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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ansela,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HDmKN(HDmKN)Hatchling (m)6,3999374
GO2N5(GO2N5)Hatchling (m)6,4569442
qmXJK(qmXJK)Hatchling (f)6,3438706
OoSSz(OoSSz)Hatchling (m)6,8529015
gWaMN(gWaMN)Hatchling (f)5,5217982
yjY8u(yjY8u)Hatchling (m)4,0657663
MB2eg(MB2eg)Egg (F)
sRwSU(sRwSU)Adult (f)4,4668111
NfGqm(NfGqm)Adult (m)4,1998371
PLaPl(PLaPl)Adult (m)4,5108270
rfyLX(rfyLX)Adult (m)4,2708170
gnL1b(gnL1b)Adult (m)4,4008280
FLJPB(FLJPB)Adult (f)4,4448080
rDO0y(rDO0y)Adult (f)5,1378090
EBF6K(EBF6K)Adult (f)4,2588160
wK6C4(wK6C4)Adult (m)5,5439551
VqjnY(VqjnY)Adult (f)5,5769611
6IH0j(6IH0j)Adult (m)5,7537690
Jpc7L(Jpc7L)Adult (m)5,6447710
5Upwe(5Upwe)Adult (f)6,1107990
rAK0t(rAK0t)Adult (f)5,9767840
liH2n(liH2n)Adult (m)5,8115811
F2EJb(F2EJb)Adult (m)6,2855620
nUNri(nUNri)Adult (f)5,3926051
4byGP(4byGP)Adult (f)4,9758331
cxBFR(cxBFR)Adult (f)4,6068252
VaE0Z(VaE0Z)Adult (m)4,9357910
sCpJX(sCpJX)Adult (m)4,8298260
sMc4K(sMc4K)Adult (m)4,7298121
samJh(samJh)Adult (f)4,8598312
yoA8S(yoA8S)Adult (f)7,0901,0080
bK2Fj(bK2Fj)Adult (m)6,4919631
dGOfy(dGOfy)Adult (m)9,0021,1441
P7y9z(P7y9z)Adult (f)8,8721,1740
jJQUN(jJQUN)Adult (m)3,2336951
W32AS(W32AS)Adult (f)3,4067011
IiCOe(IiCOe)Adult (m)3,3417262
Sl90J(Sl90J)Adult (f)4,3538261
Igu9G(Igu9G)Adult (m)4,3278290
ZOqcr(ZOqcr)Adult (f)4,3138090
SMqIM(SMqIM)Adult (f)4,3908201
qD616(qD616)Adult (f)4,1697232
H6Hvg(H6Hvg)Adult (m)3,8478161
Rf4yv(Rf4yv)Adult (f)4,5659112
efB9x(efB9x)Adult (f)4,5179133
QBSx5(QBSx5)Adult (m)4,5929472
V2WqF(V2WqF)Adult (f)5,2581,0021
yH2sb(yH2sb)Adult (m)5,2691,0162
HDlcG(HDlcG)Adult (f)5,2591,0200
LUXZr(LUXZr)Adult (m)3,5087481
7uxzR(7uxzR)Adult (f)3,6707853
PY5fM(PY5fM)Adult (m)3,7617921
3u1oM(3u1oM)Adult (m)6,5081,0372
omUuo(omUuo)Adult (f)3,6727988
GKYXd(GKYXd)Adult (m)4,1668971
56LcF(56LcF)Adult (f)2,6656691
VSa57(VSa57)Adult (m)3,4147661
MEXSQ(MEXSQ)Adult (m)3,2117332
RWETL(RWETL)Adult (f)3,0847240
dpVRa(dpVRa)Adult (f)4,2876162
oekmZ(oekmZ)Adult (f)4,4446552
moakW(moakW)Adult (f)4,4056281
ot68z(ot68z)Adult (f)4,5256611
iuRTY(iuRTY)Adult (f)5,8757102
ywLQ0(ywLQ0)Adult (f)7,5428254
v6pUl(v6pUl)Adult (m)3,5977801
EjWeS(EjWeS)Adult (f)4,6796495
Xu1Oh(Xu1Oh)Adult (m)4,8776482
Xbu3p(Xbu3p)Adult (f)3,5017451
