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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bozzy Rats,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bAjwA(bAjwA)Dead Egg111
iNBuSBOZ - Aeon boy 1Adult (m)4,1837551
jRizlBOZ - Aeon Wyverns Girl 1Adult (f)4,0056951
DNWX5BOZ - Aeon Wyverns Girl 2Adult (f)5,5286722
arnTf(arnTf)Adult (m)4,7609051
cqmxJ(cqmxJ)Adult (m)4,7749021
xfioS(xfioS)Adult (m)4,7229001
MXr6y(MXr6y)Adult (m)4,8559041
1WPnBOZ - Pale ManAdult (m)1,1655451
o7lVBOZ - Pale BoyAdult (m)1,5285847
U7aTBOZ - Pale BeautyAdult (f)1,8416205
1jJg6(1jJg6)Adult (f)4,7337542
ze0xdBOZ - Frozen Albino DragonHatchling (F)2,4625871
8iTF8BOZ - Almerald Boy 1Adult (m)3,8968171
9SfvRBOZ - Almerald Boy 2Adult (m)3,8488162
t6ip8BOZ - Almerald Girl 1Adult (f)3,5857151
a9oMyBOZ - Almerald Boy 3Adult (m)3,8897031
8g63JBOZ - Anagallis DragonAdult (m)4,4491,2102
EUf1Z(EUf1Z)Adult (f)4,5561,2181
QiWMu(QiWMu)Adult (f)4,3461,2351
TVEZ0(TVEZ0)Adult (m)4,9071,1603
RxZmZ(RxZmZ)Adult (m)5,6279362
h6HJ5BOZ - Antarean DragonAdult (f)4,3337561
wlpgH(wlpgH)Adult (f)4,3167551
uyuSY(uyuSY)Adult (m)4,5357781
a4jlI(a4jlI)Adult (f)4,8137752
LjMM5(LjMM5)Hatchling (F)3,2366611
QtCKa(QtCKa)Hatchling (f, F)3,8975810
AvbcwBOZ - Arcana HolloweenAdult (f)3,3041,0301
WI8z5(WI8z5)Adult (m)3,3171,0221
i6G8M(i6G8M)Adult (f)3,2871,0031
LUx5BOZ - PinkAdult (f)2,5864365
9ubSBOZ - Pretty in PinkAdult (f)3,4338234
bC6P9(bC6P9)Adult (m)3,0578402
p3lIQ(p3lIQ)Adult (m)3,0808383
dCcDU(dCcDU)Adult (m)3,3418201
dBHdH(dBHdH)Adult (f)3,6368111
PomXd(PomXd)Adult (f)4,9196870
VFQHD(VFQHD)Adult (f)4,6856861
sDUIg(sDUIg)Hatchling (F)2,2006601
eHSCXBIZ - Arsani DragonAdult (f)3,8361,4203
OzIF6(OzIF6)Adult (f)4,0031,5023
OhtgH(OhtgH)Adult (f)4,4378651
X3x90(X3x90)Adult (f)3,8838081
IFjUs(IFjUs)Adult (f)4,9956962
oBSJz(oBSJz)Adult (m)4,6769611
m1aHj(m1aHj)Adult (m)5,2991,0021
a1Jho(a1Jho)Adult (m)5,1659691
oLJHM(oLJHM)Adult (m)5,3429941
mWmHH(mWmHH)Adult (f)4,2798351
UH43yBOZ - Azure Glacewing DragonAdult (m)3,6366012
Z7yTS(Z7yTS)Adult (m)3,9586741
bHWtg(bHWtg)Adult (f)4,1446711
lucyD(lucyD)Adult (f)4,4326401
zUL9E(zUL9E)Adult (f)4,1986731
JrQhT(JrQhT)Adult (m)5,4856671
PSizsBOZ - Green Baikala DragonAdult (m)5,1346451
XlDec(XlDec)Adult (f)5,6606392
9yUzx(9yUzx)Adult (f)5,3286351
BJeRQ(BJeRQ)Adult (f)5,9815674
Jl1Fi(Jl1Fi)Adult (f)4,8446261
CrgGQ(CrgGQ)Adult (f)4,9736051
K6Hkl(K6Hkl)Adult (m)4,9656082
