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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Cavallone,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AEo6(AEo6)Adult (f)2,0741,0099
T9AP(T9AP)Adult (m)1,6017707
2nFE(2nFE)Adult (m)1,6758268
0CMkHibari 1Adult (f)1,97199410
FhalCavallone 1Adult (m)9036064
EMu2(EMu2)Adult (f)9696216
dbhA(dbhA)Adult (f)1,2846658
15A8(15A8)Adult (f)1,2496415
IBgR(IBgR)Adult (f)1,3236844
qdU3(qdU3)Adult (f)1,3676847
ZOcK(ZOcK)Adult (f)1,4707108
krmW(krmW)Adult (f)1,6547867
aeRD(aeRD)Adult (m)1,6648494
8NW1(8NW1)Adult (m)1,6687527
kGJp(kGJp)Adult (m)2,6051,1046
rpvM(rpvM)Adult (f)1,9336813
glUD(glUD)Adult (f)2,4968892
gpsu(gpsu)Adult (f)2,5569593
mNTW(mNTW)Adult (m)2,4481,0095
3Q0H(3Q0H)Adult (m)9134604
1buB(1buB)Adult (m)1,3017513
WtNc(WtNc)Adult (m)1,2536986
8ccS(8ccS)Adult (f)1,2185942
clS1(clS1)Adult (m)1,3096614
AVnb(AVnb)Adult (m)1,5378465
M64I(M64I)Adult (m)1,0505369
nkSC(nkSC)Adult (m)1,1495883
4ZtO(4ZtO)Adult (m)2,9506654
s69m(s69m)Adult (f)2,9617099
UbmE(UbmE)Adult (m)2,9647049
FNYb(FNYb)Adult (m)1,4376496
AZcT(AZcT)Adult (m)1,5206505
RS9o(RS9o)Adult (m)1,2026583
XgbO(XgbO)Adult (f)1,2276933
VRg7(VRg7)Adult (m)1,2296632
1dsS(1dsS)Adult (m)1,6136474
sfig(sfig)Adult (m)1,5196825
HISo(HISo)Adult (m)1,4876541
5Zrk(5Zrk)Adult (m)1,2995612
eNWG(eNWG)Adult (f)1,2985253
Isgr(Isgr)Adult (m)1,2866391
t4RO(t4RO)Adult (m)1,3206754
8dNB(8dNB)Adult (m)1,1186073
lcHD(lcHD)Adult (m)1,1085193
SW1X(SW1X)Adult (f)1,2465554
amU0(amU0)Adult (f)1,2545881
INll(INll)Adult (f)1,3366482
XQuj(XQuj)Adult (m)1,6865453
9Vlb(9Vlb)Adult (m)1,6824724
15jE(15jE)Adult (f)1,4255317
snaKx(snaKx)Adult (f)1,5936333
0t208(0t208)Adult (m)1,8197203
9Vpzl(9Vpzl)Adult (m)1,6486471
WxJ7N(WxJ7N)Adult (m)1,9016212
gYpdE(gYpdE)Adult (f)1,17233825
m0t2j(m0t2j)Adult (m)1,14636222
ffM9F(ffM9F)Adult (f)99133819
spPGE(spPGE)Adult (m)1,23235720
oMgc0(oMgc0)Adult (f)1,41136818
dS3u9(dS3u9)Adult (f)1,57232116
ELLwF(ELLwF)Adult (m)1,43231210
T8j1W(T8j1W)Adult (f)1,9823618
VUmuo(VUmuo)Adult (m)1,30132413
MS6QJ(MS6QJ)Adult (f)1,2343206
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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