wGe0I(wGe0I)Adult (f)3,5367230
lwU0z(lwU0z)Adult (m)3,6966872
lIgX5(lIgX5)Adult (m)3,7588161
uLRy4(uLRy4)Adult (f)3,6607014
ikcMG(ikcMG)Adult (f)3,7797022
e3o3i(e3o3i)Adult (m)3,7697393
4elqY(4elqY)Adult (f)3,9797353
6sd6v(6sd6v)Adult (f)4,3257063
nTQ1O(nTQ1O)Adult (f)5,2597461
3tMKj(3tMKj)Adult (m)4,0157863
Xl6tB(Xl6tB)Adult (f)3,7337272
9DnxR(9DnxR)Adult (f)3,7247083
S3Lzz(S3Lzz)Adult (m)3,4886981
ZvhfH(ZvhfH)Adult (m)4,3137131
aTNQg(aTNQg)Adult (m)5,4047831
0ufub(0ufub)Adult (f)5,5007873
5AjoK(5AjoK)Adult (m)5,4047943
olcWG(olcWG)Adult (f)5,2487372
U7xLb(U7xLb)Adult (m)5,2337451
NN6UQ(NN6UQ)Adult (m)5,0617491
fMPbN(fMPbN)Adult (m)3,9036891
E6p5Z(E6p5Z)Adult (f)4,2787505
ZhjYW(ZhjYW)Adult (m)4,1507501
rf0ms(rf0ms)Adult (f)4,4317312
h154P(h154P)Adult (f)3,4717481
EwDpy(EwDpy)Adult (m)4,2777522
hIFHT(hIFHT)Adult (f)3,8026832
l76TX(l76TX)Adult (m)4,1107211
upcXg(upcXg)Adult (f)3,8957141
q76xb(q76xb)Adult (f)3,9897011
utGcE(utGcE)Adult (f)4,7077821
rMflV(rMflV)Adult (f)4,4377980
vaSRL(vaSRL)Adult (f)4,3558002
oIAfZ(oIAfZ)Adult (f)4,5488603
JG80u(JG80u)Adult (m)3,3366291
lVneO(lVneO)Adult (m)3,6026313
I0yql(I0yql)Adult (f)3,8006472
agM1q(agM1q)Adult (m)3,4106732
ywTc4(ywTc4)Adult (f)3,2386702
QIo0e(QIo0e)Adult (m)3,4747041
RgCav(RgCav)Adult (f)3,4146882
lYu67(lYu67)Adult (f)3,1996881
MzhmZ(MzhmZ)Adult (f)3,2676761
BuBG5(BuBG5)Adult (f)9,3779995
PENKa(PENKa)Adult (f)6,9788735
9MopzAJ Arcane PsywurmAdult (f)4,8761,1433
wrVDsAJ Brilliant PsywurmAdult (m)4,7441,1532
OwNOqAJ Own PsywurmAdult (f)4,1101,1821
nUR1bAJ Nurb PsywurmAdult (m)4,0711,1661
Cd3XrAJ Ceded PsywurmAdult (m)4,8691,1312
ls5BLAJ Bilious PsywurmAdult (f)5,0141,0953
arilrAJ Aril PsywurmAdult (m)4,4511,1231
rXKX7AJ Xiki PsywurmAdult (f)4,7221,1522
v4HcbAJ Haste PsywurmAdult (m)4,7281,1371
mUEZrAJ Muze PsywurmAdult (f)4,8081,0904
eZwqAAJ Easy PsywurmAdult (m)4,9371,1132
DUGdCAJ Duke PsywurmAdult (f)5,0781,1693
gp1u4AJ Grip PsywurmAdult (m)4,9341,1332
FyPH9AJ Base PsywurmAdult (f)8,1661,2974
gudaUAJ Good PsywurmAdult (f)5,7171,1651
zGlZDZ'AJ Izy PsywurmAdult (m)5,3871,1282
Jz34uAJ Evil PsywurmAdult (m)7,0481,3994
gy355AJ Happy PsywurmAdult (f)5,3591,1391
7C9TjAJ Cat PsywurmAdult (f)5,7721,0912
lmNy9AJ Lamia PsywurmAdult (f)6,1859902
P7GiaAJ Pug PsywurmAdult (m)6,1509992
x3yw8AJ Yowch PsywurmAdult (m)5,3631,1423
