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You pick up the scroll labeled “Beastahayes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SfGm(SfGm)Adult (f)2,69175828
G8si(G8si)Adult (m)78448738
rp9W(rp9W)Adult (f)75346433
sW7H(sW7H)Adult (f)74145532
3G3K(3G3K)Adult (f)68543835
Yrvn(Yrvn)Adult (f)71546822
7F9P(7F9P)Adult (f)88943317
IsNH(IsNH)Adult (m)73745333
ptYo(ptYo)Adult (m)74242940
Lfsq(Lfsq)Adult (m)74545535
u79B(u79B)Adult (m)66042532
o7aV(o7aV)Adult (f)77548639
olGH(olGH)Adult (f)73746942
in53(in53)Adult (f)79348042
XsFY(XsFY)Adult (m)74848826
cSap(cSap)Adult (m)77047623
V4t9(V4t9)Adult (m)3,03751017
HilQ(HilQ)Adult (f)82653228
ko1v(ko1v)Adult (m)65441626
udhr(udhr)Adult (m)70745927
hdSS(hdSS)Adult (f)72547634
UQYc(UQYc)Adult (f)72847227
VLHk(VLHk)Adult (m)95956133
RLQY(RLQY)Adult (f)67043522
BB3E(BB3E)Adult (f)1,87392927
qarU(qarU)Adult (f)94960438
f44m(f44m)Adult (f)98265025
5RZ6(5RZ6)Adult (m)1,01362023
f97a(f97a)Adult (f)97264530
nL7t(nL7t)Adult (m)75652432
qWZd(qWZd)Adult (f)75853527
Nanc(Nanc)Adult (f)82258129
QLUD(QLUD)Adult (m)73652822
NUds(NUds)Adult (f)1,14043065
vBpS(vBpS)Adult (m)1,00141463
tcdu(tcdu)Adult (m)1,00740267
d9FK(d9FK)Adult (m)1,16239765
3J8W(3J8W)Adult (m)98839759
a6Vq(a6Vq)Adult (m)2,3906859
IIXa(IIXa)Adult (m)3,9331,39926
RAXN(RAXN)Adult (f)3,1781,12939
1Prf(1Prf)Adult (m)2,9161,04727
kIA8(kIA8)Adult (f)6574005
WrqA(WrqA)Adult (m)1,2416229
8Rhn(8Rhn)Adult (f)1,0525449
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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