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You pick up the scroll labeled “Antigrus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bF9Pr(bF9Pr)Adult (f)4,2121,0591
Hp70G(Hp70G)Adult (f)5,0891,1422
Tl5bCrestFall of Elder DaysAdult (m)2,7079303
jgj1(jgj1)Adult (m)1,7404791
TWJMT(TWJMT)Adult (m)4,2634343
L4XWH(L4XWH)Adult (f)2,8217281
MmTQDeathLeech of Elder DaysAdult (m)2,4988825
N1A2T(N1A2T)Adult (m)2,6447180
9iTZK(9iTZK)Adult (f)5,3541,1741
qGl8ObisidianDuskAdult (f)1,8089986
q4Vqu(q4Vqu)Hatchling (f, F)2,8289230
DQjQV(DQjQV)Adult (m)5,7949830
n4LWg(n4LWg)Adult (m)2,4119042
7G0Fe(7G0Fe)Adult (f)2,1686710
FQG21(FQG21)Adult (m)4,6081,2390
pEc28(pEc28)Adult (m)4,6571,2470
nK7pSilentGlow of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,2316603
6QEeSignalScar of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,4175241
MfO5Volcan BreachAdult (m)2,7621,0657
upaeInfernalSpawnHatchling (m, F)1,6208794
FG2EStreakburner of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,2746415
e7p7SolarLight of Elder DaysAdult (f)8694572
1E4JSunNovaAdult (m)1,1325265
GKVJGlarevoyance of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)1,51846913
dijUMagiStreakAdult (m)1,1484694
ok2fPyroclast of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,8049616
V2Y4O(V2Y4O)Adult (m)2,8077561
oWHpVampiress of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,7055886
hIcaBloodYounglingHatchling (f, F)2,3658506
fetXg(fetXg)Adult (f)4,1751,0541
H87QLightFall of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,4725292
fblBCaffeinAdult (m)1,5795854
bUZDWhipfireAdult (m)1,5455743
TmrsWhiplash of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)1,2526633
ivPrSwiftAssault of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,4884233
5rD8HyperWing of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,2601,0887
suSUk(suSUk)Adult (f)2,1006591
JF12Shiftleaf of Elder DaysAdult (m)8755562
e5GqScatterSpearAdult (m)1,1934767
RFmnLavaNovaAdult (m)1,2774585
lcrkSearingBobAdult (m)1,5934383
15t4FieryChasmAdult (f)1,1285082
4pQuLavaNoirAdult (f)2,0391,0297
I4UEShallowStream of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,5257174
gKNOY(gKNOY)Hatchling (f, F)2,3028140
MJelDracoTropicaAdult (m)1,8529613
6uTlPolarStripeAdult (f)1,9086204
FsiZPolarex of Elder DaysAdult (f)3,0855746
cVH0LightSpark of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,1195244
GUJdConwrazAdult (m)9355683
Gy4sShatriphAdult (f)1,4868273
7PtIAlbine FrostHatchling (m, F)1,06362814
G56mShortage of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,5306441
ipjmDwarfwing of Elder DaysHatchling (f, F)1,3326564
FYMLRianluAdult (m)1,4137873
C6kAHaltrix of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)1,3556522
nSeDShortstuff of Elder DaysAdult (m)9635822
YilgLittleFoot of Elder DaysAdult (m)9964583
4xoBQ(4xoBQ)Adult (m)7,1669881
l1p1I(l1p1I)Adult (m)4,5951,3491
mcHBZ(mcHBZ)Hatchling (m, F)2,3838151
iNKVU(iNKVU)Adult (m)2,3858330
pZgLHarvest LeaderAdult (m)1,9637051
vLOILittleHarvestHatchling (m, F)2,4264481
um5cW(um5cW)Adult (f)2,3195260
HfMXGlassMaker of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,6818422
DGPGSpitfire of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,6648451
X8IkSoapstone EtheremAdult (f)1,8419711
IueLQ(IueLQ)Hatchling (f, F)3,5991,2203
9vVhHarvester of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,4637654
iGURZ(iGURZ)Adult (f)4,6921,2520
66aiK(66aiK)Adult (m)5,2921,1001
1l2gSalvarAdult (m)1,90230010
CkZHOchrereef of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)2,2658522
tkFWSandStorm of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,1836671
9AhqDrakeNoir of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,1175389
0HftDuneDasher of Elder DaysAdult (m)9115823
N72ASandCrystal of Elder DaysAdult (f)8075212
ajDOOcarrAdult (m)1,3476232
P197HarshStorm of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,6617498
pAmSE(pAmSE)Adult (f)2,0666540
Q2hRDay Glory of Elder DaysAdult (m)2,1159811
qGagDais InictusAdult (m)2,2269151
D571g(D571g)Adult (m)6,2819021
VT18Nightwalker of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,2125585
gbQ7DuskSlashAdult (m)1,7196202
lsV6NocturnalStrifeAdult (m)1,6145891
qOs8Stinker of Elder DaysHatchling (F)6934461
hWF6Dusk scavengerAdult (f)1,5005814
R7gaEveningAmbushAdult (f)1,1225342
eofRa(eofRa)Adult (f)4,2791,0620
HMo08(HMo08)Adult (f)6,6569012
nSdVTreeaFirmaAdult (m)2,2401,1425
