Dragon Cave

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chat-Noir,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UnnamedAdult (♀)1,5096922
UnnamedAdult (♀)1,8769171
Ruthless TsunamiAdult (♀)1,7558853
Scorn of GaiaAdult (♂)1,7318743
UnnamedAdult (♀)1,6838861
UnnamedAdult (♂)1,8859043
UnnamedAdult (♀)2,2938932
UnnamedAdult (♀)2,2769030
UnnamedAdult (♂)3,7501,2254
UnnamedAdult (♀)3,6921,1878
UnnamedAdult (♂)3,7291,2226
UnnamedAdult (♀)2,0402908
UnnamedAdult (♀)1,9992956
 Egg (❄)000
Noble-HeartAdult (♀)2,7917423
Carmilla NosferatuAdult (♀)2,5609467
Luciela Scarlet-ClawAdult (♀)1,8007441
Dancing Twilight HorizonAdult (♂)6,1281,74213
Sorrowful DawnAdult (♂)2,7749371
UnnamedAdult (♂)3,7981,0406
Dusk GlowAdult (♀)2,3178523
UnnamedAdult (♂)2,3338741
UnnamedAdult (♀)3,8871,0262
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,3321,0501
UnnamedAdult (♀)2,0478992
Elegy of the Melancholic AutumnAdult (♀)5,7901,6465
Pride of the OceanAdult (♂)3,7021,1981
Echo of the Fathomless DepthsAdult (♀)5,8951,6994
Jewel of the SeasAdult (♀)2,3808072
Fury of the SeasAdult (♂)2,6648341
Last Glow of the Dying SunAdult (♂)6,4031,9934
Velvet PetalAdult (♀)5,7241,8883
Herald of the Upcoming DawnAdult (♀)5,7211,9184
Wisdom of the DesertAdult (♀)2,4719062
Nobility of the DesertAdult (♀)2,5109841
Mercury HeartAdult (♂)4,9601,7447
Pure ManaAdult (♀)1,3665793
Impetuous RageAdult (♂)5,5211,6875
Impetuous DespairAdult (♂)5,1961,8154
Cold Glow in the DarknessAdult (♂)3,0831,3504
Lux AeternaeAdult (♀)3,8851,0094
Noble and Radiant PassionAdult (♂)3,4611,3802
Snow TempestAdult (♂)1,9038173
Silent--NightAdult (♂)1,8838112
Holiday BlessingAdult (♀)2,4779182
Wishing star's glitterAdult (♂)2,5348942
Hippogryph HeartAdult (♂)2,5018691
Triangulum NebulaAdult (♂)2,9551,0386
Sirius B's Diamond HeartAdult (♀)2,6759071
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,1641,0392
Holy Dawn's Sweet RhapsodyAdult (♂)3,8961,1985
Holy Dawn's BlessingAdult (♀)2,6928802
Holy Dawn's GuidanceAdult (♂)2,3448103
Holy Dawn's PrideAdult (♀)2,3748792
Holy Dawn's WillAdult (♂)2,2528864
Bronze ScalesAdult (♀)4,0171,2572
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,1191,1073
UnnamedAdult (♂)4,2241,1354
Zhulong Spirit of Fire and LightAdult (♂)3,1191,1985
UnnamedAdult (♂)2,1789044
Lord Kirigami of ChiyogamiAdult3,6431,1774
Lord Origami of ChiyogamiAdult2,9501,0041
Montgomery's CheddarAdult3,8781,2593
World's Yummiest CheddarAdult2,8179963
Aging CheddarAdult2,9361,0981
Vintage CheddarAdult2,8669301
Artisan CheeseAdult2,7229012
Roquefort CheeseAdult3,0381,0111
Rocamadour CheeseAdult1,9047390

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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