kvtLkBOZ - Grey Baikala DragonAdult (m)7,0215391
bP81V(bP81V)Adult (m)5,5556121
izHkP(izHkP)Adult (f)6,5786151
pXG5H(pXG5H)Adult (f)5,6555891
yMMtBOZ - Mrs BalloonAdult (f)3,2697461
DPoxBOZ - Mr BalloonAdult (m)3,8268222
RQ63BOZ - Full of GasAdult (f)1,9535311
hMv0H(hMv0H)Adult (m)3,3979571
WFkOT(WFkOT)Adult (f)5,3557562
Ph2de(Ph2de)Adult (m)5,7836041
O79y2(O79y2)Adult (m)5,8046041
nVecw(nVecw)Adult (m)6,0956631
R5d4c(R5d4c)Adult (m)6,1726521
ma55v(ma55v)Adult (m)4,5287791
A0sNfBOZ - Ms Bauta DragonAdult (f)4,7501,0561
05yf0BOZ - Mr Black CapAdult (m)2,4543672
5X8qKBOZ - Mrs Black CapAdult (f)4,1051,2892
If7PU(If7PU)Adult (m)4,1541,2432
jrQHs(jrQHs)Adult (m)4,4458930
U8eSMBOZ - Little Miss Black CapHatchling (f, F)3,8251,0462
32yKO(32yKO)Hatchling (F)2,5969281
B9MIBOZ - Black BuckAdult (m)2,36187511
M2OMBOZ - Black BeautyAdult (f)1,7136276
cw2XA(cw2XA)Hatchling (F)3,5966291
qmuEi(qmuEi)Hatchling (m, F)4,1646021
Fon5BOZ - Black BacardiAdult (m)2,4156393
Q6AKvBOZ - Black RumAdult (m)5,1383651
5D2oBOZ - Leather FaceAdult (m)2,8337741
pmW3BOZ - Mr BonesAdult (m)2,8027341
14Rg2(14Rg2)Adult (m)3,7721,4026
9meuj(9meuj)Adult (f)3,8451,3248
UnBwd(UnBwd)Adult (f)4,6608421
tA3sx(tA3sx)Adult (m)3,3591,0201
3jGWDBOZ - Pink Black Tea DragonAdult (f)4,0509451
o5Rrp(o5Rrp)Adult (m)3,5599410
pAmIY(pAmIY)Adult (f)4,6399580
0S9zs(0S9zs)Adult (f)5,2956301
YaWDx(YaWDx)Adult (f)2,9627861
sGnQ6(sGnQ6)Adult (m)3,4916901
Geq17BOZ - Black Truffle DragonAdult (m)5,3259031
fP2z5(fP2z5)Adult (f)5,3729192
vwJS9(vwJS9)Adult (f)5,5109261
LPKjdBOZ - Black Tip DragonAdult (f)4,1879531
RpAkH(RpAkH)Adult (f)3,5069420
hpJSB(hpJSB)Adult (m)3,9171,2901
xSjOZ(xSjOZ)Hatchling (F)2,2239431
BzfLv(BzfLv)Hatchling (f, F)6,0099700
BteOs(BteOs)Adult (m)3,7486981
o0NTRBOZ - Bleeding Moon DragonAdult (f)3,5499220
eyCYn(eyCYn)Adult (f)3,4759360
zVgB2(zVgB2)Adult (m)6,2156041
18Orn(18Orn)Adult (f)3,7751,2591
aFXOf(aFXOf)Adult (m)3,8611,2591
bKn8e(bKn8e)Adult (f)3,8671,2302
0q6uX(0q6uX)Adult (f)4,6301,2541
IH28N(IH28N)Adult (m)6,2346501
Og1vD(Og1vD)Adult (f)5,3416102
MtYkW(MtYkW)Adult (f)6,5416312
ljv3K(ljv3K)Adult (f)3,4207531
ofVau(ofVau)Adult (m)3,3607581
wueS8(wueS8)Adult (m)3,4147531
LObRI(LObRI)Adult (f)3,3537542
2qbl0(2qbl0)Adult (m)3,3767531
VHjLN(VHjLN)Adult (f)3,3917511
t1d01(t1d01)Adult (f)3,3917521
lYT9L(lYT9L)Adult (f)3,9727581
vUG42(vUG42)Adult (f)5,1149791
