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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Clocky,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    6WQk(6WQk)Adult (m)5,1132,01765
    1oqF(1oqF)Adult (f)2,4541,37636
    r33l(r33l)Adult (m)2,3821,36834
    gVZK(gVZK)Adult (f)2,2981,36335
    C81Q(C81Q)Adult (m)1,9991,20142
    D4JX(D4JX)Adult (m)2,8101,38639
    KvQx(KvQx)Adult (m)1,83362058
    J2vx(J2vx)Adult (f)2,8371,68147
    WTXt(WTXt)Adult (f)2,8021,67942
    stUD(stUD)Adult (m)3,0141,78538
    VghG(VghG)Adult (m)1,9191,01641
    pWkY(pWkY)Adult (f)1,60797720
    VS96(VS96)Adult (m)2,7001,58839
    2W2X(2W2X)Adult (m)2,5851,52328
    oKOL(oKOL)Adult (m)3,4161,92723
    qUIK(qUIK)Adult (f)2,2691,42827
    xaMq(xaMq)Adult (f)1,9481,24931
    ahcR(ahcR)Adult (m)1,9001,22230
    2g6w(2g6w)Adult (f)2,8881,53433
    Q5Up(Q5Up)Adult (m)95853727
    ECFQ(ECFQ)Adult (m)95754826
    qtYi(qtYi)Adult (m)1,58863923
    qQSY(qQSY)Adult (f)1,59264019
    2cEK(2cEK)Adult (f)4,14691644
    3zJG(3zJG)Adult (f)2,94586726
    mkCY(mkCY)Adult (m)7,3341,45915
    Or7m(Or7m)Adult (m)2,6701,00734
    fgwJ(fgwJ)Adult (f)1,63785710
    BttG(BttG)Adult (m)1,6378535
    e9dC(e9dC)Adult (f)4,3501,37812
    ULkC(ULkC)Adult (m)1,6308976
    ztuo(ztuo)Adult (m)1,40648313
    VGeH(VGeH)Adult (m)1,38848418
    7Z4o(7Z4o)Adult (f)1,27548519
    tdNR(tdNR)Adult (f)1,0745894
    3zQ1(3zQ1)Adult (m)1,63089235
    eSEg(eSEg)Adult (m)4,7561,08510
    HkP6(HkP6)Adult (f)94053910
    FPDr(FPDr)Adult (f)8995612
    nrV1(nrV1)Adult (f)8965594
    Z6s4(Z6s4)Adult (m)9055641
    3L5f(3L5f)Adult (f)9065642
    3wp6(3wp6)Adult (m)1,51797126
    psKp(psKp)Adult (m)1,51696525
    zZrr(zZrr)Adult (f)1,6091,02031
    wCQ2(wCQ2)Adult (f)1,5421,00326
    yfTF(yfTF)Adult (m)1,14466725
    EMBd(EMBd)Adult (m)1,05865619
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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