2010 Egg BasketBronze Trophy2012 Valentine's Day
You pick up the scroll labeled “Chellrose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,0274892
Glowing Rapsody Koshi BaraAdult (♀)5,0288694
Glowing Stone Koshi BaraAdult (♂)5,7035262
Milly Stripe Thuwed Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,6091,0866
Charles Stripe Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,0301,0465
Liquorice Stripe Koshi BaraAdult (♀)1,6637023
Blackcherry Stripe Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,5597812
Romley The Runner Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,6961,1332
Anne Frank of Night Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,1341,1015
Peter of Night Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,5081,17412
Mia of Day Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,6078155
Miracle of Day Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,0041,0393
Bluesia Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,0739762
Jaxon Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,0811,1548
Hipsen Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,5365965
Tedorius Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,3681,1534
Dorian Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♂)5,7471,40013
Ellie Sparkle Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,8851,1788
Kino The Green Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,6754402
Mordum The Green Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,1405551
Gadalf The Green Koshi BaraAdult (♀)5,1731,2361
Spring Breeze Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,3818695
Nimro The Bee Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,0324603
Cammy The Bee Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,2641,1073
Tally The Bee Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,0389935
Modriku The Bee Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,9951,0044
Pretty Fly for a Cheese GuyAdult3,4251,1362
Origami LovelessAdult4,5661,2581
Lil Origami LoverHatchling (❄)1,1493752
Nulen of Fog Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,0819922
Shadow Leaper Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,3371,1312
Shadow Phamtom Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,4521,2404
Shadow Spire Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,9399664
Kenzi of Stoen Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,3798853
Xindra of Stoen Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,5661,0895
Styr of Stoen Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,0137423
Flamingo Bob Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,3658145
Flamingo Jenny Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,5338193
Grace of Fall Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,8447603
Louise Stoneheart Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,3631,0513
Anna Stoneheart Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,6841,2401
Rebecca Stoneheart Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,1707453
Nimaya Mint Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,0385272
Zack Stone Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,3138243
Mikkeh The Brave Koshi BaraAdult (♂)6,5371,56122
Bo The Brave Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,9111,2473
Mikkehlina The Brave Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7201,2292
Talos The Bronze Koshi BaraAdult (♂)7,1431,0114
Sukie The Shining Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7961,2313
Jozee The Shining Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,8051,1877
Kindness Reborn Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,8071,2664
A Friends Kindness Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,8259829
Lenzie in The Clouds Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,4945692
Zimbo in The Clouds Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,3699043
Perry of Arcane Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,4451,0532
Izmir Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7424412
Kado Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,9611,0323
Caitlin Stark Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,3068744
Kilo The Acrobat Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,7499022
Hido The Acrobat Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,9699281
Kelso The Acrobat Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,9231,1932
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,0721,0223
Pinky Sweety Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,8578674
Pinky Brightness Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,1721,2672
Pinky Cutey Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,5899152
Frozendream of Ice Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,5031,1597
Molly on The Cob Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,4427504
Mick St John Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,7301,1322
Beth St John Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,4871,1873
Hannah Kite Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7271,0262
Water Lily Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,1607282
Alana of Thunder Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,4281,1861
Nilikin of Thunder Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,8271,2505
Diana Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,9001,2331
Kotro Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,2701,0762
Michael Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,3029873
Dancing Wisdom Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,4871,2906
So Much For My Happy EndingAdult (♂)1,6856884
My Heart Is Always YoursAdult (♀)4,0531,3426
You And Me ForeverAdult (♀)2,8598136
The Greatest Love of AllAdult (♂)2,9778382
Chocolate Darter Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,0691,1111
Jaffa Cake Dream Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,1155411
Orange Dream Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,8418593
Tangeriny Dream Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,1821,0563
Niliana of Magma Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7471,0742
Fritzi of Skies Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,11474814
Coby of Skies Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,2421,0873
Miyon Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,3956726
Sandata Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,2626942
Angel Koshi BaraAdult (♀)5,7961,52825
Thorn Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,3637297
Rosebush Koshi BaraAdult (♀)6,2231,3497
Taylily Koshi BaraAdult (♀)2,9237704
Tayala Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,7001,2373
Strawberry Jam Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,8901,1114
Dragonfly Teala Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,0955302
Dragonfly Dinny Koshi BaraAdult (♂)5,0371,3161
Turkle Koshi BaraAdult (♂)3,8861,2195
Starry Koshi BaraAdult (♀)6,4031,53123
Comet Koshi BaraAdult (♂)4,5721,3143
Comra Flare Koshi BaraAdult (♂)2,2418304
Finley Koshi BaraAdult (♀)4,6623892
Cloudbouncer Koshi BaraAdult (♀)3,8351,1412
Greeny BabeAdult3,5919523
Yellow BabeAdult3,0791,05410
Bluey BabeAdult4,3731,2035

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.