HxT8iAJ Hack PsywurmAdult (f)5,2161,1402
PpJDdAJ Puppy PsywurmAdult (m)5,2681,1733
l9AmyAJ Amy PsywurmAdult (m)4,9291,1472
tnwgdAJ Tone PsywurmAdult (f)5,1761,1335
eD93JAJ Explosive PsywurmAdult (m)6,1138642
mPr73AJ Moping PsywurmAdult (f)5,5091,1283
F3nxzAJ Fez PsywurmAdult (m)6,5799493
6AgFAAJ Nireborn PsywurmAdult (f)4,3839995
RvJS1AJ Freaky PsywurmAdult (f)5,9349183
X5XT1AJ Turtle PsywurmAdult (m)6,0179533
JTbARAJ Barred PsywurmAdult (f)7,6918411
sMqkfAJ Samurai PsywurmAdult (m)4,6678314
2GI2xAJ Quenlia PsywurmAdult (f)5,0208392
2f1Y8AJ Omni PsywurmAdult (m)6,2558833
XwXRPAJ Denalei PsywurmAdult (f)6,0119981
WNWmQAJ Naiad PsywurmAdult (f)4,7748723
ldsBjAJ Brightling PsywurmAdult (f)5,0348562
USJNRAJ Gilt PsywurmAdult (m)4,5279201
mP6QbAJ Auros PsywurmAdult (f)5,3191,0142
8dyJ9AJ Shining PsywurmAdult (f)6,6899233
ikHefAJ Gonzalez PsywurmAdult (m)6,1259343
95pyrAJ Milky PsywurmAdult (f)6,4398582
ZWB2dZ'AJ Arget PsywurmAdult (m)6,1051,0153
QxklMAJ Swoop PsywurmAdult (f)6,6588356
3r2YaAJ Burrow PsywurmAdult (m)6,7958961
k3yzHAJ Pale PsywurmAdult (m)6,9498972
9TyKEAJ Tyke PsywurmAdult (m)6,8418752
la0o3AJ Munching PsywurmAdult (f)6,8508821
ip2NQAJ Dinner PsywurmAdult (f)6,8808793
YthAdAJ Yethra PsywurmAdult (f)7,1068812
JgTE8AJ Stinky PsywurmAdult (m)6,5648773
CiRevAJ Cirev PsywurmAdult (f)4,9201,0841
d0tqzAJ Sarbe PsywurmAdult (f)5,6399791
pIAqXAJ Plaque PsywurmAdult (m)5,5959681
NvAYYAJ Navy PsywurmAdult (f)5,5819822
M2LhkAJ Nature PsywurmAdult (m)6,1428601
qwR98AJ Oops PsywurmAdult (m)5,2829815
Ei099AJ Eeyore PsywurmAdult (f)6,6689173
euM5jAJ Euma PsywurmAdult (f)6,7009183
BWx9WAJ Nocturnal PsywurmAdult (m)5,4198863
9FMnYAJ Ancient PsywurmAdult (f)6,4208754
XvlzOAJ Regal PsywurmAdult (m)6,3149554
zfEh0Z'AJ Wavy PsywurmAdult (f)6,2188902
Rnvv5AJ Jilted PsywurmAdult (m)6,4928512
YJMZWAJ Starlit PsywurmAdult (m)6,4068442
h6XMEAJ Doff PsywurmAdult (f)6,4928531
avoKTAJ Sulfurous PsywurmAdult (m)6,5658652
LGHgwAJ Bullion PsywurmAdult (m)6,1658865
X6nnyAJ Fallen PsywurmAdult (m)6,0608793
ZFVknZ'AJ Arvensis PsywurmAdult (m)6,3538593
b2HTPAJ Simar PsywurmAdult (f)6,0988672
iQXZBAJ Tardis PsywurmAdult (f)5,7988562
QlFHiAJ Qifhil PsywurmAdult (m)5,1858553
QWow4AJ Qwow DeniedAdult (f)2,9699474
RAYUjAJ Rayuj DeniedAdult (m)2,2419881
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