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You pick up the scroll labeled “AkaneLOVE,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4lvrn(4lvrn)Adult (m)2,0356192
8vFo(8vFo)Adult (f)2,2516083
YXuQ(YXuQ)Adult (f)2,5936204
Li66(Li66)Adult (f)4,7521,0456
bqXiC(bqXiC)Adult (m)1,6115962
suPk(suPk)Adult (f)2,5966334
WjNj(WjNj)Adult (f)2,1765536
NVP7(NVP7)Adult (m)2,3106609
DVkH(DVkH)Adult (m)1,2905781
O7bfa(O7bfa)Adult (m)1,9336110
aAYs(aAYs)Adult (m)2,0486295
A683(A683)Adult (f)4,9311,2672
lqYo(lqYo)Adult (f)2,1096204
BvNh(BvNh)Adult (f)4,6471,0652
4sXj(4sXj)Adult (f)2,2665613
9Zjp(9Zjp)Adult (m)1,7475781
tF6a(tF6a)Adult (f)1,5065662
T3HnZ(T3HnZ)Adult (f)2,2756311
mC9I(mC9I)Adult (f)4,0039997
b4l6(b4l6)Adult (m)2,1795854
CXi5(CXi5)Adult (f)2,3906321
6UhY(6UhY)Adult (f)2,2816231
H1mN(H1mN)Adult (m)2,4066113
rbkD(rbkD)Adult (f)2,0475612
TvXa(TvXa)Adult (f)2,3786534
RRL9(RRL9)Egg (F)
g2GFN(g2GFN)Adult (f)2,6136212
Ba1c(Ba1c)Adult (m)4,7061,0845
0tFS(0tFS)Adult (f)2,0226342
joSA(joSA)Adult (f)2,4826124
ieB3(ieB3)Adult (m)1,8426102
E4iA(E4iA)Adult (m)2,3925552
slIBi(slIBi)Adult (f)2,0536431
BcB5e(BcB5e)Adult (f)2,3486490
o0BX(o0BX)Adult (m)2,3055172
PHUXZ(PHUXZ)Adult (f)1,8536501
nSMK(nSMK)Adult (m)2,0755514
lgLQ(lgLQ)Adult (f)2,4226133
qXRaJ(qXRaJ)Adult (m)1,5665461
snWi(snWi)Adult (m)1,4965734
9kVi(9kVi)Adult (f)2,0046101
YI8V(YI8V)Adult (m)1,7216003
4oQY(4oQY)Adult (f)2,4925863
S213o(S213o)Adult (f)1,8785590
cMOFu(cMOFu)Adult (f)1,8575870
onFDY(onFDY)Adult (f)2,1625841
Z4Xd(Z4Xd)Adult (f)1,7966136
hR3q(hR3q)Adult (m)2,4566192
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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