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2nd gen Spriter Alts

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lRKgKJazi's Gift 42Adult (m)7,1331,17223
DLEOqEarth 42Adult (f)3,54378914
oa8rPDidn't Know It Was An Alt 42Adult (f)4,0511,00137
8flNnHeaven's Beauty 42Adult (m)6,47993516
p6uPZSpectral Nightmares Elements 42Adult (m)5,9091,35727
MZvVgRiver Waltz Elements 42Adult (f)4,13879914
cno0hProtector Of The Sunset 42Adult (m)4,48776210
QolL3Spectral Embers 42Adult (m)6,55780310
oLEdEChristmas Elements 42Adult (f)3,03891613
Y0BVWHydrogen JoyHerald 42Adult (f)3,62587720
pY4WYDark Coastal Elements 42Adult (m)7,62887614
SRJSU(SRJSU)Adult (f)6,8319735
fat2V(fat2V)Adult (m)6,4879866
fN5VK(fN5VK)Adult (m)5,1556217
nimOj(nimOj)Adult (f)6,1928339
sI5Jn(sI5Jn)Adult (m)4,4759539
NjKuN(NjKuN)Adult (m)3,83881812
THpiuI Ate Lyz's Valentine Candy 42Adult (m)3,17587155
1BmTT(1BmTT)Adult (m)4,41388843
kkNiT(kkNiT)Adult (f)4,9761,32027
XZ57TOrnate Diamond 42Adult (f)4,6451,10578
kpFOS(kpFOS)Adult (f)2,8421,0259
8PScj(8PScj)Adult (m)2,93796711
eZdmsWalker's CrispsAdult (m)3,46885412
LXQdG(LXQdG)Adult (m)3,28388911
KOlSOGentle Lavender 42Adult (f)1,7666295
hzsIr(hzsIr)Adult (m)2,1807368
46MQa(46MQa)Adult (f)2,29787534
ycEer(ycEer)Adult (f)2,48986121
2ec3gHorse Walker 42Adult (f)2,4551,09324
C4YX7(C4YX7)Adult (f)2,59199431
ugLtF(ugLtF)Adult (f)2,20089628
4JM3y(4JM3y)Adult (m)2,09885028
u2K9EFluffy JoyHerald 42Adult (f)4,4641,10310
yyh8KOdeen-Approved 42Adult (f)6,2051,09116
Jygm3Stamp of Odeen 42Adult (m)4,6381,24624
dCZ9O(dCZ9O)Adult (f)6,8621,51725
0sVaA(0sVaA)Adult (m)5,02280211
l6Bj4(l6Bj4)Adult (f)4,4489734
j2a47(j2a47)Adult (f)4,2641,1015
GYuCt(GYuCt)Adult (m)5,4371,2213
AJUAV(AJUAV)Adult (f)2,0205883
rywZ0(rywZ0)Adult (m)7,20167418
8jw7P(8jw7P)Adult (m)3,5191,00117
8jwMK(8jwMK)Adult (f)3,5021,00119
BW96J(BW96J)Adult (f)3,6971,12017
cHIm6(cHIm6)Adult (f)3,17286736
KXapK(KXapK)Adult (f)2,51794417
frIlV(frIlV)Adult (f)2,68896636
giw49(giw49)Adult (f)4,88287223
8Gwo9(8Gwo9)Adult (m)4,3041,02629
IPpqI(IPpqI)Adult (m)4,8207248
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