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You pick up the scroll labeled “Andrew The Wolf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Du1t(Du1t)Adult (f)6,1693,10037
lrzM(lrzM)Adult (m)6,0753,08235
sdmD(sdmD)Adult (f)2,7581,0805
PC4N(PC4N)Adult (m)4,1931,63612
xGzA(xGzA)Adult (m)9,0574,84513
ajcK(ajcK)Adult (f)8,0264,5438
F2ni(F2ni)Adult (f)8,1254,61817
7ZCI(7ZCI)Adult (m)1,3794866
EiGZ(EiGZ)Adult (f)1,4724996
T86y(T86y)Adult (f)1,7595736
Pqpr(Pqpr)Adult (f)2,0986069
NYMg(NYMg)Adult (f)2,0035778
9QO6(9QO6)Adult (m)2,2536357
ziRQ(ziRQ)Adult (m)2,1446169
BnJ7(BnJ7)Adult (f)3,1356869
z3Ne(z3Ne)Adult (m)3,2577029
0by5(0by5)Adult (m)1,6006373
oVXC(oVXC)Adult (m)1,5456122
Q2sa(Q2sa)Adult (m)1,1645192
QiwO(QiwO)Adult (f)1,2145302
0lDw(0lDw)Adult (m)1,4275933
eDxc(eDxc)Adult (f)1,2125361
E5lD(E5lD)Adult (m)1,8128742
b6Xo(b6Xo)Adult (m)1,4973338
6lWy(6lWy)Adult (m)1,4665865
kzgE(kzgE)Adult (f)1,4045683
rQsd(rQsd)Adult (f)1,4285401
dngp(dngp)Adult (f)1,1934775
uEFE(uEFE)Adult (f)1,8536186
s5mj(s5mj)Adult (f)1,8586200
YC3p(YC3p)Adult (f)1,1044212
Kod9(Kod9)Adult (m)1,6235915
R20N(R20N)Adult (f)1,3024863
guXz(guXz)Adult (m)1,7365462
jd5G(jd5G)Adult (f)1,6225242
eimB(eimB)Adult (f)1,7495602
ZH6w(ZH6w)Adult (f)1,7075462
eT75(eT75)Adult (f)1,79290112
mdXX(mdXX)Adult (f)1,8009059
CaHw(CaHw)Adult (m)1,6758348
nBqj(nBqj)Adult (m)1,2145357
FUD2(FUD2)Adult (m)1,7148105
kpaq(kpaq)Adult (m)1,4616797
9gb4(9gb4)Adult (f)1,4646544
oT90(oT90)Adult (f)1,2456093
ghpV(ghpV)Adult (m)1,4206441
CFYl(CFYl)Adult (f)1,7557521
kBsh(kBsh)Adult (f)8964464
h5dD(h5dD)Adult (f)1,7687463
YNal(YNal)Adult (f)9005203
Ked7(Ked7)Adult (m)1,0866283
KhuR(KhuR)Adult (m)1,0245954
iQEk(iQEk)Adult (m)8045112
I0NG(I0NG)Adult (m)8205202
1KUM(1KUM)Adult (f)8065122
gvXV(gvXV)Adult (f)9855295
4Ge5(4Ge5)Adult (m)8585382
tO88(tO88)Adult (f)8885514
UOkg(UOkg)Adult (m)9285733
eqfi(eqfi)Adult (f)5914345
889f(889f)Adult (f)7235003
OZek(OZek)Adult (f)7224974
SPlb(SPlb)Adult (f)7245004
OeP6(OeP6)Adult (m)7184964
4ZtD(4ZtD)Adult (f)8705342
DS8l(DS8l)Adult (m)8244891
S4vI(S4vI)Adult (m)7844770
jZOC(jZOC)Adult (m)8214061
FC0L(FC0L)Adult (f)8174581
jRKN(jRKN)Adult (m)8494681
Co1J(Co1J)Adult (m)8034490
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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