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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Br0kenSoul,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    eXHe(eXHe)Adult (m)2,46341122
    sqUD(sqUD)Adult (m)2,10441916
    9A5v(9A5v)Adult (f)8,5933,06912
    cpUg(cpUg)Adult (f)1,4493639
    nMsY(nMsY)Adult (f)8,5893,41024
    jPbc(jPbc)Adult (m)2,69427130
    jPYv(jPYv)Adult (m)2,21838918
    AVKT(AVKT)Adult (f)2,12036817
    eSIz(eSIz)Adult (f)2,15635818
    npZR(npZR)Adult (m)3,48477936
    dA1x(dA1x)Adult (m)3,04696415
    4QCk(4QCk)Adult (m)1,5754487
    QCXs(QCXs)Adult (m)2,80027420
    YEcs(YEcs)Adult (f)3,35322421
    COwU(COwU)Adult (m)2,26531521
    sr9t(sr9t)Adult (m)3,66840730
    mipS(mipS)Adult (m)2,11638111
    p6d7(p6d7)Adult (m)2,25327621
    5qYl(5qYl)Adult (m)3,80057234
    7cTD(7cTD)Adult (m)1,96750020
    WVs1(WVs1)Adult (m)1,51445310
    P4JV(P4JV)Adult (f)2,6728476
    kTEB(kTEB)Adult (m)1,3074308
    wiKa(wiKa)Adult (f)7,2963,04310
    q809(q809)Adult (m)2,13634818
    ZIC3(ZIC3)Adult (m)1,4323468
    GSpK(GSpK)Adult (m)3,79654628
    Q6Mr(Q6Mr)Adult (m)3,69552830
    V7eM(V7eM)Adult (m)2,38841022
    6Nfs(6Nfs)Adult (f)1,5024188
    rGW1(rGW1)Adult (m)2,13136319
    d9O5(d9O5)Adult (m)1,65341829
    yZj0(yZj0)Adult (m)2,47077512
    aos2(aos2)Adult (f)2,91347321
    DxQf(DxQf)Adult (m)8,0143,08212
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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