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You pick up the scroll labeled “Amarena814,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ELAK(ELAK)Adult (f)5,40839518
Egmv(Egmv)Adult (f)5,41539516
jAt0(jAt0)Adult (m)5,41539720
6AW5(6AW5)Adult (m)5,41839919
MH8D(MH8D)Adult (f)5,0393377
dbKq(dbKq)Adult (m)5,0773384
SGK0(SGK0)Adult (f)4,7193178
XevC(XevC)Adult (f)5,0443375
CkQ9(CkQ9)Adult (f)5,4753704
ZnNS(ZnNS)Adult (f)5,5053756
bDes(bDes)Adult (m)5,0823721
aKLn(aKLn)Adult (f)5,4593732
AUdO(AUdO)Adult (m)5,5193711
C25t(C25t)Adult (f)4,0952761
pAmi(pAmi)Adult (m)4,8883283
tGjW(tGjW)Adult (m)4,7853190
XkP9(XkP9)Adult (m)4,8043210
pniX(pniX)Adult (f)4,7193150
XsK7(XsK7)Adult (m)4,4833113
s4LU(s4LU)Adult (f)4,9463363
QRDE(QRDE)Adult (m)4,6233200
YcCK(YcCK)Adult (f)4,3542980
7Mm0(7Mm0)Adult (m)4,4713090
eBhO(eBhO)Adult (m)5,3683591
9Cv4(9Cv4)Adult (f)5,1353510
0LeX(0LeX)Adult (m)5,3553580
UGiH(UGiH)Adult (f)5,1223500
Vh1C(Vh1C)Adult (f)5,1183500
rM50(rM50)Adult (m)4,9784053
Bl5i(Bl5i)Adult (m)6,3595635
f1oc(f1oc)Adult (f)5,1173552
sSDC(sSDC)Adult (f)5,1383553
PYDk(PYDk)Adult (m)5,1423580
aG0u(aG0u)Adult (m)4,9203942
MEZT(MEZT)Adult (m)4,7783232
2IsX(2IsX)Adult (m)5,1603441
h6lK(h6lK)Adult (f)5,0853400
hN0P(hN0P)Adult (m)5,0473380
EoRI(EoRI)Adult (f)4,9124372
CV3N(CV3N)Adult (m)4,3322891
tGvi(tGvi)Adult (m)4,5013010
PFmC(PFmC)Adult (f)4,5593080
BJmX(BJmX)Adult (m)4,4863000
V6rhH(V6rhH)Adult (f)3,4304823
cNhic(cNhic)Adult (f)7,8051,0991
aadom(aadom)Adult (m)7,8261,1193
IaTZ9(IaTZ9)Adult (f)5,1843474
f1jNM(f1jNM)Adult (m)3,8843091
8AifJ(8AifJ)Adult (f)3,9073081
JMe4c(JMe4c)Adult (f)3,8533050
vqj9r(vqj9r)Adult (f)4,0653250
TOXbe(TOXbe)Adult (m)3,6833334
bATC2(bATC2)Adult (f)3,8713402
QaV6V(QaV6V)Adult (m)3,5103122
bpIqW(bpIqW)Adult (f)3,5443202
Q5tsX(Q5tsX)Adult (m)3,0963231
KVcT7(KVcT7)Adult (f)3,1393282
jIq7P(jIq7P)Adult (f)3,2393352
TlvfN(TlvfN)Adult (m)3,2243342
tWq6p(tWq6p)Adult (m)3,4132864
ScBkW(ScBkW)Adult (f)3,4062904
r1VgR(r1VgR)Adult (m)3,6633083
PaEQG(PaEQG)Adult (m)3,6733095
uc50X(uc50X)Adult (m)3,4462963
ZfSWv(ZfSWv)Adult (f)4,6111,0044
3PtJr(3PtJr)Adult (m)3,3303212
TrbvO(TrbvO)Adult (m)3,2433072
BoYQa(BoYQa)Adult (m)3,2293063
DtUeJ(DtUeJ)Adult (f)3,2843123
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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