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You pick up the scroll labeled “Allume-Le-Cirque,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BrV9(BrV9)Adult (f)2,1861,14750
bmks(bmks)Adult (f)2,5391,30830
TlOE(TlOE)Adult (m)3,5221,05330
vWFH(vWFH)Adult (f)1,8911,02322
64gW(64gW)Adult (f)2,0301,06453
RDM7(RDM7)Adult (m)2,4971,24226
Muap(Muap)Adult (f)1,790769139
Cb5d(Cb5d)Adult (m)1,6004853
vB4r(vB4r)Adult (m)2,6711,37148
5wKX(5wKX)Adult (m)2,0321,06218
EXHK(EXHK)Adult (f)2,0076745
qWDX(qWDX)Adult (m)1,8465074
3bqa(3bqa)Adult (f)2,8481,0653
gZYt(gZYt)Adult (f)4,0271,1518
z1fM(z1fM)Adult (m)1,37078195
n88v(n88v)Adult (m)1,7756794
aQWU(aQWU)Adult (m)2,63497750
Jvf8(Jvf8)Adult (m)2,48684222
GHZu(GHZu)Adult (f)2,4861,23724
qtc6(qtc6)Adult (m)2,4841,23025
tCfb(tCfb)Adult (m)1,77796512
rodp(rodp)Adult (m)1,9241,01714
kY1b(kY1b)Adult (f)2,7211,13422
eRDd(eRDd)Adult (f)2,0271,06346
M6lD(M6lD)Adult (f)1,583866167
KMS2(KMS2)Adult (m)1,6551,00129
UzaH(UzaH)Adult (f)3,1101,27527
EaPU(EaPU)Adult (m)4,0161,1408
LgEo(LgEo)Adult (m)2,8891,0932
IgFs(IgFs)Adult (f)3,3709044
bTPO(bTPO)Adult (f)1,24066752
CKHY(CKHY)Adult (f)1,8575193
OH3A(OH3A)Adult (f)2,9201,48470
8jIC(8jIC)Adult (f)2,4751,23323
4SfA(4SfA)Adult (m)2,5611,22327
Q7ma(Q7ma)Adult (f)2,8938835
DYxH(DYxH)Adult (f)1,11061452
hfLC(hfLC)Adult (m)2,7281,0312
dPnq(dPnq)Adult (f)1,54382164
feLA(feLA)Adult (f)2,03349526
VXfC(VXfC)Adult (m)2,8711,48879
EJuj(EJuj)Adult (f)2,7321,41070
b73W(b73W)Adult (m)1,084382132
8xOZ(8xOZ)Hatchling (m, F)2,9031,16546
tvdH(tvdH)Adult (m)2,0381,07843
ZJTN(ZJTN)Adult (m)3,4029222
PIeP(PIeP)Adult (f)2,1991,22050
1x6t(1x6t)Adult (f)2,5381,03721
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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