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  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Claire_T,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
u6ioU(u6ioU)Egg (F)
hYM8m(hYM8m)Adult (m)
piuOmLittle Cheese Under The TreeHatchling (F)5,1096742
MinL8Guardian of The Little TreeAdult (m)5,7471,0223
axGdmUp-Side Down MintAdult (m)2,3747444
ABD3BGo Back To StudyAdult (m)3,6731,1151
htKEK(htKEK)Adult (f)4,4947862
iJpi3(iJpi3)Adult (m)6,8798992
GW97i(GW97i)Adult (m)3,3784232
IhYgT(IhYgT)Adult (f)5,6548341
7nQpT(7nQpT)Adult (f)8,4437961
tPscQ(tPscQ)Adult (m)8,5707651
zHtrC(zHtrC)Adult (f)6,3456443
w0dENCarved Wooden LionAdult (m)8,6625802
o942Y(o942Y)Adult (f)6,5538434
lFbEc(lFbEc)Adult (f)4,6447772
csrSx(csrSx)Hatchling (f, F)2,8573713
cnFxyWhite-Black Fam TreeAdult (m)5,4739853
lm25DSpecial White IkranAdult (m)5,1579041
ZEPi9Chisen KashiAdult (f)7,6248573
R0BSCMyra's Little GirlHatchling (F)4,6767902
6V27YZhavorsa Ataki OrikAdult (f)6,0149551
3kwpZ(3kwpZ)Adult (f)2,7307143
66d3eValyrian Is My Mother TongueAdult (f)2,2897120
aoogaAoogaAdult (f)2,4697191
UXDuX(UXDuX)Adult (m)2,2527101
ukbglTobair VreeAdult (m)6,7309632
9tlz0FasqoyiAdult (m)6,2129232
XDXuo(XDXuo)Adult (m)2,4547101
MJoGWDixit DominusAdult (m)9,4879322
purEc(purEc)Hatchling (F)1,262862
uRdZBStrawberry MangoHatchling (F)1,321891
86b0xSix Pink BaloonAdult (f)6,3547972
EbgSUP a l a d i nAdult (m)5,9716261
60E8wChooseyAdult (m)4,9868861
97cgvPromising MotherAdult (f)6,2087123
gxWGvNew Song Of Ice And FireAdult (m)5,3547950
RUf0M(RUf0M)Adult (m)5,3348002
6Xl2q(6Xl2q)Hatchling (F)2,4383811
wPoQo(wPoQo)Hatchling (F)1,5814062
IHDrmNepomuk FuchsAdult (m)4,1048271
De1Bp(De1Bp)Adult (f)4,8197793
goPWn(goPWn)Adult (f)2,1747060
KaUbkForensic LinguistAdult (f)2,1207082
KAm14(KAm14)Adult (m)2,1097041
8zzGN(8zzGN)Adult (m)2,4507072
tv6yv(tv6yv)Adult (f)2,0127051
NUrHm(NUrHm)Adult (m)2,5087432
BfDKW(BfDKW)Hatchling (m, F)5,1377681
JpKOm(JpKOm)Adult (f)2,3887123
dDaKP(dDaKP)Hatchling (f, F)5,6566972
hLpntMyrafalle's Queen GoldluneAdult (f)2,6157032
rt71k(rt71k)Adult (f)2,0875883
8Cm5n(8Cm5n)Adult (m)3,9797454
jwkKsMedical CommunicatorAdult (m)4,1486513
29VylMalagasy MusicianAdult (m)3,2737630
r6BAfUnknown Birth of MangoAdult (f)3,1987950
kd8Lu(kd8Lu)Adult (m)3,8857913
M8vK8(M8vK8)Adult (f)4,3847812
QlNc7Magic Of FamilyAdult (m)3,2578402
OVamb(OVamb)Adult (m)2,9148712
qiI0q(qiI0q)Adult (m)5,5926010
S6mmG(S6mmG)Adult (m)4,3196671
