelis-5Adult (m)5,7041,4273
feM3KJanika De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,3271,1132
BjobZBenta De Crudelis-5Adult (m)3,7601,08731
7afnRMayou De Crudelis-5Adult (f)4,2398632
GMNv2Tuda De Crudelis-5Adult (m)4,8458094
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