31uzp(31uzp)Adult (m)5,0769601
qYm6c(qYm6c)Adult (m)4,5929751
smrHP(smrHP)Adult (m)4,7819842
f5wHK(f5wHK)Adult (f)3,2827571
LIvBBOZ - Ms Alien Red BreastAdult (f)5,9364577
u8ibBOZ - Alien Red BreastAdult (m)4,1843573
UfIHBOZ - Little Red BreastAdult (f)4,5083463
fooImBOZ - Mr BrimstoneAdult (m)6,9614652
vt7NjBOZ - Mr SmellyAdult (m)7,4714994
R0ilWBOZ - Mrs BrimstoneAdult (f)7,3964952
HApIPBOZ - Mr Yellow SmellsAdult (m)7,3474902
QCB5I(QCB5I)Hatchling (F)3,0122651
4r4kg(4r4kg)Adult (f)3,3851,2881
dPdAe(dPdAe)Adult (m)3,6081,2211
ZWRuk(ZWRuk)Adult (f)3,6269390
AbFyV(AbFyV)Adult (m)4,1561,2464
pU4QH(pU4QH)Adult (m)4,9417811
sGhXl(sGhXl)Hatchling (f, F)3,3421,2691
NjSns(NjSns)Hatchling (F)2,3429230
0bLxG(0bLxG)Adult (f)4,6668142
9mu8y(9mu8y)Adult (m)4,3038091
GOWVq(GOWVq)Adult (m)4,4558042
UxP2Z(UxP2Z)Adult (m)3,8027842
GyYCW(GyYCW)Adult (f)3,6188211
EizYD(EizYD)Adult (f)3,2618171
VI35N(VI35N)Adult (m)3,7118111
EbasH(EbasH)Adult (m)5,4316110
UwBVC(UwBVC)Adult (m)4,9996240
rbfMp(rbfMp)Adult (f)4,3907410
sa0qK(sa0qK)Adult (m)4,7146382
Khjgs(Khjgs)Adult (m)5,3539113
JTsTBOZ - Little Miss LeafyAdult (f)9445492
QihCBOZ - Little Mr LeafyAdult (m)9915581
Ru4bBOZ - Little Lord LeafyAdult (m)1,3265953
tqPzL(tqPzL)Adult (f)3,4437371
iU5jL(iU5jL)Adult (f)4,2116581
NA6F0(NA6F0)Adult (f)4,1766541
J1P6O(J1P6O)Adult (f)5,5536092
74K5k(74K5k)Adult (f)5,5166092
KJITV(KJITV)Adult (m)5,5126073
BtAJq(BtAJq)Adult (f)3,3307242
NiejC(NiejC)Adult (m)3,7351,2982
uoTBb(uoTBb)Adult (m)3,8061,2651
zubIh(zubIh)Adult (f)3,8481,1962
qQm1s(qQm1s)Adult (f)4,5561,2152
V7Cls(V7Cls)Adult (f)6,0955320
B9F9w(B9F9w)Adult (f)3,8551,2711
ehRJq(ehRJq)Adult (m)3,9331,2682
d9G82(d9G82)Adult (f)3,8711,2431
Caejb(Caejb)Adult (m)5,0231,1683
2wwID(2wwID)Adult (f)6,7585531
zYeAx(zYeAx)Adult (f)6,8015501
lIUeq(lIUeq)Adult (m)6,7535521
1bgIi(1bgIi)Hatchling (F)2,0184101
3Sl94(3Sl94)Adult (m)3,8931,3826
aOO13(aOO13)Adult (m)3,8801,4146
XXJeV(XXJeV)Adult (f)3,8281,3462
318qe(318qe)Adult (m)4,3038031
SzqBG(SzqBG)Adult (f)3,8537172
wThmo(wThmo)Adult (m)3,7795515
4nM79(4nM79)Adult (f)3,2459931
AIdGA(AIdGA)Adult (m)4,2378232
ON2hu(ON2hu)Adult (m)4,2378112
AHbK5(AHbK5)Adult (m)4,1958131
Tkeft(Tkeft)Adult (f)5,9536773
qGz9P(qGz9P)Adult (f)4,8477030
mAUkc(mAUkc)Adult (f)4,9676800
vUPoi(vUPoi)Adult (f)4,9645482
CPMaW(CPMaW)Adult (m)4,9546721
u8PvE(u8PvE)Adult (f)3,6497571
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