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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Awesomeness,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    ZBmi(ZBmi)Adult (f)1,4303782
    qVkO(qVkO)Adult (m)1,0524896
    Ubzh(Ubzh)Adult (m)97350812
    KrBX(KrBX)Adult (f)85546810
    8NmK(8NmK)Adult (m)1,0665969
    XcmD(XcmD)Adult (m)1,3666532
    U0QJ(U0QJ)Adult (f)1,4146822
    chij(chij)Adult (f)1,0985463
    IHvt(IHvt)Adult (m)2,9352699
    KoeK(KoeK)Adult (m)86047411
    5gah(5gah)Adult (f)3,2631,16016
    A1Ca(A1Ca)Adult (f)9975262
    o1dX(o1dX)Adult (f)1,2666223
    ajlH(ajlH)Adult (f)1,2217135
    4XhF(4XhF)Adult (f)1,4177683
    SYtI(SYtI)Adult (m)1,5177113
    GTgQ(GTgQ)Adult (f)3,00868010
    5Fpb(5Fpb)Adult (m)3,9752668
    jLJa(jLJa)Adult (m)1,4448022
    5Bol(5Bol)Adult (m)90449214
    kGeI(kGeI)Adult (m)2,5292696
    SomD(SomD)Adult (m)1,8218294
    SUX5(SUX5)Adult (f)1,0635564
    nDTA(nDTA)Adult (f)1,5898512
    8xVt(8xVt)Adult (f)2,81927613
    gY03(gY03)Adult (f)1,4508022
    RzTB(RzTB)Adult (m)2,15074035
    aIXG(aIXG)Adult (f)2,19219314
    IzkR(IzkR)Adult (f)2,7358706
    6ipq(6ipq)Adult (m)9304954
    5urU(5urU)Adult (m)1,2245783
    uxY9(uxY9)Adult (m)1,3294308
    FWiT(FWiT)Adult (m)2,4397337
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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