Air6m(Air6m)Adult (f)4,3126651
jVJen(jVJen)Adult (f)3,6636581
Ch7MR(Ch7MR)Adult (f)3,2956590
nbcWB(nbcWB)Adult (m)3,5756501
2ap4T(2ap4T)Adult (m)3,1956411
BQYjy(BQYjy)Adult (m)3,3076401
fgMJh(fgMJh)Adult (m)4,4565972
C7ciN(C7ciN)Adult (f)4,4266071
qj1rV(qj1rV)Adult (f)3,6695623
2Y9eE(2Y9eE)Adult (m)2,5277912
m0Ymq(m0Ymq)Adult (m)2,3397810
h0MMZ(h0MMZ)Adult (m)4,5367333
67mkp(67mkp)Adult (m)3,7067533
dwhC4(dwhC4)Adult (m)4,0317263
ho0Bg(ho0Bg)Adult (f)3,0468763
8eUnw(8eUnw)Adult (m)4,9145523
uFBS7(uFBS7)Hatchling (f, F)6,0405142
VNPxz(VNPxz)Adult (f)6,6076773
GpKU9(GpKU9)Adult (f)4,5965954
lLBn8(lLBn8)Adult (m)5,6866321
6BjcU(6BjcU)Adult (m)4,4896320
EE7Bj(EE7Bj)Adult (m)4,5556280
4N3Wu(4N3Wu)Adult (m)3,8484811
Vv22u(Vv22u)Adult (f)5,8097020
mElGa(mElGa)Adult (f)5,1456950
BK2i2(BK2i2)Adult (m)3,9605511
dwpHo(dwpHo)Adult (f)3,8585531
kKHUX(kKHUX)Adult (f)4,1867501
Zf39t(Zf39t)Adult (f)4,2117541
MjQ5e(MjQ5e)Adult (f)4,9746942
0xaAu(0xaAu)Adult (f)4,8616321
zoGiy(zoGiy)Adult (m)4,6556050
ESJtO(ESJtO)Adult (m)4,5707730
O4Njd(O4Njd)Adult (m)5,3087931
beZda(beZda)Adult (m)5,7757461
438tD(438tD)Adult (f)3,0775054
0kB04(0kB04)Hatchling (m, F)5,0767634
QTwXL(QTwXL)Hatchling (f, F)5,2277515
32nXE(32nXE)Adult (m)3,2034742
9x0XT(9x0XT)Adult (f)4,5357481
fqdEO(fqdEO)Adult (f)4,9747871
Tsd84(Tsd84)Adult (f)5,0507853
j4mE0(j4mE0)Adult (f)4,7856021
v7K1G(v7K1G)Adult (f)4,7066230
Lhr9v(Lhr9v)Adult (m)4,2978021
cfn4K(cfn4K)Adult (f)4,2417952
4qjeN(4qjeN)Adult (f)4,0488643
Qjwpf(Qjwpf)Adult (m)5,0437301
wEQ4p(wEQ4p)Adult (m)4,7867231
HolgO(HolgO)Adult (f)8,4918861
wtLIe(wtLIe)Adult (f)3,5907811
D6tVj(D6tVj)Hatchling (f, F)3,5636522
kp8dr(kp8dr)Hatchling (m, F)2,6267255
0f1Ny(0f1Ny)Adult (f)3,7877872
HOYVl(HOYVl)Adult (f)8,7567223
YNUij(YNUij)Hatchling (F)2,5782742
Qf4Ii(Qf4Ii)Adult (f)6,4506611
UAozj(UAozj)Adult (f)4,2867910
D5Uph(D5Uph)Adult (m)4,2318040
iuF23(iuF23)Adult (m)4,3267822
wwPh0(wwPh0)Adult (m)4,3177811
G9US5(G9US5)Adult (m)4,3517811
BnFOB(BnFOB)Adult (m)3,6988472
3lVJS(3lVJS)Adult (m)4,9706215
CEvIO(CEvIO)Adult (f)6,5875793
l440M(l440M)Adult (f)7,6807832
4KYIG(4KYIG)Adult (m)5,9426472
mChNX(mChNX)Adult (m)5,7416501
RP4vg(RP4vg)Hatchling (m, F)6,6048492
8D46o(8D46o)Hatchling (F)1,3273695
GZ7yY(GZ7yY)Hatchling (m, F)4,2269735
OLzP2(OLzP2)Adult (m)5,3137993
dZd4S(dZd4S)Adult (f)7,7718051
98sTl(98sTl)Hatchling (m, F)4,1236171
fauIK(fauIK)Hatchling (f, F)4,1136281
DUtC4(DUtC4)Adult (m)9,8997752