HnVBCanopyTreader of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,4041,0353
e312Blood OrchidAdult (f)1,5865536
6mJQSpringWispAdult (f)2,0828788
4peeCanopy PirchAdult (m)2,81254020
DgpmCanopusDracoAdult (m)1,9181,0032
FAPLWind TravelerAdult (f)1,4197434
idLKLeaf DownAdult (f)1,1745211
qs0gFusiladeAdult (f)1,55259612
tnqcEmerald TrapAdult (m)1,6175454
mRhVVineyard of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,4967243
6S1UWhickerfly of Elder DaysHatchling (f, F)2,4701,0017
MpbHInsecttrapAdult (m)1,4636599
125YC(125YC)Hatchling (f, F)2,8589371
7qYbKaratechopAdult (m)5,1646105
CjkoEarthruxAdult (m)1,1085191
eI5eLeafBlightAdult (m)1,6285942
2O1jH(2O1jH)Adult (f)1,8697500
ZjNtm(ZjNtm)Adult (f)1,9517851
D7mJVineChaser of Elder DayAdult (f)4,8141,3335
1BdlFernFeeder of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,0395312
E8XiT(E8XiT)Adult (f)2,2648320
ALoZWyverrikAdult (f)2,2601,1455
ck4GWyvernYounglingHatchling (f, F)1,6358442
PfvbWyverpupHatchling (f, F)2,3448763
4vEYp(4vEYp)Hatchling (f, F)2,8689240
B2S8Islander of Misfit ToysAdult (m)1,4913823
LGMcA(LGMcA)Adult (f)3,9021,2730
AKcmBrushSkimmer of Elder DaysAdult (m)9065713
MPPFSunBather of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)9054921
KD3qCariousAdult (f)1,8386406
4iiOFrillexraHatchling (f, F)1,1795431
82DVWinterMindAdult (m)1,7996635
7mUVMemor of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,4666822
bDq5Dark SpearmintHatchling (f, F)1,2655803
daWjl(daWjl)Adult (f)3,6154083
fqASQ(fqASQ)Adult (f)1,9508011
K9uCh(K9uCh)Adult (f)1,8147593
1l8ZLilytrotter of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,2136773
E6nQWaterWalker of Elder DaysHatchling (m, F)1,0695963
CFadPuddleJumper of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,5453871
cOFvD(cOFvD)Adult (m)1,9166690
gSE1I(gSE1I)Adult (f)2,3977190
J9ipj(J9ipj)Adult (f)2,0847451
2EpTWildTalonAdult (m)1,6976145
sjA2Tempest of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,2739462
oZnNSwallowTales of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,7894441
memR1(memR1)Adult (f)4,6191,3402
4t5vV(4t5vV)Adult (f)2,2908903
Jo760(Jo760)Adult (f)4,8251,2990
oX7Ir(oX7Ir)Adult (m)1,7286132
7rT6C(7rT6C)Adult (m)1,8206280
6HXiSwalloWings of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,5216381
GNdhAquafina of Elder DaysAdult (f)9185302
HQVhWaterMine of Elder DaysHatchling (f, F)9385024
VIEdTwistedStreamAdult (f)1,4376263
SYaZr(SYaZr)Adult (f)4,1431,0690
c4saDream HarbingerAdult (f)2,2107453
490BDreamSkimmer of Elder DaysHatchling (f, F)8465281
v5uDDarkBlaze ApexAdult (f)2,3411,1128
ASquFirewall BreachAdult (f)2,6939775
aWFSEternal IfritAdult (f)2,6141,0625
QjXQHades' IncineratorAdult (f)2,2439334
Eu25p(Eu25p)Adult (f)2,6954993
ClTQChivalAdult (m)1,6436954
IWiUShield of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,4566752
ZXjNCloud DewAdult (m)1,3675054
mnJmFrostbite of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,3976476
ZPrlNightlySnowAdult (f)1,1356103
oBM3WaveRunner of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,6788351
PJVeWaveStreaker of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,2199172
SRFZOceanDrifter of Elder DaysAdult (f)2,2889632
anpGLittleWaveDrifterHatchling (m, F)2,5164693
9UJrZ(9UJrZ)Hatchling (f, F)1,9766560
2YTzx(2YTzx)Adult (m)4,9731,1221
gLOqf(gLOqf)Adult (m)3,3381,0881
S8KvT(S8KvT)Adult (m)2,2936950
UUIwW(UUIwW)Adult (m)5,6011,1721
iUepY(iUepY)Adult (f)5,8211,0310
4WKqShatterSpearAdult (f)1,5146475
NGl4IcyHatchetAdult (f)1,3506142
rVhIFreezerBurnAdult (f)2,1101,0817
655q9(655q9)Adult (m)5,6841,0171
31skBlunaStreak of Elder DaysAdult (m)1,9727993
bXF01(bXF01)Adult (m)4,5331,3330
FJ2nZ(FJ2nZ)Adult (m)5,5601,1483
i6Lv5(i6Lv5)Adult (f)2,4846940
B7vNBlunaFlight of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,9148086
UZgpBlunaBeautyAdult (f)1,7096572
XS9hBluTherea of Elder DaysAdult (f)1,7504491
ch9pDepthLurker of Elder DaysAdult (m)8835154
00maChasmLurker of Elder DaysAdult (f)8685794
rYP0(rYP0)Hatchling (f, F)1,7134863
vlW7Statute LimitationsAdult (m)1,4513782
ukpm(ukpm)Hatchling (m, F)1,7154830
NCa79(NCa79)Adult (m)2,2928953
Mpcb2(Mpcb2)Adult (m)5,6839730
zKN8CrystalCleaverAdult (m)1,7196236
FusNGeoderinAdult (f)8065194
st7TObsidian GeoClawAdult (f)2,6566487
YuxTHydruxAdult (f)2,2007463
FV9eShatterspring of Elder DaysHatchling (f, F)2,4819668
roDSHydruAdult (m)1,6055884
39PpTitus and TidusAdult (m)1,5425595
9jWlAcerbus AstraAdult (f)2,6961,0164
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