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  • Bronze Trophy
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “4Carol,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fjXZ(fjXZ)Adult (f)1,4135564
FfiL(FfiL)Adult (f)1,8856496
ZIBW(ZIBW)Adult (m)1,9396705
1sFN(1sFN)Adult (f)1,45049611
qE56(qE56)Adult (f)2,8471,16110
iD95v(iD95v)Adult (f)1,0804352
AhAJ(AhAJ)Adult (f)1,5255253
T3d4(T3d4)Adult (f)1,7066326
rr70(rr70)Adult (m)1,9216744
UkNQ(UkNQ)Adult (f)1,99649611
qmGI(qmGI)Adult (m)1,1964454
7mKs(7mKs)Adult (m)2,1103632
R4X4h(R4X4h)Adult (m)3,1829639
H4tl7(H4tl7)Adult (f)2,5355509
CaDX0(CaDX0)Adult (f)2,79378230
gL8Al(gL8Al)Adult (f)2,67756811
5l7RY(5l7RY)Adult (m)2,39848512
62oug(62oug)Adult (m)2,69651613
hrJI(hrJI)Adult (f)1,9306386
tHEQ(tHEQ)Adult (m)1,45952910
JmsQ(JmsQ)Adult (f)2,0746127
VPaW(VPaW)Adult (f)1,73042920
thao(thao)Adult (m)2,1246558
rE6i(rE6i)Adult (m)2,97171912
qVA1(qVA1)Adult (f)1,4335682
Rpqa(Rpqa)Adult (f)1,9875659
dgPN(dgPN)Adult (m)1,9526862
hGOTT(hGOTT)Adult (f)1,1114381
1eZD(1eZD)Adult (m)2,23651812
9plY(9plY)Adult (f)1,7695265
66UgL(66UgL)Adult (f)9963951
ofE8(ofE8)Adult (f)1,3674756
O0e5(O0e5)Adult (m)1,2325190
KNqM(KNqM)Adult (m)1,4475713
kNq6(kNq6)Adult (f)3,4025267
np6E(np6E)Adult (f)2,05746711
K3oa(K3oa)Adult (f)1,89946210
SsAN(SsAN)Adult (f)1,5525400
EpjQ(EpjQ)Adult (m)1,9465207
fvg4(fvg4)Adult (f)3,95490726
J3BW(J3BW)Adult (m)3,0557824
JKFhI(JKFhI)Adult (f)1,2603467
6W90(6W90)Adult (m)1,6055213
3P5r(3P5r)Adult (m)2,2975543
fXqd(fXqd)Adult (f)1,4825184
ZnMe(ZnMe)Adult (m)1,3685286
8nbZ(8nbZ)Adult (f)3,00473012
Gbveu(Gbveu)Adult (m)1,4113776
JOYrr(JOYrr)Adult (f)1,1084071
6AVZ(6AVZ)Adult (m)1,42748410
mhLu(mhLu)Adult (f)1,7826093
OWg9(OWg9)Adult (f)2,4695577
Z788(Z788)Adult (m)1,6486198
B2L5(B2L5)Adult (m)1,8956113
B1B2(B1B2)Adult (f)1,8095534
1mNb(1mNb)Adult (f)2,6107072
JZImW(JZImW)Adult (f)1,4403836
NjIQC(NjIQC)Adult (f)1,4883956
LepW(LepW)Adult (m)1,4784983
VQ8t(VQ8t)Adult (m)1,6425559
QE1r(QE1r)Adult (f)1,9325654
mEOK(mEOK)Adult (m)2,1536457
NZ0s(NZ0s)Adult (f)2,6077254
NUil(NUil)Adult (f)2,5767053
KLHm(KLHm)Adult (m)2,5786722
FJmf(FJmf)Adult (f)2,01948618
qdt2(qdt2)Adult (m)1,7635564
OA0e(OA0e)Adult (f)2,4595629
ccAM(ccAM)Adult (m)3,70486224
07VU(07VU)Adult (m)1,7025463
bhbI(bhbI)Adult (m)2,4295315
O1aO(O1aO)Adult (f)1,8865156
pJHj(pJHj)Adult (f)1,8956377
Lngi(Lngi)Adult (f)2,2286697
OjMa(OjMa)Adult (m)2,95872412
BoIc(BoIc)Adult (f)3,79287223
jHNd(jHNd)Adult (f)1,6145422
AZVY(AZVY)Adult (m)1,52350611
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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