F4sj4(F4sj4)Hatchling (f, F)4,0236081
4oHr1(4oHr1)Adult (f)5,2947323
qib7S(qib7S)Adult (f)5,2657012
zcyVs(zcyVs)Adult (f)8,4236053
ahkRR(ahkRR)Adult (m)6,3697642
hsNlM(hsNlM)Adult (m)5,5758402
z0scF(z0scF)Adult (f)5,7128504
ZyXUV(ZyXUV)Adult (m)4,8089132
b70FFName-less HeroAdult (f)5,7305972
YKtoA(YKtoA)Adult (m)4,6041,0336
Yim8p(Yim8p)Hatchling (m, F)2,0535371
mxWcb(mxWcb)Hatchling (F)1,0713011
3ymgw(3ymgw)Adult (m)5,5357633
5akZJGeome TreeAdult (f)5,9217162
fib0z(fib0z)Adult (f)5,8157021
d0o9o(d0o9o)Hatchling (f, F)4,6797981
dCLgD(dCLgD)Hatchling (f, F)3,7098601
Cp1nl(Cp1nl)Hatchling (m, F)3,7337951
hiA04(hiA04)Hatchling (F)1,4384881
6LwfzDon't Look Back Without MemoriesAdult (f)1,6546031
haQnHShades of the Two WeekAdult (f)8,3977974
HLZ7uTimes Up Again To ThinkingAdult (m)5,1147662
NVxoDBamboo QuestAdult (f)5,2747273
RfwzYJeges BarlangAdult (f)4,8897290
YcyXcYcyHatchling (m, F)3,9387401
2v1eBBraver Than You ThinkHatchling (f, F)4,1917043
43uPbSophie and OhniseAdult (f)3,8573310
FyqpsTwo Side of the FriendshipAdult (m)2,9756642
UU7TjTogether and AloneAdult (f)5,5107436
chXMbGenius and BeeblebroxHatchling (m, F)3,5886843
GzVjOSnowflake OrnamentAdult (f)4,2267221
U6ndMTheory Of The FountainAdult (m)3,8397881
IgAdKTreasures Of The Cave LakeAdult (f)4,8758860
MZFQ0Bioluminescence Blue StoneAdult (f)4,0858184
77zwKTrip to NowhereAdult (m)6,1648732
sZa47Dream Theater of Fantasy WorldAdult (f)5,0377604
kumAvGreen Star of The Night WingAdult (f)3,3837881
Z5Q5wT s a h e y l uAdult (f)4,3737162
yXWy7Thunder Between UsAdult (f)3,9327052
XCB3rTime Is My EnemyAdult (f)5,7405661
NL9kbThunder Night WonderAdult (f)3,5737782
Ovc5CExam's QuestAdult (f)6,7025870
ZWLADZwladaAdult (f)5,0116450
ZiIj1ZiljanAdult (m)5,5578361
uTeynReddeerTine ThunderAdult (f)6,2817323
TwRJ7Thunder WanderAdult (f)6,1236433
5rcXoLocked Door To OpenAdult (m)4,5697731
0RK24Dragon Into BedAdult (f)4,2719672
DTemRDeterminerAdult (f)6,3887743
OrugFKicsi Tengerszemu MacskaAdult (f)3,2987852
K1L9DRelease hCBTQAdult (f)5,3447822
LRtXTSunyiAdult (m)2,2186871
DrIwiDragon Ocimum DrewAdult (m)3,1029942
vrmlZTiger Flame LilyAdult (f)2,8311,0272
VzP5zDarkyellow Fire FliesAdult (m)2,8801,0272
yAJVhAlabasta Dark BacaAdult (f)2,8761,0252
lFKW7Charball Mushroom StripeAdult (m)2,1027321
ROpY5Swirling Shadow SnaayAdult (f)2,9429852
jHUTeDecolored WhiteAdult (m)2,1677441
ZJXv6Coffee For Every DayAdult (f)3,8285582
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