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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chef30,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4471(4471)Adult (f)1,0544136
ZMqZ(ZMqZ)Adult (m)1,0654254
GpPY(GpPY)Adult (m)1,0244137
TPSO(TPSO)Adult (f)2,4535534
WVq2(WVq2)Adult (f)2,4425489
XPcH(XPcH)Adult (m)2,3885324
3Glr(3Glr)Adult (f)2,4185385
uJfn(uJfn)Adult (m)2,4454977
EQin(EQin)Adult (f)2,5265234
inm2(inm2)Adult (m)1,4454604
sroA(sroA)Adult (m)1,4924724
3N5m(3N5m)Adult (f)1,4834695
8ZTr(8ZTr)Adult (m)1,3964511
97Au(97Au)Adult (f)1,3484372
6pID(6pID)Adult (m)2,0024382
7Hmc(7Hmc)Adult (f)1,9494254
qmni(qmni)Adult (m)2,1644624
Sq6s(Sq6s)Adult (m)2,2074703
qQ2C(qQ2C)Adult (f)1,9654225
u37N(u37N)Adult (f)1,9754696
VRaW(VRaW)Adult (f)2,0104758
Co2E(Co2E)Adult (m)1,5244113
nS2C(nS2C)Adult (f)1,6354304
rahL(rahL)Adult (m)1,6524373
DRIe(DRIe)Adult (m)1,5254096
vJN4(vJN4)Adult (f)1,5724174
TtoRW(TtoRW)Adult (m)9953375
Acsj7(Acsj7)Adult (f)1,5866122
i23VC(i23VC)Adult (m)1,8947413
uJVgN(uJVgN)Adult (m)1,8087051
PcMde(PcMde)Adult (f)1,9787503
IlYDT(IlYDT)Adult (f)2,9273822
tJQY5(tJQY5)Adult (m)3,2494302
I3XbD(I3XbD)Adult (f)3,3044475
YgpA7(YgpA7)Adult (f)2,9033809
PMuB2(PMuB2)Adult (f)2,6704656
GMN9m(GMN9m)Adult (f)2,4194573
9761m(9761m)Adult (m)1,8874206
bpMTG(bpMTG)Adult (m)2,1474214
8VgLG(8VgLG)Adult (f)2,4694434
GkGji(GkGji)Adult (f)2,4854501
kEMMa(kEMMa)Adult (m)2,2844343
S498O(S498O)Adult (f)3,1685091
Vktp8(Vktp8)Adult (m)3,2065211
3Hvml(3Hvml)Adult (f)3,2385286
miinM(miinM)Adult (m)3,1344992
SBZ0R(SBZ0R)Adult (m)1,2004474
ZRYEq(ZRYEq)Adult (f)1,2534611
EPCI0(EPCI0)Adult (m)1,3265122
r1XDB(r1XDB)Adult (m)1,3365181
Ba6SP(Ba6SP)Adult (f)1,3665322
BaM3q(BaM3q)Adult (f)1,1294710
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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