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You pick up the scroll labeled “Au313,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GaGKo(GaGKo)Adult (m)1,11753520
Nm34m(Nm34m)Adult (m)2,41347915
8cEHh(8cEHh)Adult (f)2,36451713
K9Ht7(K9Ht7)Adult (f)3,14356414
mF19(mF19)Adult (f)2,80645535
4FuS(4FuS)Adult (f)2,55453126
fHkIv(fHkIv)Adult (m)2,30851316
lnNi(lnNi)Adult (f)5,0001,39410
jnkSh(jnkSh)Adult (m)3,51133710
Gdu9K(Gdu9K)Adult (m)1,0274578
aSGB1(aSGB1)Adult (f)2,39552720
2Sa7m(2Sa7m)Adult (m)2,49450914
tjM79(tjM79)Adult (f)1,23848423
qH7Y(qH7Y)Adult (m)1,63449827
fVCb(fVCb)Adult (f)1,99643838
XSjS0(XSjS0)Adult (f)3,75763923
s4ncb(s4ncb)Adult (m)2,64755214
rl0j(rl0j)Adult (f)1,33349328
da9Ei(da9Ei)Adult (m)1,52048719
jZTaW(jZTaW)Adult (m)1,71850922
2YYik(2YYik)Adult (f)2,14654123
ZUB1(ZUB1)Adult (f)86350731
ea8k4(ea8k4)Adult (f)1,89252516
uvbl(uvbl)Adult (m)83145031
6tobG(6tobG)Adult (f)1,13454020
O2X3D(O2X3D)Adult (m)2,31253917
EF8CE(EF8CE)Adult (f)3,39554818
BqlRB(BqlRB)Adult (f)2,60653515
Cp9te(Cp9te)Adult (f)1,35349224
8GnVX(8GnVX)Hatchling (f, F)2,06048020
L83Y(L83Y)Adult (f)85349724
37Dd(37Dd)Adult (m)1,90351223
4XRQ(4XRQ)Adult (f)2,79547729
0b5b(0b5b)Adult (f)77040635
dlsQ(dlsQ)Adult (m)1,37951122
ULKA(ULKA)Adult (m)1,00437517
HGJU(HGJU)Adult (f)81645522
XcR4K(XcR4K)Adult (m)2,38549711
mGc7(mGc7)Hatchling (F)54130524
jhPq(jhPq)Adult (m)1,66051043
kIFl(kIFl)Adult (m)2,56548520
fcuMv(fcuMv)Adult (m)1,48358815
DiEjH(DiEjH)Adult (m)2,47752615
pWfMV(pWfMV)Adult (f)2,59552020
iQ1d(iQ1d)Adult (f)2,68346927
Zokq(Zokq)Adult (f)83046333
e4QdY(e4QdY)Adult (f)2,02052223
s2pMP(s2pMP)Adult (f)2,44258920
CbpG(CbpG)Adult (m)2,82153428
a4c3j(a4c3j)Adult (m)1,92148821
l5GO(l5GO)Adult (m)73243332
MWYI(MWYI)Adult (f)1,82951628
4qb3g(4qb3g)Adult (f)1,29546523
a836(a836)Adult (f)1,